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  1. I second. Those basterds who play alone and not on a team. 80% of games I played were very quiet. This game needs to add some more game modes other than the random matchmaking like rooms, etc. to encourage teamwork, not random shooting, self-gratifying players.
  2. Poseidon_0

    Philippines WoWs Community

    To start. IGN: Poseidon_0 Loc: Cagayan Valley
  3. Poseidon_0

    Philippines WoWs Community

    Any Philippine members lurking here in the forum? We can make our own community thrive! Comment your IGN, and current location. We can network (want coffee? lol) and do division battles. For [Content Removed] Social / Religious / Political. Content edited. ~Noppers
  4. Poseidon_0

    strange discussion: clan war concepts

    Nice idea! But break it to campaigns or maps first before making it larger. We do not want seeing our ships stuck in lags.
  5. Poseidon_0

    Philippine Marines Do you Experience....

    I am having some spikes but are predictable since I do use broadband connection. Anyone wants to put up some network of Philippine players?
  6. Poseidon_0

    Introduction thread

    Poseidon_0 here from the Philippines. Loving the game, and hoping for campaigns once the game opens to the public ;)