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  1. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    WoWS down again?

    Pretty sure it's just the patch update this time 🙂
  2. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic


    Now you need to make sure certain Cruisers have Depth Charges so we can hut down the Submarines! Then the game will be complete!
  3. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    The Carrier Rework Kneejerk

    Having read all of the above, I would like to say I really enjoy the new CV's play style. 1.it's far more immersive than before: I get to personally fly the planes. 2. It has a higher skill level and a steeper learning curve. 3. Am I good at it no. But I am getting better every time I try it. 4. My main concern is that it is very difficult to get a decent score with it and I think the damage numbers need to be looked at more carefully in an effort to entice people to actually feel that it is worth giving the CV's a go. 5. Another con is that all the CV haters will hate, and that tends to make it miserable for any player trying to become good at the current CV meta. The first thing they see or hear is "oh no there is a CV in the match." Tends to be a downer. 6. Every new patch they are tweaking them....trying to make them better. I personally believe that they will get them balanced as well as the AA, the flak and every other issue, we just have to give WOW a chance to accomplish this. Finally: As mentioned in the original post. People and especially WOW players don't like change, especially when they have been comfortable with something in game for so long. But we need to give this time and we need to try and make it work with out being too negative. Besides if you think this is bad.....wait until they bring in Submarines and depth charges on DD's and Cruisers, then you will really hear an uproar!!!! lol 🤣
  4. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Equal across the board! WOW!!!!!

    Ok Noted thanks guys we'll see what happens
  5. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Equal across the board! WOW!!!!!

    Well, well, well, here's a revelation everyone! We here in the Asian Server, have to buy the Alaska for 1 million Free XP! To get that, we earn it over many months or, we by Doubloons.... To get enough Doubloons to convert our XP to Free XP (enough to get the Alaska), it would cost me here in Australia $196.00 AUD in real money So...not only do we have to spend real money to get the Doubloons, then we have to convert our hard earned xp to Free XP, with our paid for in real money Doubloons, (losing the Doubloons we had to buy) and then lose all that Free XP (1 Million) to obtain the ship. When on the US Server you can obtain the Alaska for a measly $97.00 dollars US right NOW! Yep....Right NOW! Does anyone feel that this is a tad inequitable???? Anyone????? Every person, on every server, in every country, should be able to get the Alaska at the same time, for the same equivalent currency of that country. Because I'll tell you now; that like this, we are all, (except of course the Americans), being screwed!!!!! or to put it politely Cheated!!!!!
  6. Brilliant! I play on the Asian server and we definitely need these lines of ships. Even something prototype for bigger tiers so we can have something to call our own in this game!
  7. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    First week of Clan Battles is over, so now what happens? 1: let's say we won, why is our oil not been given to us, and why are we not on the clan ranking page? 2: We are obviously playing as we are already in the preparation stage for the next week ends battle, but we still are having these issues. is anyone having the same issues and can some one guide or direct us to an answer Cheers. Wolven
  8. It seems to me that the reason half the ships get nerfed or buffed is because a massive amount of players complain that they can win or beat a certain ship. It's these cry baby, snowflake, whiners, that the developers listen to and decide to change things (usually for the worst). For Pete sake learn how to play each ship as they all have unique disadvantages and advantages. Stop cringing and complaining that they need to be nerfed to massage you ego so you can win a game or two. The one thing I will say is that: ships that are not available anymore i.e. Missouri, Belfast, etc should be balanced and brought back into the game for people who weren't around at the time they were available. rather than the developers saying they don't want to upset the balance of the game by bringing them back. it's already upset because some people have them and others don't. So....fix up the balance issues, let everyone have the chance to win, buy, or obtain the ships through grinding and Free XP and make everyone happy. I mean, who wouldn't want the famous Missouri in their collection etc. It's not hard to fix problems just do it, do it right, and do it right now!
  9. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Why does WG force me to lose the majority of battles I join?

