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  1. Deacon_Frost

    All in a day's work.

    Thank you for that, I'm not much of a pve player so didn't even think to go down that path.
  2. Deacon_Frost

    All in a day's work.

    There is no way I'm getting 500 hits with secondaries to finish this
  3. Deacon_Frost

    Can't claim a ship

    No worries, thanks for that. I didn't think I would get a free tier x ship
  4. Deacon_Frost

    Can't claim a ship

    I noticed I had a ship available to claim, it's probably been sitting there for a long time because I'm clueless of these things. It was the U.S.S.R Destroyer Grozovoi and it said for use in clan battles only so I tried to claim it and I got the message Transaction processing error please try again later. I waited a few hours came back to try again but I can't seem to find where I can try to claim it again. there was a picture of a container on the left of my screen but that is gone now so I have no idea where I'm supposed to go. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  5. Deacon_Frost

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    Read back over the last sentence of your first response. By saying "And please do not deny it" you have come to your own conclusions and basically said you do this often so you deserve it. If I try to deny it after this then your statement makes me a liar and then who will people side with the person who is a super tester with over seven thousand battles or the person with one thousand battles and no knowledge of the games mechanics. Any way the situation is done and dusted now, I spent my two games pink and went back to normal. Thank you everyone for the responses, I will just have to be more aware of my surroundings in future engagements when I'm in the same situation
  6. Deacon_Frost

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    When someone comes to a forum to ask a question about something, then it is pretty obvious they don't understand that particular mechanic. To then be jumped on and basically belittled for it by someone who has vast experience and knowledge of that mechanic and the game in general pretty much says it all. Thank you for your time though.
  7. Deacon_Frost

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    I love your instant hostility, the true sign of a bitter vetran. At what point in my post did I deny anything, I outlined the situation that had just happened and expressed my discontent towards the decision. I haven't been pink in a few weeks prior to this incident so not sure how long this threshold you speak of lasts for is calculated from. You keep enjoying that soap box that you obviously enjoying riding.
  8. Deacon_Frost

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with CO-OP but I don't play the game for that aspect. That was the consequence of the notice if I damage team mates in the next 2 games.
  9. Deacon_Frost

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    There surely has to be a better system that can be implemented then that, so in my next 2 games I have to tip toe around on egg shells because if a stray shot hits a team mate or the usual oblivious team mate that sails into your torps takes damage I get locked out of anything but CO-OP. Might be better just sailing into the enemy not firing and getting killed for 2 games.
  10. A few details, I'm playing a random battle in my Farragut, sitting in my smoke firing away when I get rammed by a cruiser basically T - Boned and pushed along out of my smoke where the cruiser then explodes and sinks and the message and voice over comes up saying I have received disciplinary action for damaging my allies. Why is this even a thing? I wasn't moving, wasn't even shooting in that direction. Then I get the warning once the battle is over Warning for unsporting conduct and I now have a teamkill penalty applied to me for 2 games. This hardly seems fair, I don't feel like I did anything wrong.
  11. Deacon_Frost

    Looking for an Aussie clan

    As the title suggests looking for an Australian clan, I have a couple of tier8 ships and have been leveling up a couple of different lines. Willing to learn and use coms etc. I'm 32 and I work away so I'm only home every second week but I put a fair bit of time into playing when I'm about. Sorry if this is in the wrong section I saw no topics in english relating to recruitment.