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  1. is all weebs talking disgust level as you i don't close to your kind of people
  2. every ships seems bad when you play it look at the stats first
  3. i liked t9 premium free exp ships but i didn't want to play nelson after few battle played and still it is main reason is armor is so bad for t7 it always have high chance of random citadel hit it citadel from front (not thinkable for most battleships) it citadel from more than 60'angled (cause its not cruiser) and get high damage from common over200mm he so it feels like paper i know nelson have warspite like good gun for t7 but this ship is very slow for t7 and having bad armor at same time make this ship nothing but damage rating whore other middle tier battleships doesn't get citadel randomely and when they looks good chance to citadel hit at mid-long range not that high chance to deal massive damage as they seen but nelson is totally opposite of that nelson feels battleship version of uk cruisers without smoke or speed of course it have some armor cause its battleship but that armor is not a battleship level
  4. sure but it have good range thats so
  5. already grindy to get t10 and grind more to get new equip? individually? also moslty new equip is too unbalanced each other so it could be very bad are they designed without consider anything about individual ship's or this game at all i want to ask them when they stop to buffing japan ca with nerfing american ca when they fix division with ca have high winrate even from average players when they buff kurfirst and nerf conqueror when they stop buffing grozoboi
  6. they don't deserve to fix game balance but i do cause i have some brain about battleship this game needs 2 of fixes 1 is nerf english battleships he shell fire chance 2 buff german battleships main gun accuracy don't add t10 equipments its broken for now if it was balanced i glad for but its not
  7. jiyeonlee

    premium shop collection boxes in bug

    why you saying like you sure? its funny you don't know how to play wows until 11000battles and still normal skilled? clearly theres intuition level difference of you and me hahaha
  8. now i and other people and all of them didn't get single token from boxes numbers are quite lot i saw 500 boxes at least and just checked exp missions simply wg didn't added entire thing about early access yet commander collection was worked well so just reward them all with f.battleships tokens
  9. jiyeonlee

    i want to beat amateur patch manager

    [Content Redacted] Threats of out of game violence. Post edited. User sanctioned. ~Syanda
  10. what was 1hour 30min for? you even played bot game once? ever you does after test?
  11. at least we need reward i paid times and money for premium and ships i know wg does minimum pay for like this happen but this is most bad mistake i ever seen your 1hour 30min test time was nothing and patch was not big other country online games never does like this even steam games never take 10hour for shut server and do something we really want to talk you worst at your face real worst, at your face wargaming
  12. 1 if more than 2group of torpedo bomber bomb same place cross or side it can't be avoidable even you are a cruiser not like arty carrier can spot you and bomb you himself and least you get hit by one torpedo and its super powerful 2 enemy bomber come right above of me and my cruiser does absoultely no damage at enemy planes important is enemy carrier is same tier as my cruiser and really no freakin damage with full upgraded aa guns 3 can't avoidable torpedo just fired under 1km distance front of me and it was very dirty even while this dirty happening totally no damage or just 1plane down for payback 4 they can do all important things for no panelty scout for no risk and can do massive damage conrtol is easier than other ships unlike wot warships are much slower and one torpedo does same damage as 1arty shells even firerate is not slower almost same as spgs each group and can bomb multiple times at once i mean wot arty type have to be supporter in aos games not a ruler its common sense