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  1. BrownRAN

    Won't be back

    The potential for a game is now lost to me, pathetic game balance and match making coupled with players abusing the edge of the map glitch to avoid damage has turned a fun game into one of utter frustration.
  2. BrownRAN

    Cannot sell ships

    Thank you very much, your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. BrownRAN

    Cannot sell ships

    Hi all, I am a relatively new player from Australia and loving this game so far but I have a newbie question please. I am trying to progress down each nations tech tree and selling ships as I progress to make crew slots available for the next ship but I have reached a point where I cannot sell anymore ships as I get a message "No space left in reserve". Is there a limit to the amount of ships you can sell and therefore have to purchase additional crew slots or am I simply doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any advice. Regards, BrownRAN.