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  1. Thank you guys. Will definitely have to practice the rocket dodge, they are pretty much the bane of my existence.
  2. First off let me say I'm not a great player, win rate 46%. I used to main and really enjoy DD's, I have shima, harugumo and yueyang at tier X. I was never great but trying to help the team with spotting and contesting was always fun for me, I wasn't trying to top the score board or go off hunting a lone ship leaving my flank, I just tried to do my job. I have really struggled since the CV rework and became a bit jaded with the class and started playing cruisers but the pull of the class I enjoy kept drawing me back but after a game where i just get 3 rocket run destroyed in my shima or harassed to the point where I don't have the hp to do anything meaningful crushes my spirit and I leave the class alone again. I have tried to play more passively but then I tend to get more grief from my own team then the opposing CV. I am at a loss as to what I do and how I play. I don't want to be the guy that sticks 20km torps on the shima and sits back with the snipers. Can anyone give me advice or redirect me to actual guides as to how I play in this current day game, I want to improve and mainly get the enjoyment and the satisfaction that I have done my job helped the team and used my time well.
  3. Deacon_Frost

    Our server population now the transfer is (sort of) complete

    Also just a random interesting fact. If your clan commander transfers they stay in that position even if they are no longer on the server. Haha
  4. Deacon_Frost

    Social Wolves

    Do you guys welcome noobs? I have maybe played operations twice, so don’t really know the positioning and most efficient way to run them but am more then willing to learn.
  5. Deacon_Frost

    Migration server is ON time for you to decide

    Thank you. I did create an account a while ago and I think I remembered getting around the 120 mark but wasn’t sure.
  6. Deacon_Frost

    Migration server is ON time for you to decide

    Can anyone from Western Australia tell me what their ping is like to the NA server please?
  7. Deacon_Frost

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    On 11 currently not yet 😑
  8. Deacon_Frost

    Do you play on NA?

    Max_Rockatansky Surely everyone knows mad max
  9. I left when Cleveland was T6 and came back when it was T8 didn’t enjoy it as much and it was a grind to get to Seattle. I remember finally having the xp and credits to buy it and soon after thinking am I going to get any enjoyment out of this grind. The answer was no but I’m glad I did and got the Worcester it’s an enjoyable ship for me. T9 is the speed bump before T10 isn’t it?
  10. Deacon_Frost

    I cannot Decide what tier 10 to get

    To be honest at least it was the DD that you pretty much play like a cruiser anyway and concealment isn’t as important.
  11. Deacon_Frost

    0.8.0 wtf

    Just create a new game call it world of carriers and just let them go wild on each other. I can imagine it now 12 v 12, the sky will be black with the sound of music or something along those lines I don’t know haha.
  12. Deacon_Frost

    I cannot Decide what tier 10 to get

    Don’t get a DD the whole bases of the play style is using your concealment which is just about impossible to do with two or three CV’s in each game not to mention the radar ships
  13. Deacon_Frost

    0.8.0 wtf

    This is what happens when they pander to 5% of the playerbase that play CV’s to the detriment of the other 95%. I played a handful of games wasn’t impressed at all. Logged out and haven’t bothered logging back in. Actually went out and bought a few other games to play when I probably would have spent that on warships. I’ll wait the 6 months till they send me the offer to come back with a free or heavily discounted ship or something and there isn’t two sometimes three carriers in every game. Maybe by then things will be back to normal or I will probably have forgotten my love for the game by then and moved on to other things.
  14. Deacon_Frost

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    Yeah I'm kind of in the same boat I have about 550k fxp once converted so still 200 off but I'm wondering weather it's worth it or should I just continue to save for Alaska. In saying that I probably could just get Kron before its gone then spend the next couple of months working towards Alaska as we have more time to get it.
  15. Deacon_Frost

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    That's good because I'm terrible, this will take some time, haha. Thanks.