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  1. yes it can. find some plane that left over from sunk enemy and park beneath them, turn on your AA and it'll shot down that single plane in about 5 - 10 min
  2. So many radar in game ...

    I won't stop playing my shimakaze I just resorts back to use 20 km torpedo since game these day are heavily punished aggressive/objective play for DD so I don't care anymore about objective... before radar came, it's DD spot DD and which side have more support, win but that's meta is no more radar/hydro that extend beyond ship detection is become common and can see through island at that...
  3. So many radar in game ...

    if being men is die fast/first, I'd rather be a boy :D a living dog is useful than dead lion.
  4. So many radar in game ...

    yeah.... and remember that new CL line of US hasn't out yet when they go live ..... 5+ radar ship per team would be normal for a few week
  5. at 1:50 min this new item reduce reload time for BB main gun by half (in other word, 15 sec).... hmm it a whole new slot, doesn't replace anything like IJNDD TRB where you have to choose between smoke what next? Radar reload booster? hydro reload booster? plane reload booster? Dam'con reload booster?? :D
  6. Des Moines with spotter plane

    there's no such thing as 'wrong' play style. even my shimakaze either 20 km 12 km or 8 km torpedo, all are correct play style. it's up to player which he most comfortable with. Yuro are among 0.1% player that are insanely good skill.
  7. "Legendary" Upgrades

    legendary upgrade of shima are ideal for spamming long-lance to reduce enemy 'sane' value try to radar me in cap? nope, i'm 20 km beyond that. :D ---------------------------------- hmm.... - 80% of tube traverse speed for a 'mere' - 25% reload time may too much of a trade off ...
  8. I know how to bait radar, escape, and back again problem is when I'm back, another radar pop up I escape again and when I'm back for 3rd attempt that first radar is up and ready and cycle continue... 3 min cool down for standard 2 for premium + 1 additional charge... 3-4 radar ship? I give up capping entirely... us light cruiser haven't out yet and we see it effects and when they arrive, it's gonna get worst and considered that radar would be a standard consumables for new ship line to come..... oh boy...
  9. Well... Just don't complain when DD don't go up front to spot and cap for you Radar directly punished DD that try to play aggressive/objective.
  10. too much gimmick these days Radar, Hydro, DFAA, Heal, smoke all these consumable SHOULD be in same slot, pick only one!
  11. it's good that there's highly skill DD player are able to work around radar and keep doing well in it but you have to admit that there's only a tiniest fraction of player able to do that
  12. than you bigger ship go up front spot and cap by yourself so DD can stay at mid-range to avoid radar I CAN LIVE WITH THAT too :D
  13. in a past few days, I've been playing shimakaze with 6.4 km torpedo and do a lot of suicide run to those damn radar ship. it's risky, but it's feel so good to see those radar ship die every time I score a kill especially radar ship, I shout in open channel chat 'die radar! die!!' they deserve it. ha ha ha ha ha
  14. okay, everyone here in this forum should rule of capturing base by now - one side get in and cap - more ship cap faster - both side get in, cap will be stall - getting shot, cap gauge will reduce I didn't say that current capturing rule is bad or anything I just want to add number of ship into account e.g. when both side are in the cap but one side have 2 ship but the other have 1 ship a side with 2 ship or rather 'more ship' in the cap will be able to cap that base (with slower pace of cause) this would stop situation like only 1 ship park behind island able to hold that cap indefinitely even half of other team try to pushing in also give a free information like.... 'crap, I'm in here yet they still able to slowly cap it... mean there's 2 or more enemy ship in here with me, gotta bail out or call for back up' thought?
  15. what a ripoff

    I don't care what other says but to me 'real money + randomized = evil scheme' don't support it in any single way possible. yet on contrary I do play 'fate G.O.' where gambling like mechanic is the core of game summoning welp, For my 5 star Waifu! I'll pay! :D