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  1. CaptAjax

    Clan not accessable

    Worked beautifully, Thank You fixed the issue
  2. CaptAjax

    Clan not accessable

    Had already tried that and didn't fix the issue. Thanks for the suggestion though
  3. CaptAjax

    Clan not accessable

    Every time I try to access the clan interface or naval battles I get "Clans are not available". it has been this way for a couple of weeks now. This makes it impossible as a clan leader to do anything. Is there a fix?
  4. CaptAjax

    AA module 1 reimbursement

    Its a major stuff up to be honest, all AA modules gone and nope not a thing. You would think that occasionally something would go right (or just wishful thinking)
  5. CaptAjax

    Expand Operations

    I like the sound of this thread and the ideas being put forward. Definitely room for WG to come up with some of these
  6. CaptAjax

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    Honestly, I am yet to hear one valid reason why the times cant be adjusted to cater for ALL those who live in the region where the server is located. The cross server feature is a joke, it just moves the ridiculous times to more ludicrous times for clan battles. To then also put the a reward as steel with clan battles (yes I know ranked, so don't say it) and limit some ships to steel purchase only is frankly insulting to say here is a ship you can work towards but good luck trying to get said steel for it.
  7. CaptAjax

    Operation zzzzzmo

    Wont be long before it is determined that the credit and xp (including commander xp) potential earnings are too high
  8. I must be in the minority as I enjoy Hermes. Mainly for the credit farming, not as good as Narai used to be (per nerf) but the Atlanta is virtually built for this scenario
  9. CaptAjax

    free camera in port please

    I didn't say it was perfect lol
  10. CaptAjax

    free camera in port please

    Hold down your right mouse button whilst in port, all the UI vanishes and you can the zoom in and out and rotate round the entire ship, only works round the ship though. Doesn't allow a truly free camera option where you check out the entire port which would be a fantastic option.
  11. CaptAjax

    Operation Aegis - 360k Damage, 53 Citadels

    The old Cleveland was made for this Op, she just ain't the same at T8
  12. CaptAjax

    Operation Aegis - 360k Damage, 53 Citadels

    My highest is about 220k in the Leander, when i watched the replay I thought this is just crazy. Have seen one replay that had 55 citadels however but less overall damage. Icy_phoenix you can make up your own mind, have linked the replay below
  13. Does anyone happen to know what the highest damage is on Operation Aegis? I had a replay sent to me where the player did 360k damage with 53 citadels
  14. CaptAjax

    Free Freedom Container

    Cheers, not sure what I got though. Will check later when I log in after work