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  1. Storm_Raiser

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    I read: "In the coming Update, we've optimized the Port even further. The Exterior section now has improved performance: the mounting of signals, camos, and flags is much faster. This will be especially noticeable if you have a multitude of signals, camouflages, and flags." And wonder: Does this mean we are finally getting a "Demount all" button for signal flags?
  2. I am also having the same problem.
  3. Storm_Raiser

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    Lots of interesting stuff... but STILL no "Demount all" button for signal flags.
  4. Storm_Raiser

    Missing missions

    Anyone else missing some of the "Great white fleet" missions .... only the 15k base XP one is showing up for me in game .... parts 1,2 & 3 seem to be missing.
  5. Contents of these containers is shown on NA article but not on SEA for some reason.
  6. Storm_Raiser

    Ranked off to a boring start again

    Lucky you. I haven't seen LESS than 2 Musashi per team on my way to rank 10 ... most games had 3 or 4 per team.
  7. Storm_Raiser

    Didn't even say a thing...

    Did 157K damage in my Conqueror and got a "Witherer" achievement .... -8 Karma.
  8. Storm_Raiser

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    The one thing I would change to make it so there is no more +2 MM ... T5 Vs T7 and T8 Vs T10 are particularly bad.
  9. Storm_Raiser

    Aigle Missions

    next mission is tomorrow ... go here: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/fr-challenge-package/
  10. Storm_Raiser

    What ports you guys want to see in-game next?

    I would like to see Portsmouth or Southampton.
  11. Storm_Raiser

    Aigle mission part 19

    Kamikaze R: sink 4 ships, job done.
  12. I did it first attempt in Emerald in a tier 7 game so it's not that hard.
  13. Storm_Raiser

    Aigle Marathon mission missing.

    It just appeared ... only 1 hour late
  14. Storm_Raiser

    Aigle Marathon mission missing.

    I wonder if it's everyone ... Us 2 and my clan commander all seem to be affected ... no-one else I asked seems to speak English so not sure.
  15. Storm_Raiser

    Aigle Marathon mission missing.

    I guess WG messed up AGAIN ... just wanted to make sure it's not just me.