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  1. D3athW4ltz

    Cant Connect To Server

    IDK What Happen Too. Sry,I Cant help you
  2. D3athW4ltz

    Cant Connect To Server

    Thx A Lot, I Forget that
  3. D3athW4ltz

    Cant Connect To Server

    After i'm Patch,I dont know What's Wrong But I'm Cannot Connect to server How can i fix it?
  4. D3athW4ltz

    Tech Tree Q

    Elite Status Got By Research All Module In That Ships And Research The Next Ship In That Line To Got Elite status St.Louis (All Module Upgrade) > Research Phoenix > Got Elite St.Louis Sry. For My Misunderstand
  5. D3athW4ltz

    Taking Out Noob Traps

    I think there are many players who do not understand the game Mechanics. What I found? -Hakuryu Anchored in Map Hotspots -BB Cruise off the firing range or Hide Behind Island and do nothing. -Playing In Domination Map but nobody Cap The Capture point. -Most Of People Going to C trap And Get surrounded, they did'nt know we can going to A or B In Hotspots Map (And that's Tier VIII-X Match). -Most Of People dont know About "Armor Angling", They Open Full Broadside to Enemy. -They Dont Know About The Role They're Playing. -They Did'nt Know what's "Teamwork" in this game. GG......When you're Stuck With team like this
  6. D3athW4ltz

    Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    i think it's not over-pen in tier 4-5 because the 305mm. caliber it's fit to penetrate Armor Around 70-100mm. And cant pen over the other side armor (In my opinion) ***Sorry for my misunderstand
  7. D3athW4ltz

    Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    Thx for reading and Some tips Feel Like AP/Torp prey Because All Of Enemy BB and CV Aim To My Ishizuchi Like a Pinata They Saids : "Blow that pinata and we got some XP!!!"
  8. D3athW4ltz

    Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    Thx for Reading And Some tips , I'm just feelling Ishizuchi Is Below From Average In her tier. (Just In my opinion)
  9. D3athW4ltz

    Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    That's A Stock Wyoming... And Not Only Stock Ships I'm engage In Real Playing We Engage With Tier 4-5 BB and All Of Other BB have a Better Range,Better Caliber,Better AA,Better Armor Or Concealment.... Even Cruiser In tier 4-5 All of Cruiser Can Outrange you and Shoot HE to you like a XP pinata And A Big Problem Is "CV" Whos Know How To Devastating With Torpedoes Bomber,Because A Useless AA (Firing 1 Every 5sec @2Km) You can't Stick With The AA Cover in Fleet because all Of Ships in tier Are Slightly Far Away When you try to join a fleet...... Average Speed Is 30 knt and 27.9 is a Ishizuchi speed Ishizuchi Vulnerable IS TOO MUCH When Compare To Other ships,I think. You Cant Train A crew or make credits,because The End is Defeat And Cant Make A lot of credits or Crew XP..... Also need other comment!!! Thanks For Reading/Leaving Comments
  10. D3athW4ltz

    Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    Concealment is a problem like you said!!! *Edit Wrong emotion
  11. I Think Ishizuchi IS UNDERPOWER Because This ship is -Short range Than All Other Cruiser @12.82Km (Furutaka,Omaha,Murmansk,Pheonix,Tenryu) -USELESS AA (That Shot Every 5Sec @2Km) -Smallest Gun Than Other BB -Armor Is Lower Than Average (I Got Detonation 30 Angle From 152mm Guns On Murmansk @11Km ) -Dont Have A Torpedoes Bulge Other Player Said : That's A BC(Battlecruiser) You dont get it? I think : I Know But BC Is short range than other cruiser,useless AA, That Can call it's A BC?,I think the BC IS Between BB-CA/CL Just Like -Smaller Gun Than BB -Have A Long Firing Range Than CA/CL ,But Lower if Compare to BB -Great Manueable Than BB,But Lower if compare to CA/CL -Great AA Than BB ,But Lower if compare to CA/CL I think It need a little buff Like This -Add Some range (Think 13.5-14Km that's fine range). -Add Some Machine gun AA (AA point Around 10-15 not 8 and can shoot only 1 hit every 5sec). Or Some Thicker Armor/Torpedo Bulge. Thanks For reading/leaving comment. (Sry My English i'snt very good) This Some Picture In best match I playing : My Ship Stats : Yes,I'm a little below the Average Skill play in this game , But i Just loving this game!!!
  12. D3athW4ltz

    Have A Chance?

    I Need Ishizuchi,But i'm Start to play this game Too Late. Just 10Days Or Something like that.
  13. D3athW4ltz

    Have A Chance?

    Have a chance or not? To bring Premium Ships ever taken out from Shops back for sale again? PS.Sorry My Eng Isn't very good. (Sad)