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  1. I start play now at NA server name 'PGM991' as in this game my cheap pc joysitck not as smooth/sensitive as ps3, ps4 joy, so I need some time to adapt a bit there's still so many thing I have to learn but overall... it's fun I'm only tier 1, just go slow and learn thing 1 thing at a time.
  2. here's come another one, guess WG sent it to all CC huh it's seem most of first impression vid is fairy positive.
  3. I don't expect it to came out in asia server as well. but as long as ping not too high, I still wanna try even NA server...
  4. sorry for off topic of WoWs, but I use to talk about WoWP in here and it's fine so... yeah... i'll pose it here ................................................................... just look at this~~~~ I love a plane game and a fan of 'Ace combat' series and I use to try 'world of warplane' original ..... and control schematics is disaster back than. however, this new version control seem to be more friendly than old one and easy to familiar with. if it's really came out, I'll eager to try
  5. if you not stealthy enough, going middle right away are prone to attack from both side. you may cut enemy fleet in half but got attack from both side is bad. unless there solid cover at middle, you can use is to cover one side while able to take control of center. and IMO, Yolo people have their own usefulness, by distract enemy attention and help your team get into position faster than enemy.
  6. yeah.... there's a lot of handful player that disappear from forum. melomelon, renegade, heroofwind, etc (I might not type their name right but... guess you know who I try to meant =w='a)
  7. okya, first is it true that training room also eat-up server resource? if true, then I kinda understand why WG won't please about people using it.
  8. one of Major problem of IZUMO is her concealment.....
  9. only tier 10 I have is shimakaze aanndd---- everyone know how bad she is T_T
  10. hmm... talking about new effect made it harder to gauge enemy movement, like smoke obscure ship smoke stack. there's was a mod that show ship movement, green-moving forward, red-stop, purple-moving backward (target-locked enemy ship) so even enemy cover with smoke and bow on to you, you'll not get confuse. it won't tell you the ship speed tough.
  11. next update, smoke from burning ship will have same effect as smoke screen. water splash will help put out fire faster heh heh heh well, just keep up this argument and push WG to made this realistic effect become optional in setting menu (just like fire screen effect)
  12. I remember notser complain about this as well wait till majority of player can afford 4k, then WG would willingly to tweak client to suit it.
  13. it's not entirely OP, but the only way to counter it is to have this skill themselves. and this skill will prevent any DD from try to flank around enemy fleet and be the eye for team.
  14. I doubt they gonna remove HE from BB, it's the same mindset of remove AP from DD but nerfing? is very very highly possible
  15. even RNBB fire chance is nerf down. I still use HE most if the time. I'm so fed-up with over-pen and auto-bounce of AP. not just RNBB, bur every BB I play =w=