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  1. Andrew_Nicholas

    WoWS AUS Clan

    I'm interested in joining an aussie clan, as i'm not a premium player . So I don't have any duboolens to create my own, been playing over three years, DDs are my weapon of choice.Japanese from tier 4 to 10 . Isokaze was my favorite until they nerfed it . Play mainly after 7; o'clock in the evenings and sometimes weekends, Tassie Time . check out my profile if interested !!! Cheers !!
  2. Andrew_Nicholas

    Team killer system not working

    I think there should be a quick key like the [Good game and fair seas ], but instead saying [ I'm a [content removed] look out for my torps ], maybe the F12 key, Thus halving the full penalty imposed. Profanity.post edited, user already warned. ~TheAzure
  3. Andrew_Nicholas

    torpping friendlies

    I think there should be a quick key like the, [ Good game and fair seas ], but instead saying : I'm a [content removed], look out for my torps :, maybe F12. Profanity. post edited, user warned. ~TheAzure
  4. Andrew_Nicholas


    Nice replay. I wish that I could record my battles, but can't work out how to! I am on the same server as you, but I am not a premium player, don't know if that makes a difference or not. My WOWs folders are slightly different to the ones that Mr Jingles + others describe in their forums of ,: how to record WOWs.: Any help would be grateful. Cheers Happy World Of Warships Ps; I am an Aussie.
  5. Andrew_Nicholas

    [Thank me later] Best ships of its tier (Tier 3 to 7) and reviews

    Tier 4-7 I wouldn't go past Japanese Isokaze destroyer, simply because you can sink ships without them seeing you, with the 7klm torp range, 6.1 concealment. Plus if they do see you, You have time to smoke , and reload torps , which reloads, { forgive me if i'm wrong} Faster than any other destroyer. But you do have to remember if you shoot any guns , you will be detected, That's why I mainly use the torps.