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  1. AncientRuffian

    Spelling mistakes in in-game messages

    Rejoice! They've fixed it!
  2. AncientRuffian

    HMS Tiger

    64. Born in 1954. My dad was 52, going on 53 when I was born. He was born in October 1901. Weirdly long gaps between generations in my family. :)
  3. AncientRuffian

    HMS Tiger

    Believe it or not, my father served on that ship as a midshipman wireless telegraphist, him being born in 1901 and lying shamelessly about his age to get into the navy during WW1. He missed out on Jutland, but was on "Tiger" when the German High Seas Fleet sailed into Scarpa Flow and surrendered. (Or surrendered and sailed into Scarpa Flow, I'm not sure which.) Dad had fond memories of her as a ship, but he wasn't with her for very long. Maybe because she was one of the early ships to launch catapult aircraft, he got interested in planes and transferred to what would become the Fleet Air Arm. ANd then in the twenties became a civvy and went to Hong Kong, but that's a whole 'nother story... As for what tier she should be, I can't see her surviving much above Tier VI. Unless she gets a "what if she hadn't been scrapped" style makeover via additional modules etc. Then she might cut it at Tier VII. A bit like Scharnhorst, but slower with more powerful guns.
  4. AncientRuffian


    Well, no, I don't disagree with a word of that. I don't assume that anyone posting on the forum is a kid - actually, I don't assume, full stop. And yes, I know the dangers in games and in real life of the "It's only a bit of fun" excuse for bad behaviour. People who set out to ruin a team game for their own selfish gratification are what I call anti-social players and need to be called out for it, using the reporting procedures available. My initial tongue in cheek question about fun was just that - tongue in cheek. A throwaway line with a smiley face symbol - :) - following it.
  5. AncientRuffian


    Nice metaphor, but I think it's stretching a point to compare the solitary creation of a work of art to the collective activity of playing a team game. I understand your frustration and the need to vent about it - my initial question was about why people play the game if it isn't for fun. WG obviously thought when they designed the game that the tier system would automatically stratify players so that like players would be matched against like. However, progress up through the tiers is clearly not based on skill, but on experience. I am an experienced WOWS player (not as experienced as you, Max_Battle) but I'd be the first to admit that I'm not that good at the game. I'd like to see a system that matched me against people who shared my skill level, more or less. That would mean not just looking at battles fought and won, but number of battles survived and amount of damage dealt. We would then advance only as we improved. That would mean, like most team sports, there'd be the top-tier players who are deadly serious and bloody good at it, and at the other end the ones like me, in it for our own idea of fun, and not too fussed if we win or lose. Nobody needs to be excluded unless they're genuinely anti-social players who go out of their way to piss people off. Thanks for the tip - I hope to report in a future post that I have learned the gentle art of not dying in the first two minutes. :)
  6. AncientRuffian


    As Hamlet once said, "Aye, there's the rub." Doing something for fun means doing something for enjoyment. I do not expect to be brilliant at everything I do for enjoyment, whether it's writing poetry, playing computer games, singing off-key in the shower or whatever. What's important is that I enjoy it. If I stop enjoying it, I stop doing it. At the moment I'm enjoying playing WOWS - I haven't played the Raptor scenario yet, and given the way people have been talking about it, probably won't. I'm bound to stuff something up and get other players in a lather over it. I mostly stick to co-op, because one very seldom gets abused there for not playing in the prescribed manner (which no one has been able to explain to me, by the way. Yes, I know there are tutorials and You Tube videos, but as well as enjoying myself, I still have a year and a bit to go before I can stop doing other things, like working.) Some people like to play the game because their idea of fun is steaming around shooting at enemy ships. I like doing that. I also like the ships themselves, and finding out about them and so on. I like to win, but I'm not so silly as to think I'm good enough to win every time. I don't like getting blown up in the first two minutes, but I accept it happens from time to time. When it does, the first person I blame is myself, for not seeing it coming. The last people I blame are the other players.
  7. AncientRuffian


    If one is NOT playing WOWS for fun, what is one playing it for??? Can one earn money playing it? If so, please tell me how - I'm retiring soon and could probably use the extra income. :)
  8. AncientRuffian

