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  1. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    I thought I was being civil, just letting him know some home truths about being a keyboard warrior. Also i am interested in how you are int he Antarctic Territory and doign this. Very interested if you can play donw there or are you just keen on the antarctic territory
  2. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    I didn't realise I had to actually ask for your permission to sign off and go to ed, but apparently I do, so please father is it ok if I take this old decrepit body to bed as my walking frame is rusting in the cold and my water bottle is getting cols. I also have to get my falsies put away into the jar of sterident so they can clean. But what does a 20 YO punk assed smart alec like you understand anyways. Let me just add that I am glad my children didn't grow up to be keyboard warriors like you. all about belittling not supporting and you want to know whats wrong with this world. Well matey look in the bloody mirror when you get the cat to lick off youtr bum fluff you call whiskers. They seem to have more respect for people that you ever will so thank you for making my night enjoyable
  3. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    well thank you a heaps. I appreciate this from you. Goodnight
  4. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    well thank you harpoon, I appreciate the support . I now understand why I posted please explains some of the issues so that keyboard warriors don't get on the attack. and generally it is KW who all have over 50 pc,. never constructive criticism, just criticism. Would always be nice if players actually got there and went "hey you seem to have issues playing, have you tried this way or that way, or not at all." rather than saying you are crap, therefore it is your fault which always makes my self confidence take a leap off a bloody bridge
  5. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    I am Greenwich plus 10
  6. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    so your suggestion is put in to shut up. OK i understand and thank you for opening my eyes
  7. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    i love in tasmania, and i don't care if you debunk or not. I am a slow learner and I have had issues and I am not that good at Multiplayer games, but I try. and I try hard to be part of it. I go in hard and die quick, I stay backi and get abused, I do what i can to spot and support, but hey if there were no such things as stats i would npot mind the comparing that goes on.
  8. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    i know it isnt but hey lets embarrass me even more please. no really go for it. I love the public humiliation. I never once said I was a good player. I am a shit player, but one player does not make a team. I am sick to death of everyone being on their bloody high horse and saying "well then you are the obvious reason" for all these losses. why should I get the blame because I was in these losses. and maybe because i am older it is harder for me but that doesn't excuse the rest of the team of players
  9. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    whatever. I am mainly talking about since I returned to the game int he last 1 month. I have been away from it for a long time and came back hoping it had improved, but apparently it hadn't and I don't gove a rats about where my stats are, I just play the game and hope to actually win with a team who plays as a team not 12 individuals who don't give a rats sack about the rest of us. Leaving team mates alone to fend off 5 ships because they are "scared" pisses me off. Play as a team work as a team and win. I had a game in my bayern where i had some good team mates and we kicked arse and I got top of the rung. Why because everyone supported each other. I am not sure if it is a time difference and we get children in gamew or not but it is really horrid around 8 pm
  10. Matchmaking

    I am too damn old and too damned lazy to use the search function. and too damned blind.
  11. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    thats where I am at. I finish top or mainly top 5 unless the team is swallowed up and i am left to fend for myself and cop a right royal flogging
  12. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    I accept, I have a lack of skill and I guess that means that the whole team has it but surely not every game or most games to lose as bad as we do
  13. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    Another game, another loss and this one was just as terrible with 8 of their team surviving and none of ours./ i swear it is getting worse. and to top it off MM places a div of tier 5 and 6 into a tier 8 match. why are we even playing., I cant work this out. the amount of one sided games is disgusting. you cant say that this is fair matching or bad luck or hey sometimes it happens cos it happens way too many times. 6 matches in a row where the team mates didnt bother to cap and I was in my BB and I had to come in and ended up fighting 6 of theirs to try and cap. Time for me to find another game where i am not getting stressed out over pathetic teammates and pathertic match making
  14. Matchmaking

    Seriously, This game is getting beyond an absolute joke.. I am actually getting tired of playing because the matchmaking is well to be hones it doesn't exist. How can you restrict divisions to one level between ships, but you have the hide and nerve to allow two tiers to happen. I was just in a match where a tier 6 divvied up with 2 tier 5's and these poor guys had to face tier 8. Why the hell can't you place the same restrictions on the game. then when you get to tier 8 you only face tier 9 not 10's. i believe this is fair for all players concerned and might actually stop this pathetic match making where one side is obliterated completely because they are too scared to commit to the battle. Just my opinion. Can someone from the Wargaming team other than the all knowing all reading keyboard jockeys provide an answer so i can consider my future in this game
  15. Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    This is my biggest complaint at the moment. the teamwork, the map awareness, the stupidity of running in to thew centre too fast is beyond a joke. CV that think it is smart to play forward and then get torped is unreal MM is woeful and the CV Saipan doesn't help either. i tend to notice a lot of AFK on at the moment too, so all together this game has hit a major bump and all the good players have bheen kicked out of the car and all the stupid ones are left there