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  1. 啟用指揮官技能(支援性)"大規模對空火力"後,優先防空作用時間歸零,優先防空傷害也沒有增加100%,求解
  2. 只是在游戲內說了一句 韓國加油!日本加油!台灣加油!一起對抗中國肺炎!大家身體健康! 便引來一堆簡體字的文字攻擊,而且每一句都是用髒話組成的句子,什至用狗來稱呼我們台灣玩家,有些人還說要一起舉報我們想要tk我們,請問他們是有精神病嗎? 醬子被人罵真的很不公平!
  3. ben2benchan

    Did anybody else get heaps of supercontainers recently?

    i just got two super containers yesterday (1/1/2017) That was amazing and it was a good start for this year!! Juliet Charlie x250 Juliet Charlie x250 No more detonation in this year!!
  4. ben2benchan


    你d/c太多次咪比人recoginse做bad player lol, 唔滿意就去appeal, 你解釋到而又合理既話就有可能救得返個ac 講粗口真係好冇品 說髒話真的沒教養
  5. ben2benchan

    Free XP Conversion

    I'm wondering if we could use credits to convert XP
  6. ben2benchan


    What do u mean?
  7. ben2benchan

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I've got this kind of camouflage after i choose the lucky container, is it a special award or just a normal gift? Restless Fire ignis aurum probat -3% detectability range by sea +250% commander XP earned in the battle +4% Maximum dispersion of shells fired by enemy
  8. ben2benchan

    Skill, luck or cheat?

    We call it the lucky shot
  9. ben2benchan

    Just a quick question about tking

    I think your teammate should be a teamkiller
  10. Even though it may be useless, it could make the gameplay a little bit more funny If AA Shell are available in IJN BB, AA power of yamato or high tier IJN BB could be increase Related info: Type of shell in yamato San Shiki (anti-aircraft shell)
  11. ben2benchan

    The Yamoto seems misplaced at T10

    Why don't we put it into T11 battleship?
  12. ben2benchan

    Maximum number of reports you got in one game?

    I got 4 in the past
  13. ben2benchan

    In game battle screen freeze

    Is it happen every time when you start the battle?
  14. I'm more interested in the size of the air groups, since airport can certainly support a larger amount of aircrafts than those plane takeoff from cv