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  1. TheGreatISB

    Highlight of he Year

    In just the past two days, how about an Ibuki triple kill, or a 14k salvo on a Tashkent at 18km? Or perhaps, the most depressing game of my life:
  2. TheGreatISB

    Torp Spam with FUBUKI

    Head to SZYZWY's forum thread/guide on how to torp boat in IJN DDs, she's the top ranked Shimakaze player on Asia by a wide margin.
  3. TheGreatISB

    Unbalanced skill MM

    since you know there's no skill based MM in this game.... why not use it to your advantage, get good and then abuse that to win more matches than you lose?
  4. TheGreatISB

    YAMATO is so over powered!!!!

    Guess you need to git gudder