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  1. PGM991

    Hmmm. DD XP.

    questions, how often this happen? is it consistent compare to other class that focus on damage?
  2. PGM991

    Not a bug. But it does look realistic.

    during stormy weather, I'd rather have massive wave rocking the ship harder to aim, massive wind to sway the shell arc and rogue wave to sway player ship off it's course, lighting that roar over mix with gun fire sound .... currently storm in game is hardly call storm at all... just a normal rain.
  3. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    you KNOW that's not what I ment. =w='a
  4. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    'OP' and 'Broken' is entirely different thing CV is never OP, never was never will be..... ( well... before rework they is OP though) they simply 'Broken' in term of mechanic relate to other class. they're BROKEN mechanically. imagine soccer and add special position that can use hand, they may not score any goal but break the match and annoy as hell. just my opinion though.
  5. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    just for fun though LOL personally I never blame the 'player' though, they completely innocent, they just play what game provide them. I hate the class and the dev team that very so insist in putting them in the game.
  6. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    Gosh... This thread still going on?
  7. PGM991

    what does world of warships feel like now?

    out of 100 80 frustration 15 so-so 5 fun that 5 is justify free to play ... so ... I still playing but much less. not gonna waste money in here though. even gacha mobile game still far more worth.
  8. PGM991

    ST, changes to the commander skills system

    Patrol fighter can no longer spot ship Thank god
  9. PGM991

    Be afraid. The noobs are climbing the tiers

    Professional is the noob that never stop.
  10. PGM991

    How to Play DD Against Radar?

    Radar ship is just a cheater in my book, they deserve being blab by BB with aim-bot/aim-assist for equality. Joke aside... There's a lot of 12km radar theses day with right position they can cover 2 cap in some cases, they may be short duration but once your hiding position is revealed to the rest is CV DB come in to kill... Luckily... My Shima have 20km torp equipped allow me to stay out of radar amidst of ally AA and still striking enemy BB in back.
  11. PGM991

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    I AM adapt. But just because I'm adapted doesn't mean I have to accept them.
  12. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    AA no matter how strong it is it won't stop CV from striking you 1st time but it reduces it chances for 2nd and 3rd time. It's intentionally design that way or else CV won't be able to do any damages at all. And no, there is no counter play to these class.
  13. On Asia server, my ping is less than 100 Since I used to this when I play NA at 200+ ping it feel so so so unresponsive.
  14. PGM991

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    me playing shima 20km torp is like.... or
  15. I did try NA but... ping is too high. 150-200+ gun, torpedo, maneuvering are not responsive fast enough...