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  1. D0MA

    Khabarosk, what is this thing???

    22K stock 26K with survivability expert and yes it can heal like battleship but trading with smoke and not heal that much too
  2. D0MA

    Khabarosk, what is this thing???

    zao guns didnt damage too much to her armor... only the fire who kill her slowly i've tried 1v1 zao and ended win in cqc with strugle on fire
  3. D0MA

    Khabarosk, what is this thing???

    im worried if someone post the OPness of khaba will make it nerfed again... it has been nerfed for multiple time tho... yet i want to whining but i cant since im not a contributor or something.. sometime its fun to see someone tryhard to aim the khaba but sometime its hopeless if they punch hard to her but yes there is no point to give back the 14.5km with the new alpha damage and faster rudder shift.. her armor, speed and guns still satisfying in 1v1 scenario
  4. D0MA

    Khabarosk, what is this thing???

    oh and 152mm with IFHE can penetrate it... ive tried it when i met yuro i khaba and im using kutuzov you can see on his vid on bussian rias (that part 7 ) on last minute when he got hard hit and heal up
  5. D0MA

    Khabarosk, what is this thing???

    hello its me who sunk you before https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Yakdd6HDG-RldvZ3NWeFZlbEU/view?usp=drivesdk im using tanky build which use survivability expert and superintendent with repair party (those heal on battleship) thats why i have 26k HP and can heal even tho your secondaries did nothing to me and im using speed boost mod upgrade so i have 3 min of engine boost ... reason why i didnt dodge ur shell is to keep my speed as fast as posible (47.8 knots is maximum with engine boost and flag ). and my rudder shift is horibly bad at 7-9s rudder shift time... so no point to dodging... also im confident with my side armor which resist a 152mm shell even a 203mm didnt do high damage to it to prove it i have a video for you about fire chance im using both flag which increase the fire chance by 1% and a demolition expert 2% so yes you will strugle on fire with it... tbh BB shell is most hurt for khaba side armor because AP will deal regular pen than overpen (even tho overpen will deal lot too ) but because your gun is 380mm so your alpha damage is low and didnt get high damage to me.. also you kinda need aim more if you saw khaba using engine boost ( by looking on her engine smoke ) and last dont try to 1v1 against khaba even you are a cruiser.. its okay if u have somebody to help kill her
  6. D0MA

    fuso module research bug

    i've got fuso research bug my XP points are not enough to buy the module. but it said i can research it of course it cant research because not enough XP points, and basically not serious bug. could it be because the mod?