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  1. Fattyboombalatty

    Japanese CV torpedo speed.omg.

    Hi all, After the 5. update patch, does anyone find the new speed for Japanese plane-dropped torpedo's speed really troublesome? To me, it is just horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Goodness, it spreads. It is slow. I used to have 1 torp hit each run consistently because of practice. If unlucky then no hit. But it still feels okay because the targeted ship's dodging skill. But with this new torp speed i will be LUCKY to have 1 hit. Any ship can dodge the torp easily. I don't mind the reduced flooding chance. It is okay. But the horrible torp speed is just plain evil. Searched around for topic about this concern and found none. PLS WG, why are you punishing low Jap CV tier so much? It is understandable if high tier CV with tons of planes is reduced, now it takes away all the fun playing low tier Cv.
  2. Fattyboombalatty

    Just a quick question

    Thank goodness, no more wiping.
  3. Fattyboombalatty

    Drunk MM

    LOL, that match is totally unfair
  4. Fattyboombalatty

    World of warship bingo anyone?

    FYI, what's the prize! i want a ship that shoots fast like an Atlanta and hard like a BS. too much?
  5. Fattyboombalatty

    What d'ya think?

    i second Syanda's. it's rather too complicated for the average player. Hack, i can't even shoot properly yet. It's all about Fire! please have some hit please have some hit
  6. Fattyboombalatty

    a guide for BB players on the SEA server

    That run away part was a bit funny
  7. Fattyboombalatty

    That feeling you get when... OBT Version

    cool songs folks!
  8. Fattyboombalatty

    Most random kill i ever did

    FYI, random kill like this makes this game a bit more fun that WOT i reckon.
  9. Fattyboombalatty

    Most random kill i ever did

    hey, what is a DD? thanks. I often call battleship BS but all others call it BB.
  10. Fattyboombalatty

    Remove St. Louis 100% unhistorical

    St Louis has such a Confederate look to it. totally like something the good folks from the South would slap together.
  11. Fattyboombalatty

    Warships wallpaper