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  1. Bacca49

    In what situation you can't regenerate more hp?

    If your talking about sometimes being able to heal one amount and a different amount next time, it's dependant on the damage taken and the ship you're in. For example, fire damage can be 100% repaired as it's "light" damage, but if you get citadeled in a BB, you can only heal 10% of that citadel hit.
  2. Bacca49

    Is aircraft carrier that big of the deal?

    Sorry, but if you look at the unicum players (I'm not, I know what to do as a cv but am bad at executing it, but I always look at good players to learn more), most of you're statements are the opposite of what they say is a cv's role (and some of what you say will directly lead to a loss!). Yes, you need to try to protect you're team from enemy bombers, but it's not as simple as only worrying about the torp bombers (at least as you get higher tiers). If the enemy cv has AP bombs, they can decimate you're BB's as well, so it's not that simple. But know which ships can protect themselves and which need you're help, else you'll be chasing the enemy cv all over the map and leaving you're team open elsewhere. as well as distracting you or leading you're planes into an ambush Unicum completely disagree with this statement. CV spotting DD's is one of it's most important tasks (other ships not as much but still useful, as information is a key part of winning a match). if a cv keeps a DD perma spotted, then you've effectively taken him out of the fight for all intents. He can't torp (they're instant spotted and easily dodged by you're team), unlikely to cap, and he can be focused fired down by the rest of you're team. DD's become more powerful the longer they're around in the match (particularly stealthy ones), when it's harder to focus them down, so getting spots on them and hampering them can make a world of difference to win rates (CV's are not sometimes referred to as the eyes of the fleet for nothing). So inversely to this, you need to keep the enemy cv from hovering planes over you're own dd's and make sure not to drag his planes over them either when moving your planes around so they're spotted, else you're just sabotaging your own team. Depends on situation. Sometimes you want to lock his fighters up so you're attack planes are free, or else he was stupid enough to follow you near you're ships (particularly decent AA ones). Also changes a bit once strafe becomes available (lock with one fighter, set up strafe with second and then strafe the first out of the way at the right time). sort of agree. But you need to keep them in mind still Again, situational. if it's a high AA ship, or there are a number of enemy ships together, it's still a bad idea. Also it's a bad idea if it's near dead (don't waste you're strike on ones that will easily be finished off without you). Best targets are solo's, even better if they're soli with little AA defence, even if they are far away, unless there's a priority ship around (low AA radar ship, though they're usually high AA, or a dd that's capping/causing issues) Partially correct. One of the issues with CV (and there are many), is that the best way to help the team is often not going to give them points (not the only class that has this problem! Also why people don't spot as much as they should in them, as it doesn't reward as well as damage, but it's more useful to the team winning!). Sometimes you're better off without bombers, but allowing you're team to kill a critical target rather than saving the bombers and letting that low health BB slip into concealment heal up and come back to wreck you're team later in the match. Sniping is really only useful if you know you can kill the cv with that wave. If you DON'T kill the cv with a single attack wave, you've wasted all the time to get to him (usually 1.5 to 2 strikes on other ships in the enemy fleet), as well as usually losing most or all of the planes you send. keeping them spotted for you're BB's to shoot is good, but usually only occurs mid/late game (bb's trying to snipe most of the time rather than get into effective range, but that's another issue with this game we won't go into), unless the enemy cv does something stupid like charging in close and in the open. CV's are the one ship class that don't lose combat ability by damage (turrets/aa being destroyed as they take damage reduces the effectiveness of BB's etc, but cv's effectiveness is totally dependant on the planes it carries, so unless it's sunk, it still has them). So back to the OP CV as it is right now is probably the most demanding class with the biggest responsibility. A bad CV on you're team can actually be more harmful than no CV. However, if you don't at least try it out, you might not know, you might like it and find you become the next super unicum cv player (also bear in mind the cv interface can be problematic, and has been from beta, so you'll have to bear with it). Also, as soon as you get tot he tiers with manual attack and strafe being available, make sure you use them, as they make a big difference (can't remember the level they come in, I'd gone past it before they disabled them on the lower tier cv's). One of the biggest cv annoyances is high tier cv's just "left clicking" and trusting to rng against a cv who uses manual and decimates them.
  3. out of curiosity, am I the only one getting really bad drop rates on this collection from containers compared to previous collections? I've seen people like Flambass getting one nearly every container, and I seem to be lucky if I get one out of every 3 (best I've ever gotten is one a day despite opening all 3 containers each day, even gotten days with none, so thought it as max one a day until I saw him get multiple, which is how it's been for me on all previous collections).
  4. ok, explains why it's not working for me either might take a brake while they fix it
  5. Bacca49

    holiday boxes in asian store?

