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  1. Yep! I started playing Star Trek Online a month ago,and since last Thursday dumped the main ARC launcher ( their equivalent to WGC ) after it kept throwing server error connections messages at me.Went to the STO forum and was told to just bypass it and go direct to the STO .exe which can update and load the game anyway. Ended up just doing a shortcut to that and load from their directly now. I will just do the same for WoWs as well now except to updating. Why give you an extra program to launch the game when you can just launch it directly.
  2. BanditSE1977

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    You do realise WG's track after saying this hasn't been very good,especially over the last 15 months?!
  3. BanditSE1977


    In game surveys are hit and miss for me as to whether they open right or not. I am sure I read about that on the NA forum a while ago.Seems WG doesn't like it if you answer negatively so just end it straight away.
  4. I'd say stay with cable until they actually turn it off ( you should be able to look up when that will occur ). We went from ADSL2 to NBN wireless.Except for the extra speed when downloading there isn't much difference as far as I can tell.With cable you would probably find no difference between them and cable is actually better. Usually the connection is fine,although since one of the storms we had here about a month ago,we have been getting a spotty signal.A friend who is a little closer to the tower than we are is also having the same problem so I think the storm thew something out of whack at the tower.And I am only about 500 meters from the tower,and he is probably 150 meters closer than we are. I haven't done much Warships lately,but have been playing Star Wars The Old Republic and Star Trek Online,and have had quite a few drops outs or just times when the games are obviously waiting for the server to tell it what is happening.
  5. BanditSE1977

    L20e Project - German Super-Dreadnought

    Maybe once WG runs out of paper-' if it was really built it would of been OP'- russian ships and are looking at how to monetize more stuff we will get them.
  6. BanditSE1977

    Winners - Great White Fleet Event

    Event for a fleet cruise that we don't have ships for in game,and restricted to Tiers WAY above what they would be if we did have them?
  7. BanditSE1977

    This update is a buggy mess

    Looks like its mostly working,this was posted on the NA forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/211346-upd-psa-three-operations-were-re-enabled/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-4925822
  8. BanditSE1977

    Press " F " for Narai

    Maybe this is our punishment for not loving the PR event?!
  9. BanditSE1977

    This update is a buggy mess

    WG spreadsheet says everything 'fun and engaging',why you complain?! :D
  10. BanditSE1977

    Press " F " for Narai

    I gather this was posted today: Something broke and they have no idea what. I wonder what their 'spreadsheet' would say about it?!
  11. BanditSE1977

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    The PR was such a success they decided to make somethig else just as 'fun and engaging'!
  12. BanditSE1977

    The game's actual minimum specs?

    I got it running recently in an old case I have ( main computer was in the shop getting repaired )on an AMD Phenom 2 - 3.4 Ghz with an older ATI HD 5770 GPU,which according to the minimum specs is OK on the CPU but under on the GPU. Ran fine with good fps in port and in game at minimum settings ( I think I could have actually upped some of them as the game play was pretty smooth ),but it had the CPU running approx 55 C and the graphics card running at 65 C.Also had the PC case speaker blaring which I think might have been a temperature warning! According to this page ( if its right ): https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GeForce-210-vs-AMD-HD-5770/m7740vsm7752 The 210 is rated lower than the 5770 I used,so it may have trouble running it. My usual computer is one I built at the end of 2011,Intel i7 2700k with 16 GB ram and an Nvidia 1060 3Gb ( replaced the old Nvidia 580 GT 1.25 GB when that died in August 2018 ).That runs full settings with vsync off at 82 fps at 2560 x 1080 unless there are lag issues,and idles along at approx 40 C I think while in game.
  13. Looks like they are going to sell them this time,Mattercore just posted in another thread:
  14. BanditSE1977

    WG someone needs to teach you logic...

    Its probably aimed at the whales who bought there way to the PR!
  15. BanditSE1977

    Manual AA skill

    Just in case you don't know, the cross just means not recommended,not that you can't use it. Although is weird for it is crossed for the Montana though.