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  1. Cant Connect To Server

    IDK What Happen Too. Sry,I Cant help you
  2. Cant Connect To Server

    After i'm Patch,I dont know What's Wrong But I'm Cannot Connect to server How can i fix it?
  3. Tech Tree Q

    Elite Status Got By Research All Module In That Ships And Research The Next Ship In That Line To Got Elite status St.Louis (All Module Upgrade) > Research Phoenix > Got Elite St.Louis Sry. For My Misunderstand
  4. Taking Out Noob Traps

    I think there are many players who do not understand the game Mechanics. What I found? -Hakuryu Anchored in Map Hotspots -BB Cruise off the firing range or Hide Behind Island and do nothing. -Playing In Domination Map but nobody Cap The Capture point. -Most Of People Going to C trap And Get surrounded, they did'nt know we can going to A or B In Hotspots Map (And that's Tier VIII-X Match). -Most Of People dont know About "Armor Angling", They Open Full Broadside to Enemy. -They Dont Know About The Role They're Playing. -They Did'nt Know what's "Teamwork" in this game. GG......When you're Stuck With team like this
  5. Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    i think it's not over-pen in tier 4-5 because the 305mm. caliber it's fit to penetrate Armor Around 70-100mm. And cant pen over the other side armor (In my opinion) ***Sorry for my misunderstand
  6. Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    Thx for reading and Some tips Feel Like AP/Torp prey Because All Of Enemy BB and CV Aim To My Ishizuchi Like a Pinata They Saids : "Blow that pinata and we got some XP!!!"
  7. Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    Thx for Reading And Some tips , I'm just feelling Ishizuchi Is Below From Average In her tier. (Just In my opinion)
  8. Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    That's A Stock Wyoming... And Not Only Stock Ships I'm engage In Real Playing We Engage With Tier 4-5 BB and All Of Other BB have a Better Range,Better Caliber,Better AA,Better Armor Or Concealment.... Even Cruiser In tier 4-5 All of Cruiser Can Outrange you and Shoot HE to you like a XP pinata And A Big Problem Is "CV" Whos Know How To Devastating With Torpedoes Bomber,Because A Useless AA (Firing 1 Every 5sec @2Km) You can't Stick With The AA Cover in Fleet because all Of Ships in tier Are Slightly Far Away When you try to join a fleet...... Average Speed Is 30 knt and 27.9 is a Ishizuchi speed Ishizuchi Vulnerable IS TOO MUCH When Compare To Other ships,I think. You Cant Train A crew or make credits,because The End is Defeat And Cant Make A lot of credits or Crew XP..... Also need other comment!!! Thanks For Reading/Leaving Comments
  9. Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    Concealment is a problem like you said!!! *Edit Wrong emotion
  10. I Think Ishizuchi IS UNDERPOWER Because This ship is -Short range Than All Other Cruiser @12.82Km (Furutaka,Omaha,Murmansk,Pheonix,Tenryu) -USELESS AA (That Shot Every 5Sec @2Km) -Smallest Gun Than Other BB -Armor Is Lower Than Average (I Got Detonation 30 Angle From 152mm Guns On Murmansk @11Km ) -Dont Have A Torpedoes Bulge Other Player Said : That's A BC(Battlecruiser) You dont get it? I think : I Know But BC Is short range than other cruiser,useless AA, That Can call it's A BC?,I think the BC IS Between BB-CA/CL Just Like -Smaller Gun Than BB -Have A Long Firing Range Than CA/CL ,But Lower if Compare to BB -Great Manueable Than BB,But Lower if compare to CA/CL -Great AA Than BB ,But Lower if compare to CA/CL I think It need a little buff Like This -Add Some range (Think 13.5-14Km that's fine range). -Add Some Machine gun AA (AA point Around 10-15 not 8 and can shoot only 1 hit every 5sec). Or Some Thicker Armor/Torpedo Bulge. Thanks For reading/leaving comment. (Sry My English i'snt very good) This Some Picture In best match I playing : My Ship Stats : Yes,I'm a little below the Average Skill play in this game , But i Just loving this game!!!
  11. Have A Chance?

    I Need Ishizuchi,But i'm Start to play this game Too Late. Just 10Days Or Something like that.
  12. Have A Chance?

    Have a chance or not? To bring Premium Ships ever taken out from Shops back for sale again? PS.Sorry My Eng Isn't very good. (Sad)