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  1. yeah... just yesterday I has similar situation he got crazy and scream in chat like mad man for losing and frame me for not spot & cap enemy base that half of them guarding it.
  2. to torp yourself, mean that you have to go 'faster' than torp ... are there any ship like that? or torp that slow?
  3. this game is beautiful!

    well, for me who play this game at lowest setting for years and suddenly jump to max setting with no slight lag, is like..... a whole new world~~~~~~ but UI is scaling to 1080p is made me have to adjust my aim, a number in scope is tighter and view are wider gotta admit, I miss my shot a lot when first play in this new pc =w=
  4. this game is beautiful!

    just talking... I play for almost 2 years. use to try on simply 'high' setting, so lag to that unplayble and I stick with lowest setting since, despite that I still late into match 10-30 sec never dream that I ever have a chance to play it in 1080p with maximum setting and still bristling at 60-75 fps load into match with time to spare... goodbye my old laptop, I'll be missing ya :D
  5. CV Rework Ideas

    It's impossible to fix one problems without rise another problems Beside, its not like dev team gonna read this thread anyway.
  6. okay, don't wanna post a new topic, so I'll continued what I post before, I'm pink..... again T_T at near end of match, and my team lose is inevitable I launch my 20km torp at enemy BB but got sunk in a cross fire (even I use 20km torp, I'm pretty aggressive when no radar around) no friendly in sight no point lingering around so I'm back to port but suddenly match result came, penalty for team killing, I turn pink. WUT!? enemy BB is one thing but for my own team who able to see my torp from very beginning and as lousy as type93, some one still got hit and sunk!? and I'm 100% sure that no friendly in line of fire when I launch it, haa~~~~~ don't know which one is careless, me or those who get hit by it...
  7. I'm just a small little fragile DD! don't shoot me plz!!
  8. Once again, victim by mods

    crap, that the mod I use the most (light indicator that tell ship move forward/backward/stop) the problem is player don't know which mod are fit the bill for ban change in script??? what is script? what it mean to change it? simply tell enemy movement considered as change script??? isn't it only see the script? man, I'm confuse now. mod that I use most of the time is 'fog remover/anti glare' 'ship moving indicator' and 'angle indicator'
  9. An Argument for CV Removal

    next adjustment, both team CV will not only at same tier but have equal winrate as well. :D
  10. New (all server) damage record

    actually, I haven't heard anyone says CV are OP for almost a year now. I myself hate CV, detest it greatly, not because it's OP, but because the way it operate in game. btw, amazing replay though.
  11. An Argument for CV Removal

    it too late to remove, yeah just don't add more of this 'balance breaker' ship.
  12. Modules Destroyed

    if i were game dev. i'll remove permanent destroyed module of any kind. damage and take time to repair is fine but completely destroyed is annoying.
  13. let them do their work, I have a lot of other game to play :D
  14. An Argument for CV Removal

    If that were the case, submarine would also be in the game already. IMO. rise of CV is mark the end if giant ship and big gun. that's why even in game where big ship still roaming around like nothing, it's hard to get it right.
  15. An Argument for CV Removal

    CV are not OP, but the way it operate is absolute broken. I can barely tolerate be spot/hunt by radar, but not with plane fly over my head rendering me the useless ship in game and I have no way to counter it. almost 2 years of WoWs, I'd say, game is more fun without CV (or may be I just happen to choose class that vulnerable to CV too much =w='a)