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  1. Keith_Schroder

    Multiple planes on carriers

    Yes im playing against vbogue now and it has 3 flights of torpedo bombers up. And yes according to all I can find this is not possible
  2. Can anyone please tell me how you get to launce multiple fleets of torpedo bombers from the v bogue. I see others doing this but I dont seem to be able?
  3. Keith_Schroder

    Disapearing ships

    These ships are disappearing from my screen when they are as close as 3k away and sometimes less. They can be in plain view until I zoom in, then they are gone. Some times I can still see the icon showing damage to the ship but no ship.
  4. Keith_Schroder

    Disapearing ships

    Anyone else experiencing opposition ships disappearing from screen leaving you unable to defend yourself from them.