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  1. Random_Nibblings


    Lol a Xmas cracker! Couldn't even wait for new year's eve
  2. Not one free shippy :( Recently I got two super containers in a row!! Just free xp and fireproof flags.
  3. Random_Nibblings


    Lol plz rename him captain SMUGFACE
  4. Random_Nibblings

    Karma for Ignoring cap

    Yes...yes you are. Thanks Sharky!!
  5. Random_Nibblings

    Can't create ticket

    Managed to complete one just then by going a different route. Before it it said support is under maintenance lol So dunno what happened but thanks for your interest. I paid for some dubloonies and it didn't arrive but they took the dosh from my account. Tried again through the in game shop and it worked fine. Weird.
  6. Random_Nibblings

    Can't create ticket

    :( still cant...and yes I'm logged in!
  7. Random_Nibblings

    Can't create ticket

    Anyone else having trouble creating ticket?
  8. Random_Nibblings

    PTS - No FN BBs

    They have "strategically" withdrawn for cheese and wine. (smoko).
  9. Random_Nibblings

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    gib santa box plox to _Magical_Stir_Fry_Cat_ Cos I didn't get that bike for Xmas
  10. Random_Nibblings

    Scharnhorst, Warspite, I done a bad, bad thing? Lol

    Yeah I have no idea how "they" knew I had some coin left in my bank...but it was a super deal- 50% off I think. Just keep your peepers peeled for the in game offer-those deals and that ship are rare as chicken lips I feel. Trouble is she gets t10 matches a lot so I've had some very short games in it! Might have to watch a few vids to get a bit more knowledgeable. But yeah fun ship and has some nice curves hehe.
  11. Random_Nibblings

    Scharnhorst, Warspite, I done a bad, bad thing? Lol

    The marketing department can be very convincing can't they.... Those silver tongued devils got me too-a never to be repeated whizz bang u bewt mega bargain that was the Derpitz! Ah well have fun your shiney new pixels damn you WG! (virtually slaps their botty)
  12. Random_Nibblings

    CV Secondaries

    Aww spoilsport hehe. While the OP scenario sounds pretty lame (you'd think at least one shell would hit) can't say I feel sorry for CV's. Getting cross-torped in my DD's regularly makes them my no.1 gripe. Anywho this one time...I got detonated in my DD from CV secondary so it does happen. Mousey got a crash course in aviation after that! Had to larf tho-especially being called a noob by my div mate
  13. Random_Nibblings

    Making the game more fun

    Some good suggestions there havva +1
  14. Random_Nibblings

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Bird is the word
  15. Random_Nibblings

    I don't care about anime stuff

    (Lol)...play online interweb gaimes?