    Chat bans

    I think the real "snowflakes" are people who cannot accept that they are playing an MMO game where there are huge variations in players' skill levels, internet connectivity and understanding of naval warfare. Until WG sets some kind of entry exam to play their game (which they won't, thank goodness), one cannot reasonably expect players who don't meet some mythical WOWS standard of game-play to not participate. Unfortunately, however, the people who lack the mental strength, patience and understanding to accept this rather glaringly simple fact have a habit of name-calling and abusive behaviour in-game when things don't go their way, which is why a lot of us end up playing co op battles. I personally have no way of telling who is a bot and who isn't, and I doubt the OP has either. Just because someone in a Yamato citadels me in the first minute of game-play and blows me to smithereens does not make them a bot. It makes them a good player with a superb aim, and me either singularly unlucky to come up against them, or a tad careless in my situational awareness ( I tend to err in that way quite a lot). Similarly the person whose Nagato is just sitting there on the ocean getting hammered at will by the enemy and not responding is not necessarily AFK - it's more likely their internet connection has dropped out. That's happened to me before, and I'm sure it's happened to a lot of people who read these posts. I would suggest to the OP that if they want to avoid getting chat-banned, they work on the way they point out the shortcomings in other peoples' game-play. There is polite, e.g. "All BBs please we need help up here," to direct (blunt even) e.g. "Yamato move up NOW and support!" Abusive we all know and don't need any further examples of. Similarly, there is no point in calling the commander of a destroyer who has just run into an ambush and been sunk a "Noob" repeatedly. His/her ship's gone - what can they do about it? All calling them a noob does is make you look like an intolerant arrogant know-all jerk. Especially if your ship's already been sunk and you're just spectating. Sorry about the wall of text, but player behaviour is the one thing that makes or breaks this game.
  9. AncientRuffian

    Question About RN DD

    I "bought" a container with sovereigns earned in-game that had a mission in it, and once I'd completed the mission I was given an Acasta, which is not a brilliant ship but hey, it was free.
  10. AncientRuffian

    Spelling mistakes in in-game messages

    It would be nice if, in missions that involve the Royal Navy, we could at least spell "victorious" correctly. Correct spelling isn't just for pedants - it's a reflection of how professional one is.
  11. AncientRuffian

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    I've just updated to 0.7.9, I've got my fleet sitting in the new Port of London (very nice, by the way), but when I select the tech tree tab and look in the UK section, nothing has changed. There are no destroyers - there aren't even ghosts of destroyers with "Coming soon" or "Watch this space" or anything to suggest that destroyers of the British kind were ever anything but the product of my fevered imagination.
  12. AncientRuffian

    Bots gone mad?

    There also seems to be zero tolerance now for friendly fire. I accidentally torped an allied destroyer and got "pinked" for five battles. No chance to appeal or explain. The guy must've been on the other side of the ship I was targeting, and I was using long-range torps. Following my ignominious recolouring, I joined one battle where half our fleet was pink. I haven't played the game for about five months, so is this a new thing, or has it been the way things are for a while now?
  13. AncientRuffian

    Questioning players ambition / motive when play WoWs

    I like the battle itself. To win or lose is of secondary importance, although it's always nice to win. I hate it when my ship is sunk in the first few minutes of an engagement - the best battles for me are the ones where I survive to the end or almost the end, and the battle itself is so close it goes down to the wire. Battle experiences in decreasing order of preference: 1) survive battle, make a meaningful contribution, close victory. 2) almost survive battle, make a meaningful contribution, close victory. 3) & 4) the above two scenarios, substitute close defeat. 5) survive battle, do some damage, but the enemy team collapses. 6) almost survive battle, as per no. 5. 7) & 8) scenarios 5 & 6, but our team collapses. 9) Get sunk in first few minutes. Win or lose, it's a really horrible experience.
  14. AncientRuffian

    Whole teams melting all the time

    Regarding teams melting, I've noticed this as well. It comes from chance, initially, as one team finds itself in a brilliant attacking position while the other has blundered into a trap. More often than not - about 57% of the time - I find myself in the team that has blundered into a trap. If I am a) lucky and b) thinking quickly enough, I can survive the first five minutes, and then, win or lose, the game is more enjoyable. If not, my little Russian destroyer gets obliterated and I have a long wait before I can pick up the pieces and start again. Regarding skill, I'd have to admit I'm an average to slightly below average player. I've got bad eyesight and I make "tunnel vision" type mistakes. If I'm interpreting some of the "uber-gamers" comments correctly I probably shouldn't be allowed to pollute the digital oceans with my unworthy presence. But look on the bright side. I make you guys look good. I inflate your XP scores. And until WG says I can't, I'm playing this game. Deal with it.