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  1. Echo_8_ERA

    Wows Clans Beta

    Are clans cross-server (aka people from every server can join the same one) or is it a per-server thing?
  2. Echo_8_ERA

    Ranked Battles Chapayev

    You do know that only applies to early WWII torps, right? All the US DDs with long ranged torps will be unaffected by applying your brand of realism.
  3. I'll be using the New Orleans. If I managed to get Rank 5 with Pensacola last season, I should do better this time.
  4. Echo_8_ERA

    would you want to see a battleship/cruiser only game lobby

    Honestly, I'd rather have a Cruiser/Destroyer-only lobby. A couple months back, I had a T10 game in my New Orleans with no BBs and it was glorious. Cruiser armour actually meant something and people actually moved in because they weren't afraid of being deleted in one salvo.
  5. Echo_8_ERA

    The Yamoto seems misplaced at T10

    Isn't this the same case with Des Moines and Hindenburg/Zao/Moskva? In that it's the only real ship in its group of peers?
  6. Echo_8_ERA

    Graphics card necessary to run WoWs on max settings

    I can attest to this. I get 60FPS with all settings maxed out with Intel i5-3570k, GTX 750Ti and 12GB DDR3-1600. I also have a VM, 3 separate browsers w/ 12+ tabs each and VS2015 in the background.
  7. Echo_8_ERA

    please T3 to t5 ranked battles

    I know that. Just wanted to burst their bubble about ship ranges being similar at those tiers. Heck, the T5 German and Russian cruisers outrange even T8 Japanese and American cruisers too, IIRC.
  8. Echo_8_ERA

    please T3 to t5 ranked battles

    Um, you already get the problem of 21.3km sniping Kongos at T5. I also despise playing low tiered ships, and the lowest I have played in months is the T5 Kamikaze R.
  9. Echo_8_ERA

    SEA server and why it's horrible.

    If anyone here is trying to imply that their knowledge is greater than anyone else's, it's you. You dismiss any post that doesn't agree with your opinion. Heck, you are attacking my character, all because I dared to be the most vocal about the viability of AS CVs. That matters how? Your entire position is that AS CVs have no effect on the game. You are too fixated on direct action as to what constitutes as influencing the game. My CV playstyle is less direct action and more supportive, and my stats reflect it. I mean, I could put in more effort in trying to shoot down more planes, sink ships, etc., but unlike most people, I actually try to have faith in my teammates. I mean, I could try to intercept the strike package heading towards a friendly North Carolina who's supported by cruisers, but I'd spend my time doing things that would help the team win rather than trying to pad my stats. My win rate would probably be even higher if I had my Lexington back during the multi-CV days. Unlike most people, I don't care about big damage numbers, so I'd be happy to take the role of maintaining air superiority, allowing my partner CV to pull off unopposed strikes.
  10. Echo_8_ERA

    SEA server and why it's horrible.

    Yes. Spoonfeed me. Because clearly, I'm not seeing the same things you do. I also don't go around checking people's stats willy-nilly, so I don't know who is a unicum, nor do I care. The only time I check is when people make an outrageous claim/stance/proposal/etc. and I feel the need to verify if they have the experience to back it up. And what do random battles have to do with anything? AS CVs still have an effect on random games, if reduced. If you actually checked my stats instead of calling me a stat hider, you would have seen that I have a higher than average W/L in Independence, Ranger and Lexington despite *gasp* running AS, so clearly AS is working for me. Heck, despite doing a piddly 37k/game in my Lexington vs your 85k/game in your Shoukaku, I have a slightly higher W/L. Where did I ever say anything to that effect?
  11. Echo_8_ERA

    SEA server and why it's horrible.

    Name them please. I mean, I looked at all the posts from CV players before the post I quoted earlier: R3negade saying that AS is better since strike loses the game more often than not stratmania saying that AS is too reliant on the team to win Syanda saying that AS CVs are better for the team AkaNoPoi saying it's fun when divisioned StayMad saying it's necessary in organized games Quithelion admits they play AS Bougue in order to troll enemy CVs Deicide complaining about AA and the removal of CV sniping You get one maybe (stratmania) and one confirmed (Deicide, though does it count when they talk about a different issue?). Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if I could get a versatile loadout like Lexington's old 2/1/1, but as it stands, when playing as any other class, I'd rather an AS CV on my team than a strike one. Sorry, your post looked more like a complaint about AA as opposed to one about AS CVs being useless
  12. Echo_8_ERA

    SEA server and why it's horrible.

    Are you delusional or something? No one but you has actually stated that AS CVs are useless. Also, I'm pretty sure I've posted here, own a Lexington, and have run AS CVs since Independence (when it was still 2/0/2).
  13. Echo_8_ERA

    Why is War Gaming so bad at balancing aircraft carriers

    Pretty sure no one argues that IJN DDs are fine. We just blame BBabies for what happened to them rather than any national biases. I mean, I would love for their torps to be unnerfed so we can be rid of this BB-heavy meta.
  14. Echo_8_ERA

    Why is War Gaming so bad at balancing aircraft carriers

    The problem is by the margin they are superior. If one nation is blatantly superior, people will flock to it, basically killing diversity and defeating the entire purpose of having separate nations. I mean, aside from Midway/Hakuryuu and the low tier CVs, you basically had twice as many IJN CVs as you did US CVs for the last two weeks on the Asian server.
  15. Echo_8_ERA

    SEA server and why it's horrible.

    IMO, strike CVs are selfish $^@# who delude themselves that they help the team.