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  1. Vorshlaghammer666

    The collaboration ?

    would be nice if all ships have HSF camo though and they should have bonuses "unlike those floating christmas tree myokos which sails with swag and flashing them bling blings"
  2. Vorshlaghammer666

    Really liking my new Alabama WG but...

    bro.. that sucks.. really...
  3. so.. is it possible for WG to add a POTC Event? wouldn't that be Awesome if they implement it ingame? as you know.. Pirate ships /Age of sail ships are good in close quarter shanking battle also the crew voices would be badass we can have Salazar,Jack sparrow,Barbossa ,Will Turner and British as our captains the Maelstrom event would be cooler because it's a duel between ships have a nice day my [content removed] Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  4. Vorshlaghammer666

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    why Piece of Trash 109/PT boat though?
  5. Vorshlaghammer666

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    I Want the Alaska class Huge ass Cruisers!!! also the Wasp class carriers
  6. try downloading WTFast if it doesnt work gather other wows players and declare a riot in australia also invite some kangaroos to kick their asses Comprende? Ese?
  7. Vorshlaghammer666

    Super Yamato

    Very true.. Also if they were to add super yamato it wont float nor it wont turn like the normal yamato it will be hard to turn and very high concealment which makes the other battleships,cruisers and destroyers to stare ,burn ,torp and laugh at you while youre sinking You're dead... And that's final
  8. Vorshlaghammer666

    Colorado nerf ???

    to be honest Colorado seems to be the most manueverable Tier 7 Battleship in my Experience i hate the speed tho but i got Satisfying Results while playing with it i can even Defeat Nagato and North Carolina with it though i hate scharnhorst and gneisenau
  9. Vorshlaghammer666

    How to buy a REAL Aircraft carrier

    lol the government turned into pirates after seizing my aircraft carrier.. anyway the secondary problem of the bought carrier is the port.. of course the government wont just let you dock In there and do some of your shite. we're gonna need an Island or a huge land with walls in it "Like what the Japanese did when they was building the yamato"
  10. Vorshlaghammer666

    Thx WG for German Cruiser HE penetration buff!!!

    my Yorck is full of bad trip
  11. Vorshlaghammer666

    how fast is your download speed for update?

    go to NASA because they got 70gbps of internet there you can even pirate GTA V in a blink of the second
  12. Vorshlaghammer666

    New battleship?

    Bird Flu
  13. Vorshlaghammer666

    How to buy a REAL Aircraft carrier

    wait to see your leader's face when your country doesn't have an aircraft carrier but only you can afford it
  14. Vorshlaghammer666

    Omaha aft Turret?

    I think they forgot about that..
  15. Vorshlaghammer666

    How to buy a REAL Aircraft carrier

    this is just a crazy dream that ship lovers like to have if you are very rich.you like navy ships you like to buy an expensive boat so you choose a decommissioned old aircraft carrier How do you exactly buy one? do we need permissions from the leaders of your country or you could just buy it right away? what do we need to keep a private aircraft carrier at our homes? do we need to build a docking port or we can just dock it in the government ports? how much does it cost? where do we buy flawless carriers? I heard Russian carriers are faulty and shit Like what the Indian Navy experienced."not sure if it's real tho