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  1. PGM991

    [ichase] even he.........

    "git gud" and "suck it up" is entirely different thing. "git gud" = system is good&well balance, you just have to adapt and overcome it. "suck it up" = system is bad but we're not gonna change it, you just have to endure it. which one are we right now....
  2. PGM991

    [ichase] even he.........

    I never say CV are OP. they just broken, they existent brake all balance in game. they're balance breaker. that's all
  3. may be because he one of the most highest profile player in WoWs that's why he got focus so much
  4. PGM991

    World of Warplanes

    even 'he' got piss over CV may be because he one of the most highest profile player in WoWs, and that's why he got focus that much
  5. a skilled player will always did good no matter what ship he played huh.... I hate CV not the player so... I admire him wholeheartedly
  6. PGM991

    Reasons to play

    yeah... I just got A:IR invitation code and some interesting mobile game called 'Eternal City'. I hope these 2 help me forget about WoWs. I won't uninstall WoWs though, just take some time off.
  7. PGM991

    Reasons to play

    even WG give me free 24hour premium, it still not motivate me to keep play even one bit. 2000xp for first container is still bothersome sometimes. I'm I getting old...?
  8. PGM991

    Using MM Monitor is truly horrifying.

    welp, I share my account with my sis who couldn't bother to grind. (her own account is only tier 4 though) so... some time some people will see my shimakaze doing some thing very............ eccentric even pink me sometimes not that I care.
  9. here come another one and I don't want to waste forum memory for new topic not as good as first one though. ....MUSASHI
  10. PGM991

    the paradox of playing CVs

    I also have paradox playing DD (Shimskaze) these day. should I try cap to help the team and risk being abuse by CV+Radar? or should I ignore cap entirely to stick with AA ship and mindlessly spamming torpedo?
  11. by the same calculation, it mean every ship have limited amount of every type of ammunition. shimakaze torp reload standard is 2 min assume I'm immediately launch after reload, mean shimakaze have total amount of 150 torpedo by standard. that so called 'total amount' can increase by skill and module upgrade that help reduce reload time. we can calculate with everything, main gun, secondary gun, aa gun, hell with this type of calculation even damage control also have limited amount. in other word, it only show amount of how many they can be replenish during 20 minute match. so..... what's the point?
  12. PGM991

    Death of the destroyers role.

    everyone would pick the good one to show if compare number of DD that's screwed by CV to number of DD that triumph the match the former will out number later by 10 to 1 it's not impossible for DD to do good, it just harder... much harder.
  13. PGM991

    Too many carriers!

    too many carrier? I play tier 5 for some credit but didn't expect this... I should have stick with tier 2 =w='a
  14. PGM991

    Unexpected Encounter

    well.... you know.... 'big gun'
  15. after a hardcore frustrated against CV rocket, I start to grasp how to doge them. rocket require considerable distance to start on attack run, and once it start, they can't turn. and that distance is 'greater' than DD air spotting distance (if AA is off) meaning, he have to fly pass over DD once and out of spotting range than U-turn again to attack that DD, he have to memorize DD last know position, guess where that DD would be and start attack run 'blindly' if that DD keep on predictable heading or stationary, he's in for a hurt. if that DD drastically change direction 'after' plane leave spotting distance, DD have advantage in dodging. if CV commit to attack DD with rocket and that DD commit to dodge it... DD can mostly dodge rocket strike. but that's mean DD have to abandon everything relate to surface combat to dodge it, his positioning, torpedo attack run etc.... I still can't figure out how to deal with Dive bomber though... they can start attack almost on top if every target and not a single surface ship fast enough do dodge that. only pray to AA and RNG for DB....