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  1. Kiwirat

    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    Minor Bug: Has only appeared since 6.6 Using Standard Mode - Not Ultra Mode Locked on Target range not appearing in Torpedo reticle, but appears ok in gunsight reticle. Destroyers: Akisuki, Shiratsuru, Benson
  2. Kiwirat

    The hunt for Bismarck

    ...so are you saying that you can complete ALL the tasks and obtain the Bismarck for free without having to pay money to buy the Hood in order to complete the campaign ??
  3. Kiwirat

    The hunt for Bismarck

    So prove me wrong then..
  4. Kiwirat

    The hunt for Bismarck

    Yes this just another WOW scam to take real money. They wrap it up nicely as a campaign, but is purely a campaign to relieve you of money. This despite being free is one of the most expensive games to play if you want to be up there with competitive ships.
  5. Kiwirat

    ASIA Server crashing ?

    did Kim and the Donald start throwing stuff??
  6. "But you cited EA as a shining example of good behaviour..." LOL, read my OP again, where did I say that ? I simply used them and others as an example of pay upfront games that have a loyal playerbase. Elite Dangerous is an example of an upfront paid for game that has a considerable grind component within it and you can use your in-game earnings to ease the grind somewhat, but you do not have to go out and buy the priviledge with actual $$. In fact their dev's said they don't want it in the game as gamers themselves they hate the idea, plus its a good way to kill the game if you do. Sure they market accessories like ship paintjobs that you can buy but have no impact on the game mechanics. What WG are essentially doing is putting the wealthy players with nice toys at one end and the poorer guys at the other end while they laugh all the way to the bank. Again kudos to their financial genius !
  7. It would seem that the majority that have made a response to this thread have not taken much time to read my OP. First I started with the words "with respect." I also gave kudos to the developers for creating a great game. I am not flaming the game or the mechanics one bit. I acknowledged that it is a free to play game. I guess my point is that if they were honest about the potential costs, and charged players up front for the game, spent more time rewarding players without capitalising off them further they would probably get more loyalty. One just gets sick of the way they entice people to spend . Yes there is a choice to spend or not to spend. So kudos to their financial genius. BTW I don't care if my kill rate is not up there. I still play the game, and to those that just chose to abuse in the thread, well you just have a great day.
  8. While you have created a nice game you do yourself and your players a dis-service by calling this a "Free Game." With respect, you need to be honest. Yes it is free to download andtechnically a person can play the game for free. But as most have discovered that is not the reality of this game and it is certainly not in the minds of the developers. There are really no free rides here and I congratulate you for the crafting of the design to turn this supposed "freebie" into one of the most expensive MMO games around. As they say - there are no free rides. Yes as developers you should get a return for your effort. After all you have crafted a nice game. My point is you need to be upfront with your gaming community. Instead you have carefully crafted ways to take money at every turn in the game. To advance and have any sort of chance to survive superior ships etc the only way to advance in reality is to spend $$ after $$ on doubloons, and premium status or ships. You award 1.5 to 2.0 XP daily encouraging us to convert XP into free XP and so on. Every where we turn you have created more ways to take money from your players. Why can't you be honest and charge an upfront fee for the game like most of the other icon games in the industry. Currently you are behaving like leeches sucking blood out of players more and more. Many of us have played Battlefield, Elite, Elite Dangerous, Rainbow 6, Call of Duty, and so it goes on. These are paid for upfront and gain a respectful and loyal player base and in many cases the gaming community get behind them and develop add on applications. I do not see much of that happening here. I play in a large multi-country clan, who tried World of Tanks, and got into World of Warships when first released. Now less than a year down the track most have abandoned both these games. Why? Because they do not enjoy playing a game that is constantly bleeding them $$. Do they still play BF4 or Elite Dangerous etc, long after the release date? Yes they do! Mostly because of the way the game is launched and marketed, because they know and respect that they are getting a fair deal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy world of battleships but you have sucked your last doubloon off me and others I know.
  9. Kiwirat

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Well that's great, Wargaming, one vents the frustration about you doing nothing about a problem that is driving honest players nut and all I get is a profanity warning. If this is the best you can do well you can place the game where the sun does not shine. I am out of here, you do not get any more doubloons from this kid!!
  10. Kiwirat

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Well this blue line bs is just ruining the game, all day today just blatant blue lining, particularly cv's and BBs. This just makes for anger and frustration and not an enjoyable fair game. I am sick of abusing the [Redacted] and getting a hahah in return. Wargaming if you want to keep us onboard the ship and us buying your goods sort the crap out Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda