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    What are the Arpeggio Battle Voices Saying?

    After watching the anime series and movie version, (had too much time) I can in someway roughly translate most of their voicelines. Since I've been using the Takao lot recently, I'll translate what I remember. In the anime series, Takao is the prideful and 'tsundere' ship, yet secretly in love with Gunzo. Takao goes like this; (Battle Starts) - Full throttle, Takao, Heavy cruiser of the Fog Fleet, on the move! You'd better be prepared! - Here we go, I'll melt your Klein Field in one shot! - think of Klein Field as deflector shield in Starwars (Flooding) - It's flooding... Shutdown bulkheads! (Set on fire) - Wait!! (unintelligible)! Extinguish! Extinguish! (Torpedo alarm) She either says -Torpedo detected in (direction)! -Erosion Torpedo approaching in (direction)! -Tanatonium signal in (direction)! - tanatonium is material in erosion torpedo (Winning) -We are winning, captain, but stay focused... -Our victory's in sight! (Losing) -Enemy fleet is winning, but we won't end like this! -Enemy victory in sight... Not yet! I haven't given up yet! (Set primary target) -To all Blue Fleet! Request fire support! / Priority target uploaded to the network! / Attack the designated target! (Good luck) - I'll show the power of the Blue Fleet! (Need support) - Hey, Hyuuga! don't just watch and help! (Thank you) - I-It's not like...! Thanks... (Engine Damage) -Gravity Engine damage? If we go like this...