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  1. BanditSE1977

    Change server

    Yeah,that would have been approx 2 years ago now.
  2. BanditSE1977

    Change server

    Find another player here who lives in your country and also has an NA account,and see what their experience is like.I'm in Australia and have an NA account as well.Its usually more stable and steadier ping than to the ASIA one. You may find its still playable from the NA to ASIA.
  3. Could be a restriction by having vsync set,or the laptop itself limiting it. I game on a desktop computer that will be 7 years old this christmas,i7-2700k with 16 GB Ram and a 24" LCD monitor at 1920 x 1200,vsync off.Had a Nvidia 580 GTX in it till a few months ago when it died,and replaced it with a Nvidia 1060 3 GB GTX. Before and after the video card swap FPS is a steady 82,only seems vary due to lag issues.
  4. BanditSE1977

    Change server

    I believe this is better referred to as "when hell freezes over"!
  5. BanditSE1977

    Beta Tester Patch

    Thats my thought as well.Both my brother and I joined a week into OBT,and we both got the patch.So its probably those that joined before the 'official' release version.
  6. BanditSE1977

    New bonus code. HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

  7. BanditSE1977

    WoWS Update 0.7.11

    Had that happen fairly often earlier in the year.Guess whatever is causing it had come back to haunt us.
  8. BanditSE1977

    WoWS Update 0.7.11

    Would like to see the varied waves and ships from the previous version of Operation Narai brought back,it made it more interesting and challenging. Oh,and bring back the original Islands of Ice,it was better than any of the remakes.The new one just looks like ever other map now.
  9. In other words,play lots or cough up some dough to convert XP if you want them now!
  10. BanditSE1977

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Must be lumping them in with the Germans.
  11. BanditSE1977

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I just wanna throw money at them for it,can't be bothered grinding it!
  12. BanditSE1977

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    ST balance changes for ships being tested: Found here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-around-the-world/?page=214&tab=comments#comment-2700122
  13. Had something similar second last time Narai was on.A few matches the game wouldn't let me lock the manual secondaries onto targets for most of the match.Damn annoying!
  14. BanditSE1977

    Stock Bayern Biggest POS In Game

    Stock hull being a PITA to get through was talked about a bit just after the German BB line launched,haven't seen much about it since then. Don't know if the current PvP meta would allow it ( been maining PvE for a couple of years now),but you used to be able to pick red 2 battleships,sail straight between them and hammer both.Coming out the other side with a good portion of your health left and both enemy BB sunk!
  15. BanditSE1977

    [CODE] The UK code seems to work for us.

    Thanks! Also works on the NA server for those with an account there to.