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  1. Orphne

    DD can dodge aerial torpedo?

    Might have been desync or lag.
  2. Orphne


  3. Orphne

    Captains points

    Unless you intend to move the captain down the line, the answer is no because 139 < 152, so it will not affect your main guns. Although BFT does also decrease the reload time of all secondaries by 10% and increase the AA DPS by 20%, it is still useless because Erie has no secondaries and there is no air threat at that tier.
  4. Orphne

    Auto Re-Supply

    If the tick box isn't there, then you can't buy it, instead, you will have to earn it from containers or missions. About that green camo, the closest I can think of is the Frosty Fir Tree that gives +100% XP, +125% commander XP and +50% free XP bonuses. And no, you cannot buy it with doubloons or credits.
  5. Orphne

    Auto Re-Supply

    Assuming I understood your question correctly. If you want to disable auto-resupply when your stock runs out, uncheck that option. If you want to choose to resupply the consumables using credits instead of doubloons, right click the consumable of your choice and there should be an option for you to choose between buying with doubloons or with credits. There are a couple of special camos that can be bought using doubloons as far as I know, one is the Type 6 (50 doubloons), another is the Type 59 (125 doubloons). To not accidentally spend doubloons to resupply these camos, it's either you keep track of how many of them you have left, or you disable auto-resupply and manually mount them before each battle.
  6. Orphne

    Question about USN cruiser split

    What you have on the Pensacola (upgrades, modules, XP, captain etc) will be what you have on the New Orleans after the split, if it happens the same way as the previous splits. Just imagine your Pensacola suddenly changed into New Orleans, with all the stats adjusted.
  7. Orphne

    Yugomo To Shima : My big dilemma

    Do you need that 4th charge of reload booster often in battles? If not, that number "4" is just for show. Otherwise, take superintendent and make the enemies dance.
  8. Orphne


    抱歉,但这是一个相当自私的要求。我这个周末水手只试了几次也得到那个15场徽章了。gitgud 还有, ^??
  9. Orphne

    Aircraft Carrier Operations?

  10. Orphne

    MM probably getting rigged now?

    The Wyoming was most likely in a division with a T5, but the division was disbanded halfway through the match. If you have the replay, just review it.
  11. Send in the replay and hope WG doesn't ignore your ticket like they did with mine?
  12. Wait what? My point was that I turned pink in the middle of the battle, and the Prinz didn't turn pink after sinking the carrier. Sorry if it was confusing.
  13. One time I accidentally set a friendly on fire, he didn't put it out and took a little bit of damage, all of sudden I turned pink and lost half my health before the fire was out. I didn't know anything about being punished after the game ends. Even then, turning pink won't be enough to teach him, as he clearly wasn't sorry at all. I didn't think that would happen to super testers, since I've never seen it happening so far, but then again, I've only seen a super tester in the game so many times. Sorry you have to go through this.
  14. "As we haven't heard from you for 4 days, your ticket “xxxxxx” has been automatically closed," Wargaming said. "Mate, I haven't heard from you for 8 days," Atranta said with a sigh. Eons ago, Atranta was in a game, and a friendly (but not-so-friendly) Prinz typed in the chat "goodbye" before sinking their carrier because he thought the latter was afk. Atranta doubted he was telling the truth, as the planes were flying towards the enemy team. However, Prinz didn't care, probably thought he did the right thing too. So Atranta submitted a ticket to Wargaming immediately, and received a reply the next day asking for the replay, to which he sent it in right then and there. 4 days later, he got an email saying the ticket was about to be closed since it's been 4 days, so he typed a short message to keep the ticket alive. And then another 4 days later, Atranta got a final email saying the ticket has finally been closed, and the Prinz got away unpunished, not even with a team killer status. Medetashi medetashi. Now, from the story, we learned 2 lesson. First and foremost, if a person is lazing around at home not contributing, their family is allowed to punish them by ending their lives. Secondly, if you are running a company, and a client of yours asks for your help on a problem which you don't have a solution to, be oblivious to them. #problemsolvedsir (Yes, yes, I know that the ticket was ignored because the game updated and the replay wouldn't work anymore, but that was still very unprofessional.)