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  1. Snow75

    Expand Operations

    Here Here Max, especially Axis/T8 operations
  2. Remember, the more premiums you have the Less you'll get from future Containers. and yes that's the boat i'm in
  3. have you tried completely uninstalling the game and re-downloading & installing it?
  4. Snow75

    Try Your Luck Container

    Another SC from resources... another 100 flags [victor-lima] These SC sure are 'Super'
  5. Snow75

    Operation Dynamo

    Yeah I thought about "dying" and stopping everyone getting the benefit of the 1st win bonus, but didn't want to give them the satisfaction to try properly again later.
  6. Snow75

    Operation Dynamo

    I just had 3 of my team immediately go kill themselves in the minefield and be the only one left before entering the channel between the 2 fields... What the actual 1-star for me.. but that was such sh.. Got the will to will achievement, so there that. Where did the "lets run off and die" come from? Never seen it before.
  7. Snow75

    Try Your Luck Container

    Since resource containers came out it's the only one I've picked (apart from a couple of mis-clicks) Got 3 supercontainers.... each with nothing super in them [useless flags 😞 ] I think i've only had 1 from a TYL container before that
  8. Snow75

    service unavailable

    premium & doubloons greyed-out/inavailable? only appeared today, is this my end or WG's? It tires to refresh but can't do it
  9. Snow75

    Match Making hates me.

    Some don't change their load-out for every game, the ships got on it what i had. Also i see/use co-op as a time/reward equation, if it's just wins needed for mission/module hits then it's quicker to do it in co-op with certain ships. XP/FXP/caps etc then randoms can be better, again depends upon mission requirements. like say the third week of PEF missions, some of them i'll do in co-op to get them quickly. but the 4th weeks credit grind will be done in randoms as you get more of that than co-op. Snowflake event, i'm not doing 120 ships with 50%wr @15min games when i can 99% @ 7mins. and i wouldn't expect anyone else to.
  10. I got 100k FXP from a CC crate from Notser. Was 500k att and was saving for Musashi.. Now at 1.3M and got Musashi from Coal (and back at 180k coal), so roll on Alaska 🙂
  11. Snow75

    50% off WOWS premium 360days HAS COME!!!

    ikr, I got 20k dubs and 270 days... ..still still bought the package 12500 +30days to spend it's 12k on 1year. Don't Judge Me!
  12. Snow75

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    You mean "HMS Emerald quietly gets citideled"
  13. Snow75

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    I'm sad it's not T6
  14. Snow75

    Fail Platoon Rant - Come get Triggered

    Hey Hey hey.. Let me pull you up Right There! They are BOTH bad!
  15. Snow75

    Soviet BBs (and Gangut + Kremlin)

    Are people forgetful or just ignorant? It's been knowledge for a year that RU BB's, UK CV's and RM CA/L's were in 2019, with the Italians being Late 2019 & their BB's in 2020 (french DD's mixed in there somewhere and/or at least 1 tree-split probably, that's the way they usually work) And no I don't care about russian bb's and do want an italian tech-line. but I can wait for it. Like I can wait for a Commonwealth line or Pan-European / Pan-American line...