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  1. Meanwhile in the asian server

    I'm testing forum uploader, plz don't judge me !
  2. Yesterday I was waiting like 4mins for a single Saipan game...
  3. Emerald is good until you realize that even DD HE can penetrate her all the way to the citadel sections...
  4. My advice is: All engine back full, bow at 10-15* and chill with them :d
  5. Incoming economy changes in 0.5.12

    After this change, I realize the CV has problem in earning EXP. I believe that CV do most of the job in a game ex: deal dmg and potential dmg or even spotting. But at the end of the game, even how hard the CV try, she only get a very very little EXP??? So how's that happen?
  6. Halloween Mode Tips

    thanks for the tips but "my problem" is that as long as the Putin alive, I pretty much lose the game...
  7. Stupid cleveland guns.

    As I remember, before 5.10 Cleveland shell still do decent dmg despite of it's "Rainbow", but after the patch, the shell not only fly slow but also deal pathetic dmg...
  8. Supertest Recruitment Round 4

    IGN: Huynh_Imperial I would like to apply to be a Supertester. Because I would like to contribute more to this game since it is my hobby for over a year, therefore I think I could help to improve the game by giving more feedback as a SuperTester.