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  1. PGM991

    how old are you (in this game)

    7 years 7k battle... for account I'm pretty much first generation player, but for battle experience... can't match any of you eh....
  2. it's been 7 years... I can't remember why my register date are before game launch, I'm sure I didn't pre register the game... a beta? also... this game come a long way huh... hard to believe it's last this long
  3. PGM991

    One of the Slava class just sunk

    i heard from one of documentary about why U.S destroyers are very light arms compared to Russia counterpart that arm their cruiser to the teeth. they saying "you don't want to put you man to live in tight quarter with tons of explosive ordinance, and to put so many weapon systems in compact space maintenance would be a nightmare." like... if inner most are broke, you can't replace it without removing outmost one first... something like that. don't know how true it is though... welp... this incident may prove it right.
  4. PGM991

    Torp fix....

    haven't play for month... came back to check thing out in forum and this?.... welp, i'll go for another month then... since i'm shima main, this bug will 100% ruin the game...
  5. PGM991

    About abolition of userMusic function

    this function is too barebone to be useful for me. it should have categorize into separate scenarios like... music when in port music when waiting in que. music when no enemy in sight music when enemy within 10km radius music when time remaining less than 5min music when player become spectator ghost music when enemy torpedo spotted within 3km (Eurobeat intensify) etc etc... and let player put their music in to each scenario as they please
  6. PGM991

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    exactly, in current game that full of crap WG put in. Radar, Plane, SAP etc... meme style is way to go. either go 20km or 8km
  7. PGM991


    because game calculate reward from damage to ship total HP % 1000 damage to DD is give off reward way more than 1000 damage to BB
  8. PGM991


    some people still think that CV hater refuse to adapt. use your head a little bit. they ARE adapt, at least I was adapt if one can't adapt to CV, they quit the game already. but just because I was adapt to CV, doesn't mean I have to accept them. CV are fundamentally broken to the core, that is undeniable fact. despite all the mess this game still fun sometime... and that justify the free to play game. that's all
  9. PGM991


    he does have a point https://youtu.be/GPkAiapYHg4
  10. PGM991

    How to Shimakaze

    I can fully say that I'm shimakaze main (even though I'm not good at her)... right now on crazy mindset of using F3 torpedo all the time radar? screw it, CV? screw it, gun boat DD with radar? screw it. screw everything. I play this ship no because she strong, I play just because I like it.
  11. PGM991


    as much as I want them to be remove.... it's impossible. CV will be stay for eternity whether we like it or not. all we can do is stop support them with money. ... like I did, several years ago sadly... too many people spending money in this game.
  12. PGM991

    Friendly Fire OFF: A Thread

    good. when I see ally and enemy BB doing brawls, I'll torp them both.
  13. PGM991

    ​📰 ST, Adjustment in Firing Mechanics

    hmm.... I remember recommend this kind of mechanic several years ago... keep locking on target, small gauge appear slowly fill up, the more gauge fill, the more accurate the gun etc... if losing lock or switching target, gauge reset.
  14. so... if CV cause other to grief, that is fine. if other cause CV to grief, UNFORGIVABLE!! is there other cases like this that not relate to CV so I don't misjudge WG?
  15. did WG really send a warning to someone who able to hard counter CV by division 3 strong AA DD and hunt down CV??? if true... WG is as DIRTY as.... hell they didn't cheat in anyway, they using existing mechanic in game to kill those CV and they get warned ? WTF