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  1. long ago, there's a program that allow user to see opponent ship beyond vanilla range.

    not only that, said program bypass all obstacle like smoke and island. allow user to locate and shoot said target at will.

    such a program is indeed a 'CHEAT' without any doubt.


    yet WG still use it, slap limitation like... range limit, number of use and cool down into it.

    rename it into something more believable and shove it right into game as official consumable.

    what that thing call again...... oh... right.... a FREAKING RADAR!!!


    no one can guarantee this won't happen again with other cheat program out there

    who know? Aimbot and aim assist may return again as official consumable and rename into something more believable like... advance fire control system or automatic range finder.


    with them, any cheat can become legit... that's why I lost all hope to those brainless developer.

    they don't deserve any money from anyone in this world.