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  1. I've been playing World of Warships for awhile now, and each match I keep seeing teams of 5+ battleships a game with very few cruisers or destroyers to balance things out. I feel like battleships are a massive powercreep - they require a ridiculous amount of effort and team cooperation to take down, while in return said battleship can simply delete cruisers and even other battleships, a few battleships even having radar to counter their counter, I.E. destroyers. (another counter is not sailing in a straight line, which is relatively easy to NOT do) Playing another class is just not fun, once you realise you can one shot almost any cruiser from 15+ km away (higher tiers) with a substantially higher health pool than everyone else besides enemy battleships. Battleships don't appear to have a solid counter, given how powerful they are - again, in higher tier CV's can't deal with them due to the murderous amount of AA they get. Radar exists, rendering DD's useless, and CLs and CA's will get deleted as usual. The only counter to BB's in my eyes, are other BB's - only they have the penetration and calibre to deal significant damage to each other, while cruisers have to pray to set fires to do anything meaningful, DD's simply praying the enemy BB is a complete idiot and blunders straight into his torps (which only happens in tiers 3 - 5) and no one uses radar (higher tiers again). "but BB's have lower accuracy, just dodge his shots!" Their accuracy penalty becomes effectively nil the higher you go, dispersion becoming almost non-existent and even glancing blows dealing ridiculous numbers - I got shot on the rear deck but it counted as 8000 damage.
  2. SkyWarrior_109

    Is it just me, or is the Mikhail Kutuzov really bad?

    Quick question, what is the point of smoke when radar exists and destroyers can torp it from 10+ km away? How is it's range good when battleships can still delete it at said range? Even glancing blows causing 5000 damage?
  3. SkyWarrior_109

    Is it just me, or is the Mikhail Kutuzov really bad?

    Instead of being salty and calling me trash, I'd greatly appreciate some tips.
  4. I didn't buy the ship when it was available thank god, I got it by chance in a crate. I don't have a tier 8 ship in a tech tree, it's my first tier 8. I've played a bunch of battles in this thing, loaded it up with commander skills (10 pt captain) but I've been terribly overtiered (T8 against T10, balanced) and deleted in the early stages of a match due to a battleship just deciding to delete me. I then try and hide in my smoke, but ofc radar exists so I die anyway. It doesn't matter how smart I play, or how much I WASD I just get my ass deleted off the face of the planet with barely 20,000 damage to my name. Am I just bad or is the ship just underpowered/trash?
  5. I'm not too sure why we can't have free queues for all operations - it saves you from having to find more than four players (especially on a server as lowly populated as the Asia server) (running an op with only 4 ships is impossible) to try and complete the others. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the operations, but I believe they should be open to randoms instead of getting pigeonholed into one operation per week.
  6. SkyWarrior_109

    Lower Tiers - More Fun?

    Hello All, I've just started playing WOWS again recently after a respite of 1.5 years and I ended with having gotten up to Tier 6 with the IJN tree, with Aoba. I've got a few issues about the game I think I'd like to bring to mind that I've noticed, coming back after so long. 1. Battleships are EVERYWHERE, sniping everyone in one shot from huge distances, besides other BBs and DDs (mostly due to their small sizes) I play cruisers a lot and I'm actually starting to think that playing them is a lost cause. Every BB in the match targets me as I am easily citadelled even with angling + not showing broadsides, especially as Furutaka or Aoba which seems to get eaten alive by every BB and even most other cruisers, they know that I am free meat for them as 95% of the time I cannot fire back because they are out of my range or I cannot do any significant damage other than setting him on fire over and over and annoying the crap out of him before I am taken down stupendously easy. DDs, even in their nerfed state, seem the way to go, with their amazing stealth and the ability to fling torps at an unsuspecting BB captain as he doesn't know you're there, and if you don't close past your detection range, he won't. However, I can't remember if it was always this way because I haven't played the game for so long. 2. DDs appear to have been nerfed to oblivion, with Radar, Hydro, aircraft everywhere, and skills which increase acquisition range, particularly the IJN DDs which rely on their torpedoes to secure kills, and any player worth their salt doesn't sail in straight lines for the time it takes for torpedoes to reach them, and if they do, its often a simple matter to just dodge them. I just laugh in the face of that Shiratsuyu who launched his full salvo of a large amount of torpedoes at my face only to have me turn into them and simply dodge them, or when I'm playing as one, that I launch bunch of well aimed, well predicted torpedoes at a distant battleship and he speeds up or slows down a fraction or simply turns at all and they all miss, or one hits, and after the massive nerfs to torpedoes, doesn't do much damage or cause him to flood. 3. Carrier matchmaking takes FOREVER and aircraft are largely useless now with the buffs to ship AA and the decreased flooding chance, aircraft torpedoes do not do as much damage as ship launched ones, particularly against BBs and they needed that flooding chance to deal some sort of significant damage to a ship. Strafe is also new and extremely annoying, but does not exist in lower tiers. Lower tiers seem so much more fun because you aren't punished so damn harshly for one tiny little mistake and the one shot citadels are seemingly less common than in higher tiers with massive calibres. Battleships also have a smaller range and most cruisers can comfortably fight them without too much fear of being instagibbed by one BB that just happened to look at him wrong.
  7. True, but it SHOULD have been enough for my aircraft to get the upper hand and shoot down 1 or 2 of his planes or more, yet it did nothing at all.
  8. Range wasn't an issue. My planes were right over the top of friendly ships.
  9. Greetings, I just came out of a match VS another Hosho whose fighters were absolute BS. I positioned my fighters over my entire friendly fleet of multiple battleships while I lost ALL my fighters and he lost one, repeated again when I sent out my last squad of fighters, same scenario. Same thing also happened with my torpedo bombers, sat them over friendly fleet, +10 defence mod on them, still lost. What happened?
  10. SkyWarrior_109

    Continually Being Citadelled as IJN Cruisers

    The thing is, I usually do EVERYTHING you guys are suggesting, speeding up, slowing down, turning, but I always get hit at some point and its EXTREMELY heavy damage or a straight out citadel, very rarely light/moderate damage. Especially with the lower tiers where ranges are much closer, there is not much time to change direction before you get hit in the face with those BB shells. It just feels like IJN cruisers are stuck in a bit of a pitfall with USN cruisers and other nation's cruisers boasting apparently superior firepower and often better ROF while shedding the mostly useless torpedoes (they seem to become less effective the higher you go in MM, people get smarter and know how to avoid or predict torpedo launches, and to get close enough for a cruiser to launch them effectively becomes more and more difficult without being annihilated and deleted) and then there's the BB's eating the entire IJN cruiser line for breakfast it seems with little to no chance for counterplay other than launching a HECK of torps and hoping for a hit or spamming HE and hoping to piss off the enemy BB captain by setting his ship on fire over and over.
  11. Hello, I noticed that I keep being one shot or dealt massive amounts of damage to by battleships with seemingly little to no way to avoid them other than hiding behind an island or some sort of land mass, I have had situations where I have turned completely away from an enemy battleship salvo to present the smallest possible profile, but even then, being dealt a ridiculous citadel on the rear deck. I have also had an instance where I have turned diagonally away from an enemy battleship and ONE shell has hit my rear deck(basically right on the very stern near the prop) and citadelled me in one hit. I keep firing salvo after salvo as a cruiser to try and take down battleships outside of torpedo range, but can't manage to do much significant damage other than HE fires before the enemy BB just fires one salvo and eats up to 1/4 of my HP or 1/2 in one hit, and I can't close the distance enough before getting taken down extremely easily to actually launch torpedoes either. Any tips for this?