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  1. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater

    The Final Rant about Pan-Asia flag drama (Super Salty topic alert)

    Okay, so this is my proposed fix. Returning the Thai, Indonesian, and Korean flag. Then using the Dragon flag for Chinese ships (Both PRC and ROC) so those PRC will happy to see ROC ship under the same flag as them.
  2. Okay, even I decided to quit this game, I still had something that I think that I MUST do before I quit. Yet, This is another topic about Pan-Asia flag drama. I write this topic to speak for those non-Chinese who feel offensive by this flag change. I've heard about the Pan-Asia flag drama in World of Warships on Steam. as there's full of PR Chinese people said that they're unhappy to see that the game mentioning "Republic of China" (and some of them triggered because they saw the ROC flag) So, to keep those PR Chinese players on Steam WoWs, WG decided to removing EVERY naval jacks of EVERY ship in Pan-Asia line in EVERY client of WoWs. then replacing it with generic Dragon flag. Yes, This change makes those PR Chinese happy. but not those people from other nations that got their flag replaced (Thais,Indonesians,Koreans) who seen a random generic Dragon flag flying on their ship instead of their naval jack. Did someone ever mentioned that the Steam server where the drama has begun is the ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SERVER from the rest of the world? WHY DID WG APPLY THESE CHANGE TO OTHER SEVERS FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD WHERE PR CHINESE NORMALLY DIDN'T PLAYED IT!? Also that the Wiki page of Pan-Asian ships also removes the history section of ALL OF THE NATIONS THAT MADE UP THE PAN-ASIA LINE. Using this Dragon flag for mention the whole Pan-Asia is fine, But using this flag to hanging on non-Chinese nation ships is absolutely disrespectful for those people who see the Chinese Dragon flag hanging on their ship. And, if someone says "You can still restoring those flags via mods" then listen. Although the flags.dds (the texture file of flag texture) still contains texture of original Naval Jack. You needs the specific scripts that changes the flag of Pan-Asian ships into original flags. Now we hope that someone made a script to restoring the flags. This shouldn't happen on the server where PR Chinese didn't handed on it. Some of you might says "Even German Reich and IJN flags is censored, and those PR Chinese are unhappy to see those flag, why you're so mad about it?". You need to know that those nations aside of ROC/Taiwan that also get their flags removed didn't do horrible things to PR China. So there's no point to censoring them in the first place. Enough of ranting, Hope WG fix this mess so all of us will be cool with it.
  3. Just like title said. I just recently get permament chatbanned for continuously using harsh word and using inappropriate words. well, that's it. The only reason I play is only because I didn't get chatbanned for shittalking and because I buy Atago. Since I got permaban, my life in this game is over, $40 wasted on Atago on my birthday is maybe worth it to see this game developed. Bye, I won't make alternate account to troll you again, and hope I won't see you again.
  4. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater

    Adding previews of the upgraded hull/guns of ships

    Some small suggestion. I think this game should have the previews of upgraded ship hull/guns like World of Tanks to show what their ship would look like when it's upgraded. Maybe it will encourage players to grind to get some beautiful hull remodels and cool-looking guns.
  5. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater

    Suggestion: Royal Australian Navy in World of Warships

    Well, This line would make more sense than Pan-Asia line, as the Commonwealth is basically British subordinates in WW2. and most of these ship is developed inside its own country. Good suggest m8, but OZ should merged with NZ and CAN to make a Commonwealth fleet.
  6. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater

    Pan Asians soon - What's your weapon of choice?

    For me, It can't be called "Tech Tree" since it's a bunch of imported Asian DDs munched together under the generic Chinese Dragon flag. Almost every ship in this line didn't connected together in terms of technology (expect Tier 8 - 10 that's a bunch of American DDs) But, maybe this is the only way to put the ships from various nations that's not Naval Powers into the game.
  7. So this guy get ammoracked too often huh? I'd rather get ammoracked than hanging this shameful flag
  8. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater

    Anyone knows to NOT get citadel'ed in Japanese ships?

    I mean, it can be set on fire very easily. I play Kongou and get Burning Love by almost everything (even single shot of random ship can set Kongou on fire) [content removed] Quote updated.
  9. Who the hell is sharkbias? supertroll?
  10. So, That shameful flag cannot protect you from ammorack? Ok, sound even more trollish.