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  1. I left when Cleveland was T6 and came back when it was T8 didn’t enjoy it as much and it was a grind to get to Seattle. I remember finally having the xp and credits to buy it and soon after thinking am I going to get any enjoyment out of this grind. The answer was no but I’m glad I did and got the Worcester it’s an enjoyable ship for me. T9 is the speed bump before T10 isn’t it?
  2. Deacon_Frost

    I cannot Decide what tier 10 to get

    To be honest at least it was the DD that you pretty much play like a cruiser anyway and concealment isn’t as important.
  3. Deacon_Frost

    0.8.0 wtf

    Just create a new game call it world of carriers and just let them go wild on each other. I can imagine it now 12 v 12, the sky will be black with the sound of music or something along those lines I don’t know haha.
  4. Deacon_Frost

    I cannot Decide what tier 10 to get

    Don’t get a DD the whole bases of the play style is using your concealment which is just about impossible to do with two or three CV’s in each game not to mention the radar ships
  5. Deacon_Frost

    0.8.0 wtf

    This is what happens when they pander to 5% of the playerbase that play CV’s to the detriment of the other 95%. I played a handful of games wasn’t impressed at all. Logged out and haven’t bothered logging back in. Actually went out and bought a few other games to play when I probably would have spent that on warships. I’ll wait the 6 months till they send me the offer to come back with a free or heavily discounted ship or something and there isn’t two sometimes three carriers in every game. Maybe by then things will be back to normal or I will probably have forgotten my love for the game by then and moved on to other things.
  6. Deacon_Frost

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    Yeah I'm kind of in the same boat I have about 550k fxp once converted so still 200 off but I'm wondering weather it's worth it or should I just continue to save for Alaska. In saying that I probably could just get Kron before its gone then spend the next couple of months working towards Alaska as we have more time to get it.
  7. Deacon_Frost

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    That's good because I'm terrible, this will take some time, haha. Thanks.
  8. Deacon_Frost

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    The patch notes state. 'To get the bonus, simply win one Co-op, Random, Ranked or Scenario Battle. Blowing off Snowflakes will be rewarded with Coal and Steel. The type and amount of the resources varies depending on the type and tier of each ship'. So my question, if you don't win do you lose the snowflake anyway or can you repeat until you do win?
  9. I bought a 5 pack and got monaghan, T-61 and Prinz Eugene plus camos so can't complain. Not bad for 28 bucks
  10. Deacon_Frost

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Would love free xp to get the kron but that Is never going to happen so 30k coal so I can get musashi before it’s taken off the system
  11. Deacon_Frost

    Can I please get some advice about Russian destroyers

    Agreed I have probably played most of my games which I know isn't a lot compared to others in DD's mostly IJN and US and it is quite groan inducing to see 3+ radar ships on the opposing team knowing it's either going to be a bait out the radar and run mission or a stalemate around the caps until your team can help reduce the radar ships. That 11km plus radar really makes me cry.
  12. Deacon_Frost

    Can I please get some advice about Russian destroyers

    Thanks for all the advice, I agree I am being pressured but felt the need to help the team when in actual fact I just end up hindering them by dying early or needlessly. I currently have a 10 point captain and i did go for concealment expert first should I respec this or just take advanced fire training next available?
  13. I am up to the Kiev, I have watched gameplay videos etc. They state that the dd is not supposed to be played like a dd but more a mid range fighter and at higher tiers even further back with BB’s. I’m struggling with this as if I try to take it a bit slower or keep range my team is yelling at me in chat to go in and cap. My concealment is terrible and once I’m spotted I’m pretty much deleted straight away. Were these video guides wrong am I meant to play a different way or are my team mates not clued in on how to play this line? Also what do you do when your only 1 of 2 dd’s on your team? Surely you have to go for a cap but in doing so as above I’m not having any luck surviving. I’m pretty thick skinned and mostly ignore random crap team chat but I’ve been getting reported for going in to cap and reported for trying to take it slow so can’t seem to win. Sorry for formatting, I’m on my phone up at work.
  14. Deacon_Frost

    All in a day's work.

    Thank you for that, I'm not much of a pve player so didn't even think to go down that path.
  15. Deacon_Frost

    All in a day's work.

    There is no way I'm getting 500 hits with secondaries to finish this