    And now that page about the holiday boxes has been removed. Looks like we don't get it or else, they're trying to get people to buy the other discounts first. hopefully it changes tomorrow (Friday)
  6. Bacca49

    whats the normal setup for random battles and levels

    Also remember that at the moment there's the new Yamamoto missions for T9 and 10 (though a couple T8 ones are there as well, it's mainly the higher ones), so that's why there's a lot of 9/10 cruisers at the moment. from the 24th it'll be carriers from memory (cv is next week right, not BB?) as the next round unlocks.
  7. Bacca49

    Passive Play

    Yeah, Passive is getting worse and worse, makes it very frustrating as it usually means instant death for anyone who doesn't play the same way Though I do find it amusing when I start hunting and killing DD's on caps while in my BB because our DD/CA/CL's are too scared to push around the islands to them when they have a 2 to 1 or better ship advantage (and health), and they don't bother following till I'm in the cap and already killed the DD (in a BB, and I'm not talking low tier either, my Missouri comes to mind!!!!).
  8. Bacca49

    A way to balance RDF/Keen Intuition

    Personally, I believe it's currently OP like crazy, and will be the new default skill for most players. If it goes into the game as is, I see DD's hiding behind everyone, not willing to take points, and the other ships all balling up in spawn not moving because they don't have a DD in front to scout. However, rather than remove, if it was rebalanced it might be ok, by giving some form of trade off. I don't think a range limit is the answer. As others have said, that actually makes the skill even more powerful in some ways (you know when to pop radar/hydro, you know that unless it goes off you're not likely to be torped, etc). However, What if instead of being a constant bearing to the nearest ship, it was a bearing on nearest ship taken every 60 seconds or so (time between pulses can then be balanced one way or the other)? Yes it would still be effective and have some attractiveness, but at the same time it allows the one being spotted some opportunity to counter in some way by altering course or something, and also gives some time for them to get in close and launch between pulses (not much I know, but it's better than the skill now, and they'd have to be pretty good to get the timing right between the pulses). Anyway, that's my thoughts on a way to keep it but not let it be the massive advantage it is now.
  9. Bacca49

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    yep, just finished a game in my Tashkent and the 4 missing ones showed up seconds later. the special one was 7M creds for me. Wasn't there before the game, as I'd just opened a normal container prior to the match.
  10. Bacca49

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    yeah that's what I'm seeing, just the first 2 (and they were about 12 to 24hours after they went gold too).
  11. Bacca49

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    Actually, I've noticed this myself and thought it was strange. I've got all the achievements, and we now have 6 gold tasks, but I've only ever received 2 of the crates. I kept thinking well they'll appear when I log in tomorrow, but nope, nothing again for the last couple of days. Is this the same for everyone else, or has everyone gotten the 6 (well probably only 5, as the 6th one I only saw this morning).
  12. Bacca49

    is texas worth buying?

    Texas is a good and fun ship and USED to be worth it. However, I got her about a month before the MM change and now she's always bottom tier against T7's and just get's overwhelmed (like all T5's). Shame really, I used to like taking her out, but now, it's more of an exercise in frustration than fun (though you do get the odd good 1 in 20 match).
  13. Bacca49

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    Only way I see the radio position finding being not OP is if it's a ping every 60 seconds or something, else it's going to be a little too OP.
  14. Bacca49

    Love Secret Santa

    Well, I took 2 lots of 6 captain boxes ($3 USD ones, so $36 USD all up or about $55 AUS) a few days apart. Just looking at the ships I got from those 12 boxes; First lot of 6; Marblehead Prince Eugen Second lot of 6; Warsprite Ashan Lo Yang So for me, ignoring flags/cammo, that's about $11 per ship, and 2 of those are T8 ones too Tempted to try again, but know I shouldn't spend any more.
  15. Bacca49

    Team balance off the scale

    Same mixed bag as normal here, though the match with 3 AFk's (all top tier including 2 of 3 dd's) all on my side with none on the other was a new low........