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  1. Hi ReNation Thank you for you advise. I have earned the reward. :)
  2. I can't complete both Bismark and Dunkirk collection. I got about 30 duplicates for each collection that why I cann't complete and earn the rewards !!!!!!!!!. What can I do for this ?
  3. same as you, no response after the ticket was accepted
  4. With respect, Spending money less than other servers caused Asia server no flag or supplier in premium shop is not fair and unreasonable. Also,The cycling that you said is not true because Asia server will sell only premium ship (loop of Saipan, Mikhail kutozov, Indianapolish, etc) then Deep sea Treasure, No others than these. What I want is just equality.
  5. Why Asia server has no Flag in Premium shop, while the other servers sell signal flag for all times.
  6. After nerfing, The fire range is only 11.2 KM (not including AFT skill) compare with the detectable range wish is 10 KM. Is it balance when I can meet against with Gearing or Shimakaze at only 5.xx KM. TT
  7. Just want to let you guys know that my case is in processing. For those who got the same issue with me, please send the ticket. Thanks.
  8. I have sent a ticket. Thank you for your advise. For those who got the same problem with me, Do you have any update from support team about this case?
  9. regrading to this link: http://worldofwarships.asia/th/news/specials-and-events/wows-1st-bday-celebration/ I had played for 3000+ games but i got only 10 Dragon Flag. Actually, I should get 200 of Dragon Flags. Does something wrong?