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  1. I personally don't want WG to remove type 93 lang lance, it's her signature weapon after all (despite how bad it is) it's the same as remove 46cm gun from yamato. last match I wrack havoc whole enemy flank by these torp, give my team opportunity to push. IMO, Type93 can still be fun (sometimes)
  2. great! thanks you I've been wonder why my ARP ship have standard male voice. and all option voice select in setting menu was all gone. btw. where are real voice file were save? my instinct tell me to back them up some where else. just in case.
  3. will this make ARP voice available again? I don't care WG reason for disable ARP voice, I want those cute voice back.
  4. whatever role you pick, remember one thing. 'a living dog is useful than dead lion' try not to be brave and die so fast, don't be ashamed to runaway (that's what I do all the time 555)
  5. meh, I want 20km torpedo with 76knot speed 0.7km detection and can hit everything XD
  6. if they have special effect like ... unspotable by plane, I might use it. key to use 20km torp is to not let them pass within cap area or they bound to be spot by DD these day game full of Radar ship and ultra stealth gunboat make even 12km torp still very hard/dangerous to use some time I really want nerf all radar range never exceed 10km across the board T_T
  7. ignore them, DW torp can't hit DD,
  8. man... I wish I can keep cool head in match. I can gather as many tactic I want in forum or anywhere else, but when in match, every thing seem to slip away when match start, and I don't go full speed but 3/4 to made sure my team can catch up and ensure support, all cap are capped by enemy team DD first, and felt like it was my fault for not try to compete the cap for team... feeling that, I end up head-on into cap, right into enemy radar range T_T
  9. CV are not overpowered in this game, I agree that much. but I hate the way it operate. it's unfair and felt like bullying.
  10. oh and at 100+ match having shimakaze win-rate goes up beyond 50% is my life long dream (in this game) but thing are not as easy as it's sound. high tier seas these day are infested with radar and ultra-stealth gun boat that keep surprise me every time I try to do torpedo run or let my guard down even a second. and it seem that radar will be standard consumable for almost every new ship line to come, thing are work against me. did I just play her wrong or this is how she is? T_T
  11. now DD are officially has radar.... it's only a matter of time before BB and CV has smoke DD have heal for me as a IJNDD main .......................
  12. this guy know how to play Yugumo, 6 kill, all gunboat become his prey and luck was on his side too, no CV, no radar to light him up, many ship seem to run into his torp as well
  13. o~~kay~~, I'm a DD, I'll stay away from white circle of death at all cost thanks for advice :D
  14. number of ship sunk is no more than a decorated show off. damage dealt, spotting, capping, tanking etc, these way more impact to match and end-game score 0 kill earn higher rank than 3 kill one is very normal.
  15. learn more a bit about plane in this game ... a hard way T_T it's not a fighter-jet like in Ace combat I play, these are WW2 propeller plane, they don't have enough power to go 'up' all the way. keep heading up, you'll losing speed and stall, to gain speed have to head down and I can't boost speed like jet after-burner, these engine can overheat they can boost only a few second... take me sometime to realize that... and got shot down a lot... still have no idea about how to capture area though, unlike WoWs that just stay in area can cap it.