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  1. Reubster_defender

    Moveable consumable positions.

    Good idea
  2. Reubster_defender

    Base ship Camo

    Yes I would have thought they would figure out someway to charge the clan for the camo or flags. We have a very active clan and often double div anyhow and that puts 6 of us on a team most times, it doesn't guarantee wins at all, most times the top players are teaching the lower guys and are playing ships we rarely use IE: T6 and 7. Possibly would make battles more challenging for the bigger clans. Possibly might need tier restrictions. Yer I thought the emblems was a good idea too. Thanks for the input. Reuben
  3. Reubster_defender

    Base ship Camo

    Hi guys, Last night my corp members and I were talking about the game and came up with a few ideas we would like to share with you. Base camo that makes the ship look like it did in its actual plain navy paint. Like the one on the Alabama, Hood, Bismark and the Kidd and a few others. Speaking of the Kidd being able to put our emblems on the smoke stack or bow of the ships like the Kidd has the pirate emblem on its stack. Clan flags/camo. Mountable flag or camo when in a clan division, an option to "wear" clan colours in a type 5 camo Clan Divisions increased to 4 or 5 members in randoms, mostly the reason for this is so we can practice gameplay for clan wars and training new members/players. Normal Divs stay at 3 Lastly (this is my personal idea) more Operations I loooove doing them, they are so much fun. Bring back the Dunkirk one that was awesome! I would like to see one or two for every tier above 5. They are great for training new players as well. Thanks, Reuben
  4. Reubster_defender

    CV imbalances?

    Hi guys, I recently decided to have a crack at CVs. So i bought all the premiums and for practice got the IJN and USN ships to T7 before i went out and declared my skills (or lack of) to the poor populace. I think Cvs are fun but man the skill levels of captains out there vary wildly and i think this is where most players frustrations start. So taking the opposite captain out of the picture what frustrates me about playing the CV? Not alot really being up tiered hurts being down tiered and im OP. A mechanic to balance out the strike planes for a bit more survivabllity when up tiered perhaps. For example my Enterprise put in a T9 or T10 match and German BB AA just chews up by bombers i would like to see perhaps less losses of planes in this instance but perhaps less accuracy in strikes to make up for it. When im down tiered and i kill everything that moves and the same mechanic would work well here too, good AA and u lose less planes but more inaccurate. I know we have a thing ingame that already makes strike craft less accurate this is the bit i think could be tweaked a little, good AA ships more inaccuracy poorer AA more accurate strikes but less strike plane losses.
  5. Reubster_defender

    Rudder shift time

    hiyas, When steering hard to one way then just letting go of the turning button does rudder return to center at the same speed as if i was holding down the turn the opposite way button? In other games it goes back to mid way point faster doing this and wondering if it does here too or all just the same rate of speed. Thanks
  6. Reubster_defender

    DD hunters

    Hi guys, Would like to see the add in to ships slots where if a ship is eligible for any DD detection (radar etc) in one slot the second slot also has another DD detection slot. Some already do, but i would like that in all with the ability. Mostly so i can have some of my Cruisers set up for AA defense and some for actively hunting out DDs. Currently most ships have a DD skill and then only an AA ability in the second slot, so only half and half good at anything.
  7. Reubster_defender

    Domination is robbing me of game time

    Domination is where team tactics really come into play and using your ship wisely...staying in to the end and doing as much damage as possible...oh wait thats just the game in general haha. the timer is so you push with your team if you are not winning and timing out or not losing and timing out either your team was evenly matched and therefore well done! or playing too safe is slowing you down it only takes 2 team mates to hide behind an island and pot shot at enemies to cost you a match. Those are not winning tactics in domination...thats why it is named so, otherwise it would be called hang around and see if you can shoot someone whos bow is sticking out from that island to much! Keep trying though mate T6 is so much fun and the best levels to iron out your play style and ship peculiarities. What ships are you playing? do you camp? try different tactics and see if you can make a difference mate.
  8. Reubster_defender

    Larger Division groups

    Yes thats the point, then better players will group with other better players and can enjoy the game not random, where you and 2 friends cannot make a major impact. besides the point is to be able to play with your friends, not just 3 at a time. No other MMO restricts team member numbers inside the team. if you can fill the full slots with friends go for it. an 5 or 6 div size increase is not going to be game breaking and matchmaker easliy can handle that half its selection is made for it
  9. Reubster_defender

