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  1. MaFlowerCrab

    What to do when you see a supertester testing a ship - a FAQ

    Kill it! Killit with fayyah!
  2. MaFlowerCrab

    PAYPAL BEST BUY- Best deal?

    Guys, and today when I wanted to purhcase Atago, it seems that the offer is no more, as far as I recall they didnt put any remaining time on the offer...can anyone confirm that the offer is still on or could it be just me? thanks
  3. MaFlowerCrab

    [MY] Battle for Dunkirk

    Just wondering say if I registered on 7th July but the contest period starts at 3rd July, 1) does all my Devastating strike between 3rd July until 13th July will be counted or 2) Only Devastating strike after date of registration (ie 7th July) only will be counted for? Thanks for clarification ya
  4. MaFlowerCrab

    I want to rant about Arppegio Mission Challenge

    haha when youre in a cruiser and your hp went below 30%...thats when the sudden influx of shells coming in from all sorts of direction...
  5. MaFlowerCrab

    Project R Finishing Early?

    276...just short of 3 more kills to get 286 lol...because I slept the whole day yesterday lolz...
  6. MaFlowerCrab

    I will play WoWs for another months, then ...

    On a good day normally I would just follow and see how should I assist the team, Im not a leader type but I will follow good, but sometimes if there is a need to be assertive and if the chance is good I will try to get everyone on the same goal...sometime it would work but sometime it wouldnt...this normally happens quarter to mid game when the direction is quite certain...during early game everyone would be, "I wanna go left" "I wanna go right" " I wanna cap" etc...some see where the main battlegroup is and some will joins in or not...in ranked its easy..either A or B...but in random...lotsa goals...quarter to mid game though the goals become somewhat certain so we can always work from there...
  7. Cmon guys I will proceed to buy Izumo anyway and I will join your agony and I hope I will triumph against it after all the blood, tears and swears (not a typo) and I hope I will be worthy to claim the Space Battleship Yamato!!! Action Stations!
  8. MaFlowerCrab

    izumo... why?

    Haha yeah was happy a little while ago until I read this and the other Izumo thread. But now Im anxious and getting excited to try the suggestions from you and I hope I can bear the grind towards all the upgs and hull. Thanks ReNation, my Amagi and Nagato capt is lvl 14 and lvl 12, respectively. For all my BB I normally uses the Damage Control Party II and Repair Party II and on Amagi with High Alert + Superintendent I have 5 charge and that greatly increase my survivability nowadays. I have one more point free and I guess I probably gonna take BFT. I guess I can transfer him to Izumo and then transfer Nagato capt to Amagi so I can play Amagi too, when I feel down with Izumo haha.
  9. MaFlowerCrab

    izumo... why?

    Hahaha...and Im finally able to get enough credits to buy this izumo today but...seeing how Izumo is so damn hard to use and credit sink made me having second thoughts for a second...but then again I guess I have to proceed anyway since its the penultimate step to Yamato...and have the bitter taste of it myself... On another note, good thing I have few BB capt to spare from Kongo till Amagi, so I guess Ill leave Amagi capt on Amagi and transfer Nagato Capt to Izumo... If I may ask suggestion from you guys which capt should I use for Izumo? And should I redistribute Nagato capt skill (throwing out fire prevention) and transfer him to Izumo? Im not sure what skill to choose for lvl 5 skills though but I dont feel anything else as good as Superintendent. My Amagi capt skill is at 1) Basic Survivability 2) Expert Marksmen 3) High Alert and Superintendent 4) AFT My Nagato capt skill is at 1) Basic Survivability 2) Expert Marksmen and Fire Prevention 3) High Alert 4) AFT Thanks btw and sorry fuzzjunky to jump in your thread
  10. MaFlowerCrab

    Let's talk naval movies

    Also just saw Zipang anime all 26 ep in half a day time lol and it was good for me...love the naval warfare and the char, and the theme...now I understand why you guys love it lol...just maybe Im gonna start reading the manga...
  11. MaFlowerCrab

    Project R - Complete Assesement

    Ok Ive been trying something in the way of opening the weekly treasure chest...that is by opening one chest per day...previously when I try to open them 2 per day only one will have something...so for the latest chest I opened them 1 chest per day...and all 3 chests gave me something... Either that or its a placebo effect or wg just want to give something lol
  12. MaFlowerCrab

    WoWs weird time notofication.

    On business term its identifies the local time of where the event is happening...when you are working with people from different timezone we all have to learn to add and subtract so that it will correctly reflect the event at the point/location it is happening. If its hard for you you can always add a desktop clock that is sets to UTC+8 time...so just by a glimpse you will know what time is it now at that particular timezone...
  13. MaFlowerCrab

    Finally Nerf hammer falling on the Kiev

    Ognevoi and Gnevy be like ...damn it Kiev...
  14. MaFlowerCrab

    Secret Santa Secret Test

    Did 1x and get 250 gold haha...so its good tyo know that there is 375 gold too
  15. MaFlowerCrab

    Project R - Complete Assesement

    I think I opened Hori chest before (last week I think) and today I see the message it was unlocked...how come I can opened it when it wasnt unlocked??? mine shows Opened but the lid is still intact...weird... ^^Also above video...thats creepy in a way...