    The green bots are useless: They are designed to lose against the red bots, hoping that you will have a human somewhere in the green bot team. However, when it's you and 7 other green bots it IS very frustrating. I've seen bots protect a cap on the other side of the map which has already been capped by the team and do nothing to help you , (a single ship) against 6 other red bots. All I'm suggesting is that the Ai. people/testers in WOW need to perhaps look at the green bot team and at least give them a smidgen of some kind of intelligence so that when a human is playing with an all bot green team you don't have to rescue all the green bots and try to keep them alive. Anyhow it's something to think about. As for humans against humans in Random,.....they are all idiots lol 😛
  10. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Special Cashback Doubloon Offer

    So according to the page on WORD of warships the offer is available now! Quote: Commanders! New Cashback Doubloon offer is here to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Get the most use from our special Premium shop offer: buy the goodies and bundles you need and receive Cashback Doubloons for your purchases during a week! Make purchases in Premium Shop from February 8 00:00 @ UTC+8 to February 11 22:59 @ UTC +8! But according to the timer it says it doesn't start for 3 days. ???? I'm confused!!!
  11. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Starting to become rediculous

    It seems that many of the ships that I and other people want to buy with our hard earned doubloons or/experience are disappearing. Went to buy the Musashi - gone; went to buy the KII - gone; Wanted to buy the Massachusetts - gone. Now you have to buy them with cash and all the not so good ships are still available for Doubloons. Why take them out of the tech tree so we can't get them? we have bought the doubloons so you are still getting you moneys worth, it just seems like you are punishing us and now we can't get the ships we want and we have to buy them with more real money. Also (my normal beef), Fore Pete's sake nerve the Mighty Mo and the Belfast, make them so they are still good but not over powered and break the game balance and bring them back for all those millions of people who want them, and can't get them because you won't take the time to fix the problem. I collect like many of us do, and who wouldn't want the Mighty MO. Seriously, it couldn't be that hard, and you would make lots of sales by just doing this and being fair to those people who will never get a chance of obtaining these ships except by a lottery system which is just a money grab. Love the game, but developers you can do better! Cheers, Wolf
  12. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Special Cashback Doubloon Offer

    Yes! As the previous post says, if the offer only applies to the World of Warship website premium area, then this NEEDS to be clarified, or you are going to get some really unhappy players! So in the best interest of the company and the clients I suggest you make this abundantly clear.
  13. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Enough is enough

    Ok I get it it's new, it's a change and everyone is not sure about it. My opinion: I love flying the planes, the learning skill curve is high, but I'm getting there. Positives are: it's more realistic it is fun to fly and attack in this format, it's a challenge, and most of all the CV's don't dominate the map anymore. Playing with other ships: I believe you have to rework you ships modules and Captain skills a bit, this makes a huge difference. You also need to re think your game play. Use the side to side advantage of the 125% bonus to the AA on your ship. be in the right direction when the planes come. Stay in your designated groups. DD's continue their scouting role, but Ca's need to be close to their BB's to protect them and for group response to the plane attacks. Planes think twice when they have to encroach on the AA firing circle of three ships. This playstyle or strategy works well and is actually reminiscent of real life. Ca's are never too far from the capital ships. All in all I have enjoyed the challenge and the new game play: this may not be brilliant stats, but in one Random game I shot down 39 planes, got 2 kills in a ca and we won the game by using these strategies. Ended up with 300,000+ credits. WOW has said that they needed us to play to finalise the balancing. So....let's play work out the balancing, try new strategies and then in a few months time when the premium CV's come out we will have a great new Game style to enjoy and we will be better at it. Wolven
  14. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Older Premium ships being made available

    Well if that is the case, fix them and make them available for everyone. Balance them. Why should some people have them and others not!!! There is always a way to make things fairer. They can buff and nerf other ships why not do the same with these and allow everyone to get them. Rather than have a money grab lottery and hope that you might get lucky. 😒
  15. Wolf_of_the_Antarctic

    Older Premium ships being made available

    Hi, I've been playing since 2015. I love this game. However, I feel that there are a few ships many have and many don't, that need to be made available to those (for whatever reason) who missed out on them. I can think of the Missouri and the Belfast a examples, but there are plenty more. Even if they were brought back to the premium shop for a day (announced with plenty of warning) or a week, it would give many players the opportunity to get ships which have been available in the past but are unobtainable now. This is not just for game play but for historical value as well, I mean who wouldn't want the Mighty MO??? Even if they were brought back for an anniversary like the day WW2 ended etc. Also imagine the boost to funding of WOW that would occur if they were to go on sale for a specific length of time 😁 Anyhow, this is just a thought, hope the developers might consider it. All the best, Wolven