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  1. try to not make any comment but this one got me. so.... smart DD in your opinion is DD that never ever try to cap? reason why CV cause so much trouble to DD is because DD try to cap and CV knows it. smoke? sorry but there's cheat program called radar that can see through everything. 12km one at that.
  2. PGM991

    Another Dose of Drama

    hmm it's look like WG really have no intention to exclude CV from clan war that's mean they have to come up with the fix and if the fix that only effect in CW is unreasonable, whatever the fix may be, it's gonna effect normal battle as well. if it's benefit to my horrendous DD life ... then good. I herd that they testing if DD air detection is halve is help. to me personally, I'm fine with being detect by plane 3km away AS long as CV are the only one who can see me and the rest of his teammate only see me in mini-map. because the most painful is when plane detect me, 100+ shell will fly toward me, it impossible to dodge and the god damn SAP is painful as hell. lost 80% of HP in single salvo is not fun, I can no longer contest any cap after that and can only hide & play passive whole game.
  3. PGM991

    Another Dose of Drama

  4. they discuss about how to implement this one as next tier 10 premium battle cruiser.
  5. PGM991


    okay.... I'll sent layoff notice to my AA crew. btw, is it possible to dismantle my shimakaze AA and sold off as scrap for some credit?
  6. having CV in match is like playing card with both side showing their hand regularly. game is much more dynamic without CV, be it positioning, flanking, ambushing, moving etc. with CV, game is stale and very passive.
  7. PGM991

    Very tired of carrying losing games

    good player try to be useful to his teammate. clever player make use of his teammate.
  8. PGM991

    Very tired of carrying losing games

    well.... just being on top doesn't mean anyone try to carrying a game. at least earn either confederate and/or high carlibur to proof that one has dealt major blow to enemy team. my shimakaze with 20km torp finished in top 3 often but I doubt I carry anything. =w='a
  9. PGM991

    New Players, what new players

    WG don't want new player. they want new Payer.
  10. IMO not for random battle, sub is excellent in separated mode like operation e.g. operation wolf-pack where player play sub, find and hunt convoy of supply ship while dealing with AI DD escort. etc
  11. cheat? you don't have to look out there y'know? we already have one in game officially.
  12. submarine torpedo seem to don't have any arming distance like ship or aerial torpedo, it's arm and ready to explod the moment it leave it's tube, this make an absurd movement like surfacing at point blank and torp surface ship possible. this should be fix in future and there's problem that flamu said in youtube which I think it easily fix with mod THIS mod is very useful against sub as you know, when submarine submerge, you don't see it model rendering on screen. make it impossible to know which way it facing this mod WILL tell you which direction submarine facing even when they under water, it help you that if they facing you, there will be torp incoming. as a DD that try to dept charge them, you want to approach to it's side or back to avoid that absurd point blank torpedo.
  13. PGM991

    Where do players go?

    Is middle of two brother map really that popular? hmm.... I better try some myself.
  14. PGM991


    more CV??? game just kept breaking more and more every major patch. welp.... as long as it's free, whatever. let the whale pay.
  15. PGM991

    What a waste

    waste or not... this game have been around for 5 years... you rarely find any online game live this long