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  1. BanditSE1977

    Stream Answers Thread.

    I meant to post this by Happa_Fodder from the NA forums earlier in the year here but kept forgetting: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/233803-scenario-battles-operations-call-for-revolution/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-5363789 They say no one plays them and they don't want to devote resources to them,then come out with the Big Hunt which is pretty much an Op,then they say they are working on them again.Very confusing! So is WG just reworking the current in rotation Operations,or are they also reworking the removed ones as well?
  2. BanditSE1977

    I wanna see my ship in detail!

    Some of us have been asking for those sort of features for years! They did improve the port camera slightly so you could get closer a few years ago,but still waiting on a proper free roam camera at least.
  3. BanditSE1977

    But PvE just isn't popular... ...

    Then where are the Operations that were removed due to the CV Rework? WG took away content and said at the time it would be fixed and returned. We were told they were removed due to the Rework not working with them properly,and they would be returned later,and it has been 2 years or so since that rework. Only one was brought back in a modified form,Raptor Rescue I think it was.Aegis also got changed slightly to change CV's for BB's. Adjust the missing Ops for the issues due to CV not working the same as they used to and return them,that would be a good showing towards the players.
  4. BanditSE1977

    But PvE just isn't popular... ...

    I'd go with laziness. There are still plenty of players playing them no matter what WG says,so why would they bother working on them if its still attracting players?
  5. BanditSE1977

    I know we aren't meant to name and shame but...

    We used to be able to,but I would say WG got sick of us reporting them all the time for stuff like that!
  6. BanditSE1977

    Build diversity

    Didn't that happen a few years ago,the secondaries weren't leading properly for some reason?
  7. BanditSE1977

    Build diversity

    Sounds like the last time they rework the skills,needed about 15 points like you mentioned to get what you had before with a 10 pointer.
  8. BanditSE1977


    I like Operations,but as has been said,WG has either removed ( due to the CV rework ) or intentionally nerfed the hell out of them ( looks at Narai! ).Plus not adding new ones at least to cover the ones they took away. I played Narai for the first time in at least 6 months ( probably a lot longer though ) on the weekend,and got bored after a few matches. I used to play it a lot,but since the nerf of V1,and then the nerf of V2 by removing the random spawns it just gets boring fast. Considering how much 'Narai ++' is spammed in game chat,there is no doubt that ops are popular no matter what WG claim,and they should be doing at least some work on them to keep players interested in the game and giving them more options on how to play it.
  9. BanditSE1977

    T7 Premium for credits

    Try selecting the Featured section of the armory ( the Star at the top of the menu on the left ),it should show up at the bottom of the page on the right for 168,000 coal. For some reason they don't have it listed in the Ships section as well. You can also access the armory from here if you don't have the game open at the moment: https://armory.worldofwarships.asia/en
  10. BanditSE1977

    TCoH (The Cult of Hipper)

    There must be a TCOH fan at WG,they keep buffing what started out as an OP ship if you knew how to play it right....not that I am complaining!
  11. BanditSE1977

    what is best computer spec. to play WoW?

    I set up a computer similar to this earlier in the year as a spare,but with an old ATI 5770 1gb video card.It will run the game at 80FPS,but as the video card runs 60 degrees Celsius plus when its asked to anything other than the desktop,I run Warships at low to medium settings too.
  12. After being in Step 4 on my NA account,WG went to Step 5 then Step 1 yesterday! I actually got a web survey from them due to my not playing my NA account for quite a while ( I have been occaisonally been playing my ASIA one ). Gave them my concerns as listed here,and some others as well.
  13. I noticed an improvement in Coop play a few months after I went PvE only back in 2016. At first it was easy to get top position constantly,but then it became harder.Seemed to me that quite a few PvP players got sick of it like me and went PvE only. I haven't played PvP since then either except if I am after a particular mission reward that needs it.No intention of going back with the bad gameplay found there. I am only here because of the ships anyway,got no epeen or whatever it is called that needs to be propped up playing against other people.
  14. After being around and playing constantly since a week into OBT,I stopped playing regularly a year ago,mainly due to constant nerfing of Scenario's ,and copy/paste dumbing down of maps to where they are all the same. Scenario's: S4pp3R already brought them up,but I would also like to add that WG needs to stop nerfing them,especially Narai.WG seems to have a policy that if players are having to much fun,they have to nerf it. With Narai we had the first version which was a blast,and players were having a great time with it.The second version was played a lot slower,but still a lot of fun.But even that eventually got dumbed down where they took the random spawns of some of the ships away which varied things a bit.I haven't played it I think since early last year due to getting boring,and the extra changes that keep bugging it out from other players reports. Part of it is also that WG apparently didn't like the farming of XP and credits going on,in which case they should have just left the mission alone,and reduced the awards.Also I seen remarks ( I don't know how accuarate they are ) that WG is trying to get players out of Scenarios and PvE and into PvP with the changes they have been making to stuff like Scenario's. It would also be good if they brought back the first two versions of Narai alternately ( with the changes needed due to the CV rework ). The Scenario's are a good feature,and a break from the usual PvE/PvP and keep people playing,and unless you hit off peak for a region there are always players in them ready to go. I started playing Star Trek Online earlier in the year,which has quite a few featues like Scenario's,but none of the ones I have played in it so far really have the replayability the WoWs Scenario's have.Considering Warships has been around only half the time of STO,it shows how WG was able to get things right where you could play the same missions repeatdely and not get bored with them. Maps: WG has also been dumbing the maps for a few years now.New maps are usually cookie cutter jobs,and old ones are being slowly changed in the name of 'balance' into the cookie cutter fromat,instead of gameplay challenges. What has happened to Islands of Ice is a prime example,this is a thread posted a couple of years ago on the NA forum showing its changes of the years: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/167793-the-evolution-of-islands-of-ice/ The first 2 were fun to play on,and even the third was still unique enough to provide some challenge,now we have the fourth one which is one of the most boring maps in the game ( I prefer Ocean over it!). Since that fourth map has come out,the newer maps seem to follow the same style,and other older maps have been dumbed down to a similar look with different colour pallete's. Would also add that Ocean I would like to see added back to a more regular appearance.Its a controversial map ( last topic I seen on the NA forum was a lot of for/against ),but I find it a good challenge.
  15. BanditSE1977

    WOWS age demographic

    50 end of next month. Also have a friend who is a year older than me who plays occaisonally,and my brother who is 3 years younger than me. The Six Million Dollar Man was on TV at work a few years ago,one of the guys was asking why he was running in slow motion!