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  1. capt_cannonballs

    [UPDATED] Your Server-Transfer Invitation - Limited-Time Offer

    Sorry to hear all of you also had the same troubles as I did, but am a little relived its not just me.... I was able to get in touch with the NA customer service but they have not yet replied. My guess is they are just backlogged with all the transfers and its a first come first serve type of deal. I thought we were to get an email once it was completed? Has anyone got that email?
  2. capt_cannonballs

    After Patch A while ago

    its the patch
  3. capt_cannonballs

    Firing lag 0.4.5

    sounds like mix of lag from server and de sync
  4. capt_cannonballs

    Getting lag and disconnected after patch.

    same problem here
  5. capt_cannonballs

    Reporting lag issues

    is it the patch the problem causing the ping or the volume of patch downloaders overloading the server? cause if it is the latter it will get better sooner. as for me this morning right after patch with 100 players online i pinged over 500000 with the CV, this afternoon with DD-CA ping was back under 100. BUT now i cant connect to server did it crash?
  6. capt_cannonballs

    alternate history

    Here is a topic i wanted to float to see what peoples thoughts are. 1) germany wins the battle of britain and goes ahead with operation sealion, before turning towards the east. thus keeping it a 1 front war. 2) when germany does attack russia japan also attacks russia. as hitler had hoped 3) japan never attacks pearl harbor. thus not giving rosevelt the excuse to enter the war. what would the outcome of these actions possibly be? would the usa have entered ww2? there was a tv show men in high castles that was a fictional history if the allies had lost the war. just wanted your ideas feel free to blast me over the total off topic posting.
  7. capt_cannonballs

    torpedo range

    i agree i was just posting in a hope some might see it hahaha... oh well even if it stops 1 its worth the typing time.
  8. capt_cannonballs

    looking for division

    hi all. i am hoping to find other players who are looking to form division of english speaking people. the main reason for the english is so the division can work together for a common goal, rather than everyone being a 1 person navy. requires: * willing to work as a team. * able to understand english * tier 5 and above. * NO BLUE LINERS please right now i have found a few people who are of the same mind for team work but they are not as available to division as i am. if you are interested just add me it the in game chat. by the way i prefer to use destroyers and cruisers.
  9. capt_cannonballs

    torpedo range

    Hi all. just some help for noobs here as i am getting tired of torpedo spaming noobs and lack of knowing the way to use torpedos. sorry to seem like a know it all. just trying to help a few people if they want it. so here goes: 1) know your torps range. japanese between 7km to 20kms 2) dont shoot infront of your teams ships. 3) even if your torps have a 10km range remeber that your target is also moving so if he is at for example 6.5kms and you have 7km range all he needs to do is move away .5kms and its going to be out of range. so to be effective you need to know a few things, your range, enemy speed and heading, and lead time. the first 2 you do for yourself the lead is the white spike from your ship. 4) torpedo detection range. this is how far away your target will see the incoming torps. and evade them. the closer you launch the less time they have to evade them. and the greater the chance of a hit and sinking. thanks to OP for the chart of range and detection and speeds.
  10. capt_cannonballs

    Last days for blue liners

    not trashing as being an a$$ but like " hows it feel to ride the wall ( players name ) ?" little digs to get them unfocused. yeah of course with the way this game is more people would be banned for trash talk that many people do, rather than for blue lining which 9 out of 10 people hate. smart way to deal with things.
  11. capt_cannonballs

    Team killing

    copy thanks for the answer as always.
  12. capt_cannonballs


    hi all. can someone answer this for me please. do you need to activate replay function in the game ( after changing the pref file) ? or is it always recording? and what is the button to take screen shots? thanks in advance
  13. capt_cannonballs

    Team killing

    hi all. i have accidentaly tkd people with torps, not due to spam but other players cutting infront of me in between me and the enemy even at close range as i like the close in torp shots hehehe.... how is this going to effect being banned? i also had a few long range torp shots that people turned into when the shots would go clear of them. so these 2 faults can lead to being banned? ao for others stupid moves i can lose premium days? just curious. also i do always say sorry to the person who took the hits. i guess a clear question would be is does the system that looks at tks know the difference between true accidents and actual tk'ing players?
  14. capt_cannonballs

    Mahan Rework

    i agree, i have been burned by reloding torp launchers loading just as i try to fire the next launcher and it twerks my shot..... and it would also be nice to have the choice of angle for torp shot. great idea OP
  15. capt_cannonballs

    Last days for blue liners

    didnt help with blue line Cheap.Cheating,mother loving, shiphead cowards wer at it so bad today on all maps i played. giving up on wg ever doing anything any time soon, so just taken to trashing the skunks on the chat till they cant think to play hahaha.... shame on the cowards easy to see how they got high tier ships so fast did the new patch even come out? didnt see any changes ( maybe more blue linners)