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  1. WG very reluctant in limiting number of CV, they afraid limiting it gonna make wait time for CV player way too long since there's so many CV in queue in asia server. easy fix is when there's too many CV in queue to put only put 2 of them in each team, make 3CV vs 3CV match, voila! problem solve! let them have their fun in their own little world.
  2. a future where high seas rules 12km radar... negate all DD play and smoke (smolensk) I should've pick 20km torpedo that match...
  3. And all of them equipped with 12km radar... And since it brand new line... high sea gonna flooded with them for a few weeks.... FMDDL
  4. PGM991

    DDs very frustrating to play now

    good news, many more 12km radar equipped ship gonna be implement more in next few patch. WG sure love those cheat program... better find one my own to counter them 😄
  5. PGM991


    playing tier 5 (kongo) and to my surprise there's no CV two match on row. ahhh... game is so much fun without those #$%^! flying around.
  6. PGM991

    Sometimes the answer is easy!

    next, Hit enemy ships 1000 times with torpedo.
  7. you mean... human-guided torpedo?
  8. CV - DD interaction is fine. WG said.... *!@$#! them! my kamikaze become completely trash because 3 CV per side, I'm so so so regret buying it.
  9. PGM991

    ARP Kongo is best Kongo

    as long as she not be up-tiered, she is very solid tier 5 BB and remember, at first ARP ship is inferior to standard kongo since they can't mount any camo and their colorful camo provide no benefit. now that they become premium, their camo provide all the benefit of any premium ship made them stronger than my standard kongo with only normal camo.
  10. PGM991

    ARP Ships Now in Premium Store!

    red takao eh... so it's takao version before she submitted to gunzo I like her's blue one though, fit her avatar more
  11. PGM991

    the life of a CV player

    well... duh.... there absolutely NOTHING I as a DD (shimakaze) can do against you CV folk, you guys keep attack me one-sided. =w= no AA, stealth mean nothing when it's come to capping, smoke? there's radar~~~ since I can't attack you physically, I'll attack you mentally
  12. PGM991

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    I won't report toxicity chatter I won't report yolo I won't report AFK hell, I even won't report bot but I'll report CV, they WORST than all of above... ...... and because report IS the only thing I can do against them T_T
  13. I think WG CAN make MM base on skill or even tier IF you willingly to wait 5+ min each match.... or start match with incomplete team (less than 12 player each side... probably 6v6 5v5 or 4v4)
  14. PGM991

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    ho..... at first they give a bunch of mission to get collab ship, now they selling it?