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  1. Can't create ticket

    Managed to complete one just then by going a different route. Before it it said support is under maintenance lol So dunno what happened but thanks for your interest. I paid for some dubloonies and it didn't arrive but they took the dosh from my account. Tried again through the in game shop and it worked fine. Weird.
  2. Can't create ticket

    :( still cant...and yes I'm logged in!
  3. Can't create ticket

    Anyone else having trouble creating ticket?
  4. PTS - No FN BBs

    They have "strategically" withdrawn for cheese and wine. (smoko).
  5. Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    gib santa box plox to _Magical_Stir_Fry_Cat_ Cos I didn't get that bike for Xmas
  6. Yeah I have no idea how "they" knew I had some coin left in my bank...but it was a super deal- 50% off I think. Just keep your peepers peeled for the in game offer-those deals and that ship are rare as chicken lips I feel. Trouble is she gets t10 matches a lot so I've had some very short games in it! Might have to watch a few vids to get a bit more knowledgeable. But yeah fun ship and has some nice curves hehe.
  7. The marketing department can be very convincing can't they.... Those silver tongued devils got me too-a never to be repeated whizz bang u bewt mega bargain that was the Derpitz! Ah well have fun your shiney new pixels damn you WG! (virtually slaps their botty)
  8. CV Secondaries

    Aww spoilsport hehe. While the OP scenario sounds pretty lame (you'd think at least one shell would hit) can't say I feel sorry for CV's. Getting cross-torped in my DD's regularly makes them my no.1 gripe. Anywho this one time...I got detonated in my DD from CV secondary so it does happen. Mousey got a crash course in aviation after that! Had to larf tho-especially being called a noob by my div mate
  9. Making the game more fun

    Some good suggestions there havva +1
  10. Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Bird is the word
  11. I don't care about anime stuff

    (Lol)...play online interweb gaimes?
  12. Four-Word-Story Game Redux

  13. New battleship?

    You silly billy....looks positively fireproof! Let us know how the maiden voyage goes
  14. Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Girly talks apply earmuffs
  15. Personality of the North Carolina

    Dis made me larf-tee hee x10