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    The hunt for Bismarck

    Why o why? Hood is needed in one of the task, Task no. 8 of the first mission, to complete mission no.1. How can I go to the second mission if I've not completed all the tasks in the very first mission without the use of the battleship Hood? So playing The Hunt for the Bismarck scenario requires you to shed some money to buy Hood in order for you to be able to progress in the scenario. If this is the case then The battleship Bismarck is not totally free. It is just compensated by the battleship Hood, that you will buy, in order for you to progress further in the game. Sigh, when I thought I could get Bismarck less tedious and for free. bummed
  2. StarblazerYamato88

    When will the German battleships come?

    I am hoping that the German battleships be available soon. I was hoping for Bismarck to be one of the Tier ships for Germany's Battleships. I am looking forward for this ship.Tirpitz is ok but I hope they could make the Bismark, as well as Scharnhorst and H-Class battleship. Thanks