    North Carolina's shell speed bits

    i love my NC yer theres hang time but if aimed right i citadel all the time. Allowing that shells drop on targets aim midship not waterline. and allow 5 more ticks on your lead than normal and you will get there. I have other BBs and i like that the NC is a totally different play style 24klm range and still citadels is just awesome. Yes i do miss alot as there is alooooong time for them to turn or me to miscalculate but thats just her. get closer somewhere around the 15klm mark and she a different ship again...
  10. Reubster_defender

    Why i am leaving the game

    aircraft carrier, 1 ship per team
  11. Reubster_defender

    Larger Division groups

    Hi guys, Am just wondering if you think increasing the div size from 3 to upto 6 or 7 would be considered. I love the game and am getting frustrated with bad teamwork, and so i generally play in a division with my friends but 3 guys knowing what they are doing doesn't always win the match if i had all my crew in the same division at once i think i would find the game more enjoyable as we know how we play and support etc and can turn the battles around if the other guys are not as skilled with their ships or what ever the reason is, im not saying bad players or anything half the time i think new ship no upgrades on it is a big factor in performance and we all have to get used to the new ships too. But i like to play my Bismark and my other mate plays his tirpitz and a couple like to play the ACs and one of my crazier friends likes to (rolls eyes) play a DD. We dont do team battles because we are not all in the same time zones and its to difficult, i would like to play with who i want tho a bit more not just 3 and then randoms the rest as much. Anyone else think this a decent idea or am i just mental lol Safe Sailing!
  12. Reubster_defender

    Why i am leaving the game

    Yer mate, thats my issues too. But i was talking to another friend of mine that plays and he thinks alot of the better players are actually on the public test server ATM so it might just be for a week or so and everything will settle back down. I have the Bismark and she is great fun if you like to tank and get in close and personal. My nrth Caro is awesome and probably my favorite ship to play after my IOWA. Loooong range on the IOWA makes it more fun, but i only just got it and havent really got the targetting down on her yet. Look for me on out there man, im having a couple of weeks off while PT is going then ill go and look at the game again.
  13. Reubster_defender

    Why i am leaving the game

    I have been playing this game for ages almost from the start and i have seen alot of changes, mostly for the good. I play every day and a fair bit on the weekends. Love the German BBs as they suit my play style aggressive and tanky. But i am sick of bad team after bad team. 7 battles in a row tonight where the CA DD and i travel one side of the map everyone else mills around the centre sort of go to an area hit resistance turn around, die in doing so. Then the guys in the middle are getting hit and running to my side where we are depending on the guys with me pushing through generally with a couple of citadels, maybe a kill. I seem to be able to turn them back if theres a ship or two with me. But the other side is in full retreat we cant continue or push and am forced to pull back so we dont over extend. Last few weeks seems more and more people just mill around islands firing over them hoping to hit something, then wonder why the have been torped by a clever DD or citadel-ed by a BB and die fast. In turning to help the otherside, i generally lose half my health, but should have my second kill up, the team might have killed another... DD dies, AC runs off and we are slaughtered...So getting annoyed with bad players i figure ill just drop down to a lower tier and play my bismark or warspite, low and slow...and what happens? My tier 6 ship gets put in a tier 8/9 battle and im nuked by ships i cant even see!! Got citadeled by an iowa 20klms from me and i cant shoot till 16klms or something. what the? So i go back to my main ships and once again poor teams people afraid to do anything or just forget the basics. back down to my little ships tier 6 is about the lowest ships i have...well maybe 5 on the texas. same thing happens, i am soooo over it. What happened to only 1 tier difference between ships? 1 AC per team? does when i report someone as a bad player make it so i dont play with them again? out of the 6 people i always used to play with im the last one and all have said the same thing. Winning doesnt depend on our skills, it depends on others and bad team tier selections by the game. I would rather wait for the right team then just get loaded up with anyone and anything. I am going to come back one last time after this new patch from the test server is upgraded but if it no good im gone.
  14. Reubster_defender

    Suggested Cruiser split tech tree for IJN

    I would like to see a cruiser split line in all countries, light cruisers and heavy cruisers ohhh yer!
  15. Reubster_defender

    Suggestions for new ship tiers...

    Yer i would like to see the UK after the cruisers are done an AC tree there