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  1. It's easy to fluke a solo warrior in a dd as long as you're playing domination (and not getting totally screws on points when your team dies) just run away and cap lol. I've been on the receiving end once, sucks to be in a bb when it's happening though as there ain't a hell of a lot you can do. I wish you couldn't earn them like that though, should require killing the enemy team.
  2. Rysup

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    Oops double post
  3. Rysup

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    The bad part for aus (maybe nz?) ppl is it's probably going to go up even higher with the way the au dollar's been flopping lately.
  4. Rysup

    blue line fix

    Hmmm this ad springs to mind for some reason... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KBLeAfl9_QY
  5. Rysup

    I need help playing mutsuki right way

    Good news for new Mutsuki drivers, provided you had the 10km torps unlocked on the minikaze prior to the new patch at least, they will be already unlocked and ready to buy once you get the b hull, no extra xp required.
  6. Wait there's actually a special message that pops up for doin nothing for a whole match??? I'm confused...
  7. Rysup

    Wretched X spawn

    The new straits map with the split spawns can be a bit hit and miss too. Not quite as bad as hot spot but still annoying when you're slow.
  8. Took home 512k in this match after repairs in a Murmansk.
  9. Rysup

    Winning. How important is it?

    Winning was everything until I had too many teams who decide to cap with 15 minutes to go, and the enemy let's them, everyone gets barely any xp and wastes their bonuses (be they flags or daily bonus)... But I guess that's what happens with standard battles (doesn't really happen in encounter due to the slow tick rate)
  10. Murmansk is great right. Carries really well in t6 max games. Here I am, 1600 base xp ahead of second place :p
  11. Rysup

    what did you do after get sunk?

    Add them to the postal list for when I finally lose the plot! /jk ;)
  12. Rysup

    are CV OP

    I beat out a taiho in my aoba (just)
  13. Rysup

    are CV OP

    80% win rate in my zuiho, avg damage 77k, in 10 games. Not OP at all!
  14. Rysup

    Why are people so passive?

    I plead drunkiness as to last night's affairs...
  15. I'm in Sydney on TPG. I've not had any major issues myself. But I really feel for the ppl that do. Even just the occasional bit of lag drives me nuts.