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  1. Snow75

    Is this even a camo?

    somewhere deep in Weegee; "they've been complaining they want clean ships... I don't understand"
  2. Cause WG believe new content attracts/retains players more than gameplay.
  3. Snow75

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    I'm getting that too, plus laggy ui that only 1/2 resets after games.. looks like this: yes I am in bukky, can battle etc, but only transfer my captain after a battle has taken place
  4. Snow75

    USS California

    the Tennessee's are as sexy as AF. I'm going to be hard pressed to resist.
  5. Snow75

    Benham grind is beyond stupid

    I'll look at the Benham next year sometime when they put it on sale.
  6. Could have been in an 'Open All Containers' group
  7. I got the Tier 5 BB from the grate in todays daily shipments
  8. Snow75

    That Kidd had fun

    You say he did, but I'm sure he was: dammit just 2 more!
  9. Snow75

    Outer space = waste of space

    Am i on the NA forums... lotsa whinging WG do April fools events every year, last year was space battles too. Are we going the get the same whinging again for halloween later in the year? Is it a waste of resources... no because they were always going to make it, if anything it's less than normal as they're re-using resources from last years space battles event. WG using these things to public test ideas/gameplay etc suck it up princess's
  10. weren't some of the older fan made anime/historical camos only on the base hull? maybe ppl are using them unless i'm old and confused
  11. I was always waiting for RN carriers to consider starting down the CV line... so 8.0 didn't change anything (It's also not finished with the changes yet)
  12. wondering if there's a need for BFT/AFT on US BB's anymore since 8.0 Thoughts anyone? I want to look to change now whilst it's free. and what other AA captain specs should be transferred elsewhere?
  13. Patchnotes haven't come out in square-speak yet.