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  1. Yes this update is the cause of Decrease in BB population.. why.? because of BFT and BoS.. me my brother and 2 of my friends has stop playing BBs. they now play other ship type.. DD and CA because of ADRush and more Fires.. more pew pew.. with BB if you choose anti air skill which is too expensive and makes you burn and flood alot because u have no BoS.. if u choose BoS your AA is Weak.. this skill update ruined the Battleship specs.. More Dildo battles now and Fires..
  2. czechkozen_03

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    New Captain Skill Tree Update makes the BB weaker its an indirect nerf to BBs.. "BFT" & "BoS" at level 3 is a Big Joke.!!!!! You name that skill "BASIC Firing Training""Basics of Survivability" and you put it in level 3.? wow.? hahaha.. this update ruined my Captain Builds in my BBs.. reason why i stop playing my Tier VIII to X BBs.. im gonna quit this game if things wont change.. how i wish that new skill didn't come it just ruined the captain skills and battleship specs..
  3. czechkozen_03

    TK forum.?

    can u guys give me link to moderator account plz
  4. czechkozen_03

    TK forum.?

    tnx..i'll send him the replay now.
  5. czechkozen_03

    TK forum.?

    where's the TK forum here guys.? i need to report someone.. :/
  6. czechkozen_03

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    Good,! They Buff montana AA that having a hard time shooting down Tier X CV planes..
  7. czechkozen_03

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    Welcome to the Worldof CAs and BBs
  8. czechkozen_03


    WG should balance the DDs like what they did to CVs MM... 2CVs only limit.. same Tier.. But for DDs 2 or 3 DDs per team is good.. more than that.!!! not fun anymore.. from what i observe WoWs MM is losing its balance. few CVs and BB players in Tier 7 to X, too many Cruiser player and DD player.. but most of the time No CV player.. sometimes there's 1 BB player and full of DDs and CA/CL..
  9. czechkozen_03

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    Hey guys somebody help me here please? i dont want to lose my account.. zzzz
  10. czechkozen_03

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    I have a problem. im with my boss for a business trip. and we will be back home at april 9,2016.. how can i save my account?
  11. czechkozen_03

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    who know's that in real life it was the IJN BBs got the very bad dispersion..that's why their BBs never sunk any USN BBs. . we can't force a person who doesn't want it to be what it was in real life..because they have their own favorite all i can say is this game is very far from reality.. its just the graphics and design that looks real..
  12. This is a R.. company and the animators are J.. get it.? do u want your enemy to be stronger and better than u.? lol
  13. czechkozen_03

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    adding few XP is not a Buff.. it has nothing to do with the Montana's performance. . it's the performance needs to be buff not the XP.. LoL ..
  14. czechkozen_03

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    USN BB is not worth the grind.. why because u end up with weak BB.. Montana: very slow shell velocity and low penetration/ Amagi has better guns compared to Montana/very Weak Armor/can't damage yamato face to face while yamato gun can suck my Montana face to ass/ plus amagi can absorb more torps from enemy plane.. why did i say that.? because im currently at Amagi.. lol i thought WG will slightly buff Montana.?
  15. czechkozen_03


    you forgot they have smoke. plus when they hide in their smoke they can spam HE rounds and burn you.. LOL