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  1. Yamato_888

    [mod] Retail package from Team WSVN mod

  2. conan-sama i'd waited too long for this topic " Tatsuya sama"
  3. Yamato_888

    how to play IJN kawachi

    myogi ship ammunition too extreme deviation
  4. Yamato_888

    how to play IJN kawachi

    kawachi ship may say play like shit
  5. Yamato_888

    Is this game just too Hard?

    This game is not difficult to play very well
  6. Yamato_888

    Domination is robbing me of game time

    I feel that this mode is not suitable for acne too sometimes earn extra points or about to get killed by the enemy , they end up I felt very bored
  7. Yamato_888

    I thought this was fixed

    midway vs lexington 1vs1 ?
  8. Yamato_888

    [Premium] Ship Insurance System

    you just need to buy premium account or use the money
  9. Yamato_888

    So. Team killed.

    I hate team killer
  10. Yamato_888

    For Credits !

    You can use obama cruiser, hosho,kuma,cleverland
  11. Yamato_888

    For Credits !

    I use tirpizt like a farmer
  12. Yamato_888

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I'm Vietnamese, so i want to join Super Tester team