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  1. _Karla_

    Meanwhile in the asian server

    I'm testing forum uploader, plz don't judge me !
  2. _Karla_

    Why sudden increase in CV's players ?

    Yesterday I was waiting like 4mins for a single Saipan game...
  3. _Karla_

    Why is everyone skipping/hating HMS Emerald?

    Emerald is good until you realize that even DD HE can penetrate her all the way to the citadel sections...
  4. _Karla_

    How to kill Bismark and Tirptitz as North Carolina?

    My advice is: All engine back full, bow at 10-15* and chill with them :d
  5. _Karla_

    Incoming economy changes in 0.5.12

    After this change, I realize the CV has problem in earning EXP. I believe that CV do most of the job in a game ex: deal dmg and potential dmg or even spotting. But at the end of the game, even how hard the CV try, she only get a very very little EXP??? So how's that happen?
  6. _Karla_

    Halloween Mode Tips

    thanks for the tips but "my problem" is that as long as the Putin alive, I pretty much lose the game...
  7. _Karla_

    Stupid cleveland guns.

    As I remember, before 5.10 Cleveland shell still do decent dmg despite of it's "Rainbow", but after the patch, the shell not only fly slow but also deal pathetic dmg...