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    USN Cruisers Captain Skills (Most Recent Update)

    I'm using Omaha at the moment trying to get the Cleveland, as for how far I want to go, I want to complete the USN cruiser line before moving on to other ships/nations.
  2. Hello everyone, I got this game a few months ago and I've been mostly playing around co-op. Recently I decided to grow a spine and dipped my toes in random battles and started paying attention to the little details like commander skills. I chose to work on the US lines first and found myself enjoying the cruisers. As mentioned, commander skills, what would be the best skills for USN cruiser captains? I found these two posts (Post A, Post B) on r/worldofwarships over at reddit, it gave me a good idea but it seems outdated as it was dated last year and of course there has been many changes since then. I'm also planning on getting me some doubloons to re-distribute the skills points. Cheers and happy hunting?...err sailing/shipping/driving?, I came from the submarine scene (Silent Hunter series)