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  1. it's possible if WG want to try I mean, even now we have to choose between main gun and torpedo isn't it? we can't fire both at same time WG don't have to discard auto AA entirely, leave AA to auto (current DPM AA) while you fight other surface ship or abandon main gun to took control of one-shot-kill AA since CV has unlimited plane, don't mercy them, one shot kill for manual aim AA.
  2. only 1 thing I do agree. AA should be skill base not a stat base... if someone is skilled enough, he can wipe out squad of plane no matter what ship he's in. CV have to think 'oh, this guy is skilled AA, I should avoid him' NOT 'oh, this ship have strong AA, I should avoid it' right now, only way to counter CV is ship stat AA, and it suck.
  3. 4-5% top lower than average I'll give you that. very inconsistent. but compare to getting light up by cheat program radar every time you try to cap for team and shot to half dead... my 'sanity' value is safer this way 🙂
  4. whhaatt??? you never see my long lance showcase???
  5. me: spam 20km torpedo the whole match try to radar me? nope, I'm 20km away LOL cap? who care! high risk, no return pure punishment.
  6. PGM991

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    kamikaze, FIRST and LAST.
  7. I think what he mean is GTX 1060 should able to crank up FPS more than 75... may be??? I heard that FPS is limit by the monitor itself and 'vsyn' is also effect FPS as well.... dunno, I'm not an expert =w='a
  8. PGM991

    i will regret this

    harsh lesson, never spent money on randomize box (except for Waifu) 😄
  9. ookayy~~~ I'll turn off auto update then =w='a
  10. my laptop use gtx 1050 latest driver upgrade that came out just yesterday cause WoWs FPS to drop drastically, (not just WoW. but every game in my laptop e.g. rise of tomb raider) I use to run at maximum setting with smoothly 60 fps, but after upgrade, it's drop to 10 - 20 , absolutely unplayable I just have to frantically search for older driver (previous driver) to install and now WoWs is running smooth again fex minute ago am I only one experience this???
  11. PGM991

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    since Ocean map is the most realistic one, made it special traits all ship dispersion will be more realistic too, all ship shell dispersion will increase by 200-300% (or to be more extreme, all ship will be visible from everywhere in map)
  12. PGM991

    7 stalingrads can be beaten

    WG : 'working as intended.'
  13. PGM991

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    remove CV! remove the goddamned radar! set limit number of each ship type in team (5 BB/6 CA/4 DD)
  14. PGM991

    MM'er and CV's

    whenever I found CV in match, I'll switch into passive & camping mode... I wouldn't dare push up front or cap... EVER!! he can delete me in one fell swoop while I have absolute nothing to counter it... hah......... this class is so damn broken... I hope new re-work won't be so broken as it is now...
  15. PGM991

    DAMMIT! I was gonna get food this week...

    go watch 'man VS wild' and you'll see there's so many thing human can eat without spending a money ......wait? are we seriously go that far?