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  1. My highest is about 220k in the Leander, when i watched the replay I thought this is just crazy. Have seen one replay that had 55 citadels however but less overall damage. Icy_phoenix you can make up your own mind, have linked the replay below
  2. Does anyone happen to know what the highest damage is on Operation Aegis? I had a replay sent to me where the player did 360k damage with 53 citadels
  3. Free Freedom Container

    Cheers, not sure what I got though. Will check later when I log in after work
  4. operation narai is back

    Personally I find this operation to be the best for XP and earning credits. Have earned over 1 million credits in the Scharnorst and the Duke of York I find the better than the Atlanta (DOY AA is maxed out at 90 when fully spec) for taking down those enemy planes with 55 being the top so far. (the screen shot for the Duke of York is black and white as I used it in a video and its now the only copy I have, so apologies for that)