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  1. jujuham

    Super container signals should not exist!!

    I agree. Wargaming should just remove containers entirely and remove any form of luck-based gacha-style rewards. What if I get something for free that I don't want?! I didn't even ask for camos! Gosh, Weegee sure goofed on this, giving me free stuff I didn't actually ask for!
  2. jujuham

    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    A minor one, but I've gotten repeated instances of the sound notification after getting a kill being delayed and playing only like a second later
  3. Solo Warrior is ultimately an achievement based on luck. You could literally be afk the whole match and still win.
  4. jujuham

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hi Sub-Octavian. 1) I'm a big fan of warships in general and have been thoroughly enjoying this game so far. However, there is one issue that's always befuddled me and that is the staggered release of certain premium ship bundles, like the recent Hood releases. If it's appropriate, I'd like to know the rationale behind such staggered releases and why players do not get the option of purchasing the ship as is without the additional doodads like flags, premium account and whatnot during the moment of release. Frankly, I was looking forward to the Hood but found the initial bundle too pricey because I simply had enough flags and premium time and did not need any more. In fact, I am quite puzzled as to why a certain package is called the "I Want It Now" bundle despite said bundle ONLY being available on in June. Already, I know of friends and acquaintences who feel this practice is exploiting those who do not wish to wait and have held off from buying the ship entirely simply because they do not agree with what they feel are questionable practices. While I understand that WG is ultimately running a business, would turning off such fans not run counter to WG's overall goal of keeping a solid and stable userbase? I understand such packaged bundles exist because they can be value for money to some, but for those that already have loads of flags, premium time etc. and do not wish to buy the additional items, why are they being "punished" and forced to wait for a cheaper package? 2) That being said, I am intrigued behind the creative process when implementing new ships, be it premium ships or otherwise. What goes on during the process when creating a line? How does WG ensure that a massive powercreep does not occur to older ships and what measures are being taken to ensure that these new ships remain competitive and appealing but yet not ridiculously overpowered? 3) Lastly, Bismarck: Scuttled or sunk?
  5. jujuham

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    "This chat filter is whacked" "i can't even type normally with this thing"
  6. jujuham

    Wish CV players knew DD air detect range.

    There's a reason why your CV winrate is rather poor; perhaps you should re-evaluate your CV playstyle, just sayin'.
  7. jujuham

    Zao is OP

    Don't own Zao, claim it's not OP: "Hey, what would you know, you don't have Zao" Have Zao, claim its not OP "Of course you'd claim it's not OP, you don't want it nerfed" It seems there's no room for dialogue here; despite numbers being pulled out, people here only want others to conform to idea that Zao is OP. What's the point of even having stat-tracking websites if you can just handwave and disregard any evidence that doesn't support your argument.
  8. jujuham

    Recommended DDs for ranked?

    While there's nothing stopping you from playing any ship you like, these are the top performing DDs in Asia Ranked. Of course, it's entirely possible to consistently perform exceptionally in a Fubuki in Ranked, but if you remove player skill from the equation and compare the ship stats pound for pound, you have better odds of winning in a Benson than with other DDs.