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  1. All this terrible talk about the french DD, and part of me still wants to get it 😞 If WG even implemented an open class T8 Operation she might be good for that
  2. Snow75

    Question About RN DD

    I bought 5 UK containers.. got nothing from them. I now have tier 5-7 uk DD's, all from the mission rewards. So yes, you can get them from earned containers
  3. Snow75

    Operation raptor still bugged

    I had one there the raptor departure point didn't appear, raptor sailed there, them time out. only bug i've seen on a mission so-far... it happens.
  4. Snow75

    Elite Captain XP

    Yeah i think i'll shelve a 'up the line' 19 pointer. So my soviet captain can be the next one, will get to use him on operations regularly [like all my 19pt capt atm] and on the t8+ halsey campaign. Pity my french captains are both 13 atm. will be working them both ends against the middle (am doing that for all my nearest upgradable captains). In brighter news, got yamamoto on the weekend, pleasant headache he now is [my ijn 19pt is my yamato captain ]
  5. Snow75

    About smoke firing

    0 or 1. you're either in or out
  6. Snow75

    Elite Captain XP

    I have 750k+ elite captain xp and atm 4 19pt captains. I'm in a quandary as to what i should to with my elite xp. I used my 1st captn to get no.2, two to get 3rd, 3 to get 4th. All these captains are on their final ships, so only their elite ship & premiums will add to the total. I'm now either going to use the elite xp to get my 5th... or: I'm tempted to get the remaining xp to 19point with my IJN or pan-asian DD captains (not started the respective 'tree's' ) and thus earn elite xp whilst 'grinding' the line. But I'm not totally convinced having the end-spec 19pointer will be best on a whole line grind, and having another captain I can use will keep the total ticking up. And all the remaining captains are lower and lower (15pts for my '5th', or 11pts for my tech-tree 'grinds'). [I'm trying to have 1 x 19point captn per nation] So it's either get my 5th or the 500,000+ more to use on a grinder... Part of me like the idea of 'grinder' adding to the elite xp, the other part says 5th to add to 6th is better in the long run. So I'm here to collect the forums wisdom, which way should I go?
  7. why does the in-game premium shop (the shop when you go via in-game link) have to data on the basic/discount/supreme bungle data can see the info if I login in via internet, but not via game. just reporting the bug
  8. Snow75

    Lag spikes and disconnects right now...

    yest had a couple of games with lag, frantically pressing smoke..... killed
  9. Snow75

    Love Secret Santa

    Got the Atago & Kutuzov, 2 from 3 admirals , even counting the box's spent on ocean skins, Ishizuchi & marblehead that's me ahead. all I need now is the premium time
  10. Snow75

    R.A.N ships in WoWs

    RAN ships are perfect for premiums. WG will wait til making the RN, easy re-skin and sell them to a nation obligated by buy them... profit Works for Canada and NZ too
  11. Snow75

    Port slot event please wg

    didn't they have a port discount not a month ago?
  12. Snow75

    Scharnhorst and Dunkerque

    Italian was the line that definitely wasn't coming out soon.
  13. Snow75

    Submarines may be coming

    most of the ships speed in the game is within a few knots... even adding that the "subs" wouldn't reach double figures
  14. Snow75

    Submarines may be coming

    people who call for u-boats don't realise how slow they were when submerged, and would be the first to complain.