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  1. out of curiosity, am I the only one getting really bad drop rates on this collection from containers compared to previous collections? I've seen people like Flambass getting one nearly every container, and I seem to be lucky if I get one out of every 3 (best I've ever gotten is one a day despite opening all 3 containers each day, even gotten days with none, so thought it as max one a day until I saw him get multiple, which is how it's been for me on all previous collections).
  2. ok, explains why it's not working for me either might take a brake while they fix it
  3. holiday boxes in asian store?

    And now that page about the holiday boxes has been removed. Looks like we don't get it or else, they're trying to get people to buy the other discounts first. hopefully it changes tomorrow (Friday)
  4. Also remember that at the moment there's the new Yamamoto missions for T9 and 10 (though a couple T8 ones are there as well, it's mainly the higher ones), so that's why there's a lot of 9/10 cruisers at the moment. from the 24th it'll be carriers from memory (cv is next week right, not BB?) as the next round unlocks.
  5. Passive Play

    Yeah, Passive is getting worse and worse, makes it very frustrating as it usually means instant death for anyone who doesn't play the same way Though I do find it amusing when I start hunting and killing DD's on caps while in my BB because our DD/CA/CL's are too scared to push around the islands to them when they have a 2 to 1 or better ship advantage (and health), and they don't bother following till I'm in the cap and already killed the DD (in a BB, and I'm not talking low tier either, my Missouri comes to mind!!!!).
  6. Personally, I believe it's currently OP like crazy, and will be the new default skill for most players. If it goes into the game as is, I see DD's hiding behind everyone, not willing to take points, and the other ships all balling up in spawn not moving because they don't have a DD in front to scout. However, rather than remove, if it was rebalanced it might be ok, by giving some form of trade off. I don't think a range limit is the answer. As others have said, that actually makes the skill even more powerful in some ways (you know when to pop radar/hydro, you know that unless it goes off you're not likely to be torped, etc). However, What if instead of being a constant bearing to the nearest ship, it was a bearing on nearest ship taken every 60 seconds or so (time between pulses can then be balanced one way or the other)? Yes it would still be effective and have some attractiveness, but at the same time it allows the one being spotted some opportunity to counter in some way by altering course or something, and also gives some time for them to get in close and launch between pulses (not much I know, but it's better than the skill now, and they'd have to be pretty good to get the timing right between the pulses). Anyway, that's my thoughts on a way to keep it but not let it be the massive advantage it is now.
  7. yep, just finished a game in my Tashkent and the 4 missing ones showed up seconds later. the special one was 7M creds for me. Wasn't there before the game, as I'd just opened a normal container prior to the match.
  8. yeah that's what I'm seeing, just the first 2 (and they were about 12 to 24hours after they went gold too).
  9. Actually, I've noticed this myself and thought it was strange. I've got all the achievements, and we now have 6 gold tasks, but I've only ever received 2 of the crates. I kept thinking well they'll appear when I log in tomorrow, but nope, nothing again for the last couple of days. Is this the same for everyone else, or has everyone gotten the 6 (well probably only 5, as the 6th one I only saw this morning).
  10. is texas worth buying?

    Texas is a good and fun ship and USED to be worth it. However, I got her about a month before the MM change and now she's always bottom tier against T7's and just get's overwhelmed (like all T5's). Shame really, I used to like taking her out, but now, it's more of an exercise in frustration than fun (though you do get the odd good 1 in 20 match).
  11. Only way I see the radio position finding being not OP is if it's a ping every 60 seconds or something, else it's going to be a little too OP.
  12. Love Secret Santa

    Well, I took 2 lots of 6 captain boxes ($3 USD ones, so $36 USD all up or about $55 AUS) a few days apart. Just looking at the ships I got from those 12 boxes; First lot of 6; Marblehead Prince Eugen Second lot of 6; Warsprite Ashan Lo Yang So for me, ignoring flags/cammo, that's about $11 per ship, and 2 of those are T8 ones too Tempted to try again, but know I shouldn't spend any more.
  13. Team balance off the scale

    Same mixed bag as normal here, though the match with 3 AFk's (all top tier including 2 of 3 dd's) all on my side with none on the other was a new low........
  14. Quick question from me. I'm fine with that's happening with the ships/modules etc, but is anyone who's gone through one of these line splits before able to tell me what happens with the captains on the ships? Specifically, if I've got the kagero now and a captain in her, when the split occurs, does the captain stay in the now lower tier Kagero and I have to manually transfer and retrain them for the new Tier 9, or will they automatically transfer to the new T9 without retraining needed? (asking as I just unlocked and if it's the later, I'll hold off moving my captain across as I don't want to have to retrain him twice)
  15. Belfast... overpowered?

    By the sound of it, this looks a lot like a slightly easier Atlanta. Atlanta is constantly accused of being a bad ship and needing a buff, but when it's come up a few times the dev's have said that they haven't because there's a group of players who know how to play her, and get exceptional results from her already, so any buff's would make it blatantly OP for those users (ie the distribution of results across the player skill level is extremely wide, maybe the widest of all the current ships), leaving them in a bind on what to do with it. With Belfast, I think for most players, you'll see a more normal spread, as she looks a little more forgiving than the Atlanta, but for those that get the hang of her, I hope MM puts them on my side! Will still get her myself, want a RN prem for captain training, and want a T7 or 8 for that job.