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  1. misconception when a newbie huh? hmm.......... "CV don't bother attack DD, they too fast and agile, can't hit 'em."
  2. hmm... wish WG made Commander buy from premium shop are 'premuim commander' that can be put in any ship of same nation without retraining... well... premium ship can take any Commander without retraining so... premium Commander can take any ship without retraining. LOGIC!!
  3. May 18, 2018 no need to post another topic here come another episode
  4. it's ..... kinda unbalance... some are have benefit and drawback but some are all benefit without any drawback at all e.g. for gearing, it replace old one by giving a new and even more powerful one for a DD nothing beat stealth, with +5% than old one, I'd guarantee that every gearing will equip this new module even their gun/torpedo reload bit slower sigh....
  5. nah.... I learn to take advantage of yolo-er while my team DD are mindlessly go after CV, their plane and enemy both are focus at him, I took advantage taking the cap and smoke so my team can push up and dominate that cap two brother middle rush at beginning also can be useful sometime, while enemy focus on taking him out, my team can get into position of both flank faster and dominate the game. yolo can be useful if you know how to 'use them' not depend on them. (if he can stay alive long enough to distract enemy)
  6. I don't get it

    you have to take average damage from equal amount of battle as well I thing the more battle fought the more number are being spared out same goes for win rate
  7. easier said than done because avoid radar mean avoid game objective since most of them are camp near cap area wait till they see red bar ticking and hit the magic button sure 1 radar ship isn't hard to deal with but 2-3? hell no! it's DD dilemma that I found myself in so so so so often. to be in position that is fine even being detected by radar mean in cover of island and can't see a thing but my stupid camping BB & CA call for 'I need intelligent data' to be in position that can spot for team and gathering data mean to be in open water for line of sight and exposed to radar and since CA these day are so stealth to that the moment you see them, you're in their radar range. I really wish WG nerf radar so they can't see through island anymore if you want to spot someone, you have to put yourself at risk at some degree but to see through island is damn cheat... you'll never see it coming.
  8. By the time you notice that internet gone bad it usualy disconnect from game once already, I belive no one keep play in that state but that 'once' got themselves pink, and that's not fair.
  9. at least the threshold of AFK count should bit higher, I mean for 1st time shouldn't be any warn because accident can be happen and no body want is so it's 100% not their fault but for 2nd time... that where system kick in, and pink state should base on 2 thing, time and match count. e.g. pink status will be lifted after 5 clean match or 2 day passed without any repeat case etc
  10. Remove IFHE from Commander skill

    skill that need to be remove is the skill that 'universally taken' by every player, every ship and every class in game. it's made game lack of variety build
  11. WW2 submarine under water speed is so slow and because of that, they don't normally dive all the way like modern sub. normally they sail on the surface like any other ship and dive only when to attack or escape. if in game, they submerged ability would be like consumables, dive for 4-5 min and force to surfacing for 4-5 min as cool down. every time I play DD, I look at row of dept charg at rear and thought about how detail yet useless it is =w=.
  12. let's see.... if it's optional fine but if gonna replace entirely ....nope