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  1. Will asia server of wows relocate?

    ISP issues will most likely be the cause of latency issues. I am in Australia and have accounts on the ASIA server for Warships,as well as the NA server.Most of the time I get a better connection to the NA server,even though the ping averages 105 ms to there, with less lag than the ASIA one. Depending on what is happening with my ISP and the cables to Singapore,the ping to the ASIA server for me can average from anywhere from approx 60 ms to 150 ms ,with it varying around the average value at the time by approx 10 to 20 ms.At the moment its steady but can go bad at any time.Apparently the cables keep going out. Here on the forums I have chatted with someone who lives not very far away from me,who is with another ISP and they don't get the same issues. The following threads are from a few years ago,but will give you an idea of what the ISP/cable issues can be
  2. Hunt for The Bismarck collectibles

    I actually bought two sets of crates the week before the Arsenal came in.With the coal I initially got I could have gotten them for free!
  3. vote for WGC or not

    I think that's the main thing,people are saying that it still has the issues that it had last year,while WG keep saying its better. If the issues are addresses properly then I have no issues using it.
  4. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I think I prefer the stock Space Battleship Yamato....you know....with out the handlebars! :D
  5. Add the option anyway.Why should we need to manually do it when it should be able to done automatically anyway?Its like the mouse invert option from when WoWs first launched,an option that should have been added as standard ( and had been such in other games for 20 years ) was added well after launch 'at the request of users'. Also, someone on the NA forum did some tests with the WGC: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/166565-the-new-wgc-launcher/?page=19&tab=comments#comment-3929458 When you have to download it,make sure its from the news article,as the one from the download game page has issues. From that review it looks like this one supports alternate installation directories.
  6. Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Just did 9 games on the NA server in the Scharnhorst while I have a days prem time there,all wins.Still good for XP and credits.Frontier is actually a lot harder than this now. Definitely need a team that can split properly to take all the objectives to get a good score.I think the King only escaped in one of the matches. Main problem I found was players bunching up around the transport ships at the start and not pushing at least a bit.Its ASIA peak time so at the moment which shows on the NA server.Should be better when the NA peak time hits.
  7. At least I can minimise its use until/if they get it working properly.
  8. Cool,I will set up new shortcuts then,thanks!
  9. Knew there was more I had forgotten! Can anyone confirm that WGC only lets you install to C: drive? This post on the NA forum mentions it: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/166500-the-new-wgc-launcher/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-3926883
  10. Can we just bypass WGC by going straight to the game .exe like you can with the current launcher?That way we can just do shortcuts to that and bypass that mess entirely. Lets see: Halloween 2015 NA Prinz Eugen staggered bundle release Alabamagate EU Spee missions Pan Asian flags being ditched due to the Chinese ( I am sure I am missing some other things here ) I think WG are so used to backlash they don't notice it anymore!
  11. I been doing that since the 2015 " no one but USA celebrates Halloween you noobs " event that was only on the NA server anyway!
  12. Is it still mainly an advertisement for the premium shop with a tiny wittle button in the corner to launch the game? And has lot of bugs as a bonus? +1
  13. Operation Narai on PTS 7.7 crazy hard

    This the one you watched?: Like keskparane says,if you can get the team to handle the different tasks it looks like it should be ok. Frontier is probably even harder ( without having actually played the new Narai yet ) for needing specific tasks done over a bigger distance,and most of the time the teams can get them done.
  14. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Its been a while,did the T3 BB get a range buff then or just the cruisers back then?
  15. Narai coming back woohoo

    Back with 0.7.7 apparently,info found here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-around-the-world/?page=210&tab=comments#comment-2501417