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  1. Hiding Profile

    one no need to hide their profile but also no need to show it either. I kinda shy person :D
  2. How radar should work IMO

    it's pro and con of shell BB using AP is focusing on dealing with CA and BB but less ability to dealing with DD but if using HE for dealing with DD he have to sacrifice ability to deal damage to enemy CA and BB like CA and DD that have to change shell according to target and situation, BB should not be exception. if he dedicate in fight me (DD) by switching to HE, I have at lease 30sec chance to get away but if AP alone are all rounder that can deal with anything, that is bad. AP pen damage is huge if I'm not mistaken, BB HE have higher velocity that AP, almost like it design to deal with faster moving target to begin with and admit it, if BB AP can deal huge damage with DD is fine, WG won't try to find a way to fix it in the first place. some time they did good, some also bad... -------------------- yes, I get blow away by British BB HE salvo many times and I don't mind since that is how it should be I even crack joke with him, forget that he is BB nation that mainly use HE and mistakenly show broadside hope for over-pen and BAM! when I'm playing BB I switch between AP and HE all the times AP loaded, press 1 once for pending HE shell, once I fire a salvo, HE will be loaded and I'll press 2 once for pending AP shell mainly I play tier 5 BB (kongo) for credit farming, I don't have high tier BB with strong sigma but yes, I blow away enemy DD once in a while with both AP and HE, kongo dispersion can't compare to BB that blow my shimakaze away anyway.
  3. How radar should work IMO

    I don't want my DD to be unharm. if enemy BB take counter measure by having HE loaded and blow me off the water, I'm cool with it If I'm get embush by gun boat or CA around the coner and they kill me, I have no complain. if im make a mistake, just punish me, I'm fine with that. but not by AP that can delete nearly anything and cheat-like consumable that can see through island and even extend vision range during cyclone.
  4. How radar should work IMO

    so... it's mistake to play aggressively then... because most of time, I got radared and even BB from 12 - 15km away shot at me... and since I'm under radar I can't leave cover and become still target form far away ship that should not suppose to spot me. is that a mistake??? hell no! if play objectively near cap is mistake, I'll pick 20km torp and spam without worrying. yes radar should not work the way it is now and BB AP on DD should be 100% overpen.
  5. How radar should work IMO

    radar is official cheat program it punished DD that try to play objective and push DD in to passive mode. to me, it need heavy super massive hammer nerf.
  6. what happened to WOWs?

    hi thereヾ(¯∇ ̄๑) long see no time
  7. the thing is WG can't act upon feeling, even many player think that certain behavior is bad but as long as its not directly against the rules than WG can't touch them. all WG can do is try to alter rule to keep up with those behavior and punished them according to new rules.... but its easier said than done. changing rule upon feeling are ought to backfire in one way or another.
  8. Warning. Steam download 11.9 GB!

    come on, in these day and age 20-30+ GB game is very normal. and WoWs just getting bigger and bigger every major update
  9. shot answer NO unless WG state a clear rule that every ship must equip camo
  10. NO NO NO SH1T

    I'll take it with a grain of salt. but if it true... both CV rework and submarine will be a BIG enough change to call 'World of Warships 2.0'
  11. well~~~~ CE is now a UNIVERSAL taken skill, every class take it (Which is bad, no skill should be universaly taken, because it mean WG made a super wrong move in skill design) but in mid tier, it not my top priority, personally I pick fire prevention first mid tier CA don't have scary firing range like high tier, as long as BB not over extend itself it shouldn't be too much trouble. I got FP on my every kongo (normal kongo + ARP series) but I'm sure as hell that I'll pick CE next when I have enough point.
  12. how did you know this game? a group from kantai collection as invite me to try it. how has it been changing much? it change soooooo much! to that I can't even summarize it some better, some are worst What is your favorite ship? shimakaze! obviousely What's your record damage? my record damage is 220k in (old) fubuki Are you still good at CV now? I'll never touch that damn balance breaker line!! unless those 're-work' went live, I may give it a shot What was the first your premium ship? kamikaze one and only Which map you like and don't like? I hate 'north' map both day and night, those island in middle are prime for radar ship to park and light me up What ship would you like to see in game? IF WG somehow implement IJNHiyou into a game ..... I most likely to buy her.... even if she is a CV (see my avatar?)
  13. Spotter Planes

    had you ever thought that you plane may be shot down before it actually fly for full duration?
  14. 100% WG Made up

    literally EVERYTHING in this game are WG made up.... except only ship model.
  15. Things you'd like to see

    I want to see a massive hammer nerf to radar!