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  1. RustyAction

    Torpedo Lookout System - thoughts?

    It is what it is. But I will never buy another premium ship as long as I live. Its not the first time they have done this
  2. RustyAction

    Has anyone read this?

    Low detectability on Ahashio on her torps is the one thing it has going for it. That's what Im saying. Anyway im not here to argue about.
  3. RustyAction

    Has anyone read this?

    Because the capability and characteristics of the ship won't be what I paid for. Even now they are advertising premium ships with a certain torp detection range that in a months time will be entirely different. Would you like to buy a radar cruiser with 10km range and then have it reduced to 5km after you buy it?
  4. RustyAction

    Has anyone read this?

    Maybe. But it only takes one ship to spot the torps for everyone in the vicinity or otherwise?
  5. RustyAction

    Has anyone read this?

    Just wondering would we be reimbursed for Asashio if this goes ahead? https://oghf.org.uk/discussions/changes-afoot-in-update-9-0-and-9-1 The ship would be pretty pointless.
  6. RustyAction

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    No. But if you buy it and they say it has 400 horsepower and then 12 months later during a service they remove 200 horsepower I definitely am.
  7. RustyAction

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    Same here used DFAA twice no kills. Also Hoods accuracy of main guns seems no better i'm thinking of selling it.
  8. RustyAction

    Ship AA ratings

    I have both Cleveland and Des moins and was wondering about AA rating. DM has full spec AA with am AA rating of 73. On Cleveland im missing advanced fire training and manual fire control for 62. I would have thought the gap between the two much higher?
  9. RustyAction

    Simple Fix to DD vs CV Interaction

    I actually like this idea..
  10. RustyAction

    Update 0.6.6 Feedback

    omg updates are way too big. Started update finally finished. Or so I thought. Wait there is another one 1.5 gigs after the 2 I just installed. Yay its finished! Oh wait what's this now another one ffs!