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  1. PGM991

    The problem of 0.8.9 patch today...

    using 'full-screen windowed' is fine for me but that's just way to work around problem. WG still need to fix it...
  2. PGM991

    The problem of 0.8.9 patch today...

    I have to re-start my lap top twice already because of this I'll stop play until they fix it.
  3. PGM991

    warships today

    part 3 just out
  4. PGM991

    warships today

    warships of tomorrow??? watch Azur Lane anime now!!
  5. PGM991

    why do you play

    because it's free.
  6. PGM991

    warships today

    no, not statistic web it's about how today warship are operate these day, everything is center around aircraft carrier vast array of radar and sonar, high tech weaponry attack&defend system it's range is go beyond horizon of the seas. it made me think.... if we were to make modern warship game... we ought to use world map! (unless we trap in some alien barrier dome) anyway, these two give a decent insight how modern day Navy are operate, fun to watch.
  7. PGM991

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    sorry double post
  8. PGM991

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    Try doing that when 3 CV gang up on you =w= my kongo don't stand a chance to do anything try dodge plane and eat citadel hit from enemy BB, or angle against enemy BB shell and eat full torpedo&bomb&rocket from plane as fun as hell...
  9. been using it for a week score decent not always successful mind you, but it provide me a comfort play style, my 'sanity' value is safe from radar and CV and when situation is right, I'll push as well. and a replay, in case someone want to know how it's happen. https://replayswows.com/replay/65867#stats in Meta where Radar and CV infested the high seas, type 93 is solution 😄
  10. PGM991

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    either before of after re-work, CV exist solely to rob enjoyment from everyone else 1 CV : enjoyment -100% 2 CV : enjoyment -200% 3 CV : enjoyment -300%
  11. PGM991

    Smolensk, Another drama

  12. PGM991

    Smolensk, Another drama

    someone should made a mod that make smole shell firing in 7 colors randomly or wave... ohhhh--- THAT ought to be BEAUTIFUL!
  13. PGM991

    Smolensk, Another drama

    so... it's fun ship to play but suck ship to play against... hmm whatever, right now I'm stick with 20km torp and never bring myself into their range. when my team smole ask for spotting, I respond 'D.I.Y.' lol
  14. it say 'BASIC' right? so I bet it cover only tier 1&2 like a bare bones level. what you mention is more like intermediate and advance.
  15. PGM991

    Yoshino, thunderer or Smolensk?

    he reeeaaalllly angry huh...