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  1. PGM991

    ​📰 ST, Adjustment in Firing Mechanics

    hmm.... I remember recommend this kind of mechanic several years ago... keep locking on target, small gauge appear slowly fill up, the more gauge fill, the more accurate the gun etc... if losing lock or switching target, gauge reset.
  2. so... if CV cause other to grief, that is fine. if other cause CV to grief, UNFORGIVABLE!! is there other cases like this that not relate to CV so I don't misjudge WG?
  3. did WG really send a warning to someone who able to hard counter CV by division 3 strong AA DD and hunt down CV??? if true... WG is as DIRTY as.... hell they didn't cheat in anyway, they using existing mechanic in game to kill those CV and they get warned ? WTF
  4. wizard climber Eiyuu senki gold eroge with game play that came out recently. riddle jokers visual novel style, pretty fun too.
  5. my genshin UID is 802672646 name Hifumi AR45 WL5 Asia server if you found me online, feel free to chat/join my world or call me to your world if need some additional hand. 🙂
  6. compare to other gacha game (FGO for example) Genshin Impact Gacha is very forgiving due to pity system that easily to manipulate. (pity count that can carry over to the next banner is godsend) I only spent like... 15$ a month and able to get top tier like zongli, ganyu, klee and diluc and other 5 star like jean and qiqi FGO... you could spend a grand and didn't get a single one... play moderately, pay moderately and Genshin Impact is harmless... even outright friendly.
  7. PGM991


    I... If you squeez me that hard... my torpedo gonna explode.... !
  8. PGM991

    Tips for Shima

    Finally! a fellow man of culture!
  9. PGM991


    rather than retirement, I simply just move on to other better game. but man... 60!? I thought I'm old but you on other level...
  10. PGM991

    WG is adjusting CV the wrong way

    WG love playing snooker. instead of hitting target ball (real problem) they hit other ball and expect that ball will hit theirs true target.
  11. PGM991

    Hmmm. DD XP.

    questions, how often this happen? is it consistent compare to other class that focus on damage?
  12. PGM991

    Not a bug. But it does look realistic.

    during stormy weather, I'd rather have massive wave rocking the ship harder to aim, massive wind to sway the shell arc and rogue wave to sway player ship off it's course, lighting that roar over mix with gun fire sound .... currently storm in game is hardly call storm at all... just a normal rain.
  13. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    you KNOW that's not what I ment. =w='a
  14. PGM991

    how do you counter the CV crap

    'OP' and 'Broken' is entirely different thing CV is never OP, never was never will be..... ( well... before rework they is OP though) they simply 'Broken' in term of mechanic relate to other class. they're BROKEN mechanically. imagine soccer and add special position that can use hand, they may not score any goal but break the match and annoy as hell. just my opinion though.