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  1. Vorshlaghammer666

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    do you guys ever consider quitting the game? im sick of wargaming's bull$h1tery currently the game is mainly focused on France dominating and OP Premium ships and then they nerfed siegfriedchicken and buffed the slava instead.they ignored the russian ships OVERPERFORMING and they are still currently OVERPERFORMING and it's ALL OF THEM. and then they havent touched the german navy ever since they came out.(no buffs,no new ships aside from shitty richfriedchicken and then the siegfriedchicken),gneisenau still havent gotten it's 11 inch triple turrets,9km torpedoes ,concealment reduction and they even havent introduced battlecruiser line almost forgot. the cv rework still annoys me.and those new premium ships are annoying as F$%&.
  2. ok guys.. i just want to tell you that.. Yes. i'm quitting because of depression and anger and i'm in a really difficult situation right now. the reason is because this game. is all pay to win now. like.. THERE"S TOO MANY PREMIUM SHIPS BEING ADDED and they're super OP. the MM is messed up. imagine being a tier 8 chad fighting against OP tier ix-x punks. the huge annoying about this game is how they abandon the low tier-midtier and tier 7 literally there's less population in mid-low tiers right now. and this is because of the new ships getting added and then there's the worst tree ever and has been untouched for years! "the german navy" yes. germany has the worst battleships ever in game because of their trash guns and concealment and their turtleback dont mean anymore plus their only specialty the SECONDARY range advantage has been stolen. i suggested they buff the gneisenau,bismarck,FDG and kurfurst but they ignored the gneisenau needs it's 11inch triple guns,13km base concealment,8km torpedoes and better dispersion of course they have to buff scharnhorst aswell since it only has 11inch bismarck needs it's dispersion buffed and concealment and lesser fire starts (even the full survivabilty build wont do crap) i dont have the FDG and Kurfurst but they still needs buff, oh and high tier ships are too expensive and reminds me of the cost of repairing our super yacht anyway that's it guys im never going back until they fix this frustrating game and if this game will never be fixed then NEVER return i happen to also hear that lots of people are quitting this game and i guess i'm with them too. bye guys..
  3. Vorshlaghammer666

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    pay to win
  4. Vorshlaghammer666

    MM is Balenz

    this game is starting to get really/SUPER annoying first is the neglection of the old ships ie:german navy and their shitty dispersion and concealment and the lack of new ships and the most annoying of this game SO FAR is the INSANE NUMBER of pay to win PREMIUM SHIPS and MM you guys try to play bismarck in a tier x game and this happens literally EVERYTIME. and the bismarck has $hite concealment,guns,dispersion and prone to fire i just want these ignorant devs to fix their game and they're literally on the same level as braindead gaijin on balance fixes they need to buff german ships for real this time russia and france has the best BBs at tier VII-VIII right now
  5. Vorshlaghammer666

    IFHE nerf

    If they do this nerf I won't come back to play this game ever again until they fix the German bb shell dispersion to 190m , reduce tier8 uptier and reduce tier 8-10 service cost because it's cost is like repairing a yacht
  6. Vorshlaghammer666

    Wrant (want and rant) - German Arc, please.

    I want otto ciliax
  7. damn that's messed up now i know why they wont defend their friendlies looks like wargaming made a huge mistake on that part
  8. Vorshlaghammer666

    Graf Spee range buff

    spee ,scharnhorst and gneisenau definitely needs buff all of them should have 8km secondary stock range and up to 190 dispersion of main guns
  9. Vorshlaghammer666

    Secondary cruisers

    secondaries up to 100mm and above should all have buffs to 8km stock
  10. question: why do carrier players wont defend their friendlies with their fighters? are they retarded? or they can only use 1 squad of planes instead like the old fashion carrier command
  11. Vorshlaghammer666

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    then just reduce all german bb gun dispersion to 200 then! the russians can do better anyway!
  12. Vorshlaghammer666

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    they seriously need to fix the german ships now increase BB accuracy up to 190/210 dispersion increase secondary ranges of gneisenau and bismarck more since the russians are better give gneisenau the 11 inch triple gun fix their CL lineup change nurnberg to yorck and bring the hipper to 7 introduce Battlecruiser Line
  13. Vorshlaghammer666

    The dark side of mine

    You're using OP ships though
  14. damn.. that's a stupid implementation that explains why those enemy planes just keep coming even though i killed like 40ish of em. i am still super mad and depressed when they deleted my hiryu and independence though. i hope i can see them again
  15. Vorshlaghammer666

    The dark side of mine

    man. i just want my independence and hiryu back stupid cv rework