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    Can't Log in?

    Oh wait....nvm by some miracle it just uninstalled.....
  2. HitsunaTeitoku

    Can't Log in?

    Oh and i keep on going to that survey online everything i try to uninstall but the darn setup's uninstalling progress won't budge from 0%!
  3. HitsunaTeitoku

    Can't Log in?

    I have the same problem of unable to login using my email and password... after reading the top i can understand why i can't play.....HOWEVER.... I can't seem to uninstall the EU game so i can install the Asia one. But i decided to download and install it anyway. Now i have 2 of the same game in my game folder and none of them allows me to login and none of them are the asian servers. AND i cant uninstall both of them either! Help! Now! ASAP!