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  1. BanditSE1977

    How to Get FREE Captain Reserve Slots

    If you can spare the coal,you can get port and captain slots by buying the cheapest ship in the amroury,the Charleston,then selling it and dismissing the commander as well ( if you don't need a 3 point USA one ).This cn be repeated as many times as you like.
  2. BanditSE1977

    Ships of Germany Collection

    Is that the German Navy Collection so you can get 2 flags per ships and the custom colour schemes?: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:German_Navy_Collection As long as the collection button is still showing enabled ( or be able to ),it should be still going.Sometimes they drop rates for collection items can be very stingy.
  3. Did someone mention subs? I thought everyone got WG's memo! :
  4. BanditSE1977

    Naval Legends: Missouri – Trailer

    Wonder if it will also cover how it was about to lead to the great CC exodus of 2021,until WG pre-empted by upsetting LWM?!
  5. Come for the ships,stay for the never ending drama!
  6. Its going to be interesting when/if regulating bodies/governments actually do something about loot boxes,the scrambling as gaming companies try to fill the hole or go belly up will be fun to watch.
  7. “We have all this data but don't know what to do with it.” Oh,we know what they do with it,it goes to the same place that feedback and survey results go,in the bin! Or,they do the oppostie: Players complain about HE? WG gives us British BB line that spams HE.
  8. Yep,Ramin Shokrizade. I put a link to a podcast he did a few months ago in the Hot Fix:Game Balance news post last weekend,part of it is where he explains how it turned the way it did: This is a page he blogs on as well that is interesting reading: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/author/ramin-shokrizade
  9. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    I am seeing this in Star Tek Online which I started playing last year.The game is short on staff and funds ( admitted by the staff themselves ),and features keep getting pulled.But they keep selling popular items in loot crates and overpriced bundles cos 'they make the most money that way' ( this was said in a Q and A session two weeks ago). Then last week they say they are being asked regularly but the studio they work for what other games they should be trying to make.This is after they just canned a game that was in development,which sucked staff from STO ( which were apparently not replaced ) and were not sent back to STO after the closure. So they want players to pay stupid amounts of money which aren't even going back into the game.
  10. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    It is probably partly what you have described,but also WG has some interesting patents filed which may also apply to the MM as well: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/191827-biggest-fix-needed-in-this-game-3-tier-matches-need-to-go/?do=findComment&comment=4499625
  11. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    For anyone who watched the podcast,I also recommend Ramin's articles on gaming,they are a good read: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/author/ramin-shokrizade
  12. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    If Russian Op,and everyone else UP,then spreadsheet says everything good!
  13. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    If you have watched it yet,I recommend the following video.Its an interview the person who was helped make the original more player friendly monetization scheme for Warships before he was forced out. A good point later in the video is where he comments on how much kickback to balancing and monetization of gaming in general there has been lately,and how the players can a group catch on to what you are doing and end up knowing the game better than the devs.
  14. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    Oh I know,I actually posted all of what you just did a couple of days ago on the feedback thread for this topic on the NA forum ( plus the EU posters research),and it got deleted,with no warning or anything. They may be trying to say the right things ( but not fooling anyone )but are still doing the same things as usual. Even the posts by the General Manager mal_h shows they haven't changed,complaining that players have no right to comment on the game as they aren't developers themselves,then trying to misrepresent why a lot of the CC's left the program recently. Their deletion of my post on the NA forum shows they are still smarting from the Turry incident and don't like the playerbase showing them up. WG have along way to go,and they aren't helping themselves in any way so far.
  15. BanditSE1977

    HotFix: Game Balance

    Someone on the EU forum researched the actual play times of the devs shown in that article,and they have barely played this year: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/156419-wg-tells-a-joke/?do=findComment&comment=4055727