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  1. Oriental_Resurgence

    HotFix: Game Balance

    The only thing I hope to add is that, Binocular for plane squad and increase view range for aerial observation. It is so pain to play cv alone not knowing what is going on above the sea surface
  2. Oriental_Resurgence

    Armada: Indomitable

    Why not releasing her in in-game doubloon ship section at the same time? I am curious why I can't spend the doubloon I bought with real money to buy whatever available in client. It just doesn't make sense. I already got almost 40,000 doubloon spare to spend, and I am not into lootboxes.
  3. Oriental_Resurgence

    [コンテスト] ゴールデンウィーク作戦

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  5. 你的眼睛還好嗎?請不要太沉迷遊戲,為閣下的健康著想,請考慮移除遊戲顆顆
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    WOWMonkey to day

  9. 哈哈你不想想那些給戰艦一擊回港口巡洋的感受?他們不感到大打擊嗎? 這遊戲的規律就是:戰艦吃巡洋,巡洋吃驅逐,驅逐吃戰艦,航母就通吃(你操作得好的話) 一句建議:你不賣巡洋戰友,你就不會受這種情況折磨,顆顆
  10. Oriental_Resurgence

    JP DD 0.6.4

    Don't worry mate. WG will buff IJN DD later, for its gun which never fired for stealth LOL
  11. Oriental_Resurgence

    How should I do?

    Nothing you can do versus AS load out CV unless he is noob enough or being a bot. AS load out CV just ruined your day, just like mine. AS load out just make no sense for game play interaction.
  12. Oriental_Resurgence

    Is German line cruiser really worth to play?

    Germany Cruisers only worth your grind from Roon To Hindenburg, having good RoF and railgun AP, T8 or below simply don't enjoyable.
  13. Oriental_Resurgence

    USN CV Tier 8+ Should I?

    You can only get a good US CV with balanced loadout since Midway's 212.
  14. Oriental_Resurgence

    Anyway to make DB work?

    No, they just don't work. Manual bomb drop of US CV just don't worth for your aiming effort. Let pray to WG for Making CV Great Again (since 2016)....
  15. Oriental_Resurgence

    WG, Can T9 permanent camo get a credit bonus?

    I have finished the grind to T10 ships, but it doesn't mean I dont love T9's. Some T9 are good enough to buy a perman camo. Yet, the price of T9 camo 4000 Doubloon just don't worth when compared with T10's perman camo.