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  1. _AkaNo

    What is that ?

  2. I had too much fires in my BB, need to nerf all cruisers
  3. _AkaNo


    If u think they are hacking, u clearly have no idea how other unicums perform (the chinese circles, the jp circles, etc).
  4. _AkaNo


    I dun mind sharing
  5. _AkaNo

    How to counter high tiers Italian cruisers?

    First and foremost, We have to understand the strengths of it Extremely tight turning circle - For a cruiser, she is very, very nimble. Some players will run income fire alert which makes hitting the ship even harder "Get-me-out-of-jail-smoke" - Smoke on the go if you want to turn broadside, mitigate damage Trollish deck armor - At times u are capable of bouncing off AP shells as long as u r well angled. Good firing angles - For a 15 gun cruiser, she has absurd angles for her guns Unfortunately, not much of a counter is possible due to the ship's nature of hit-hard-and-stealth (she hits even harder than Zao due to 15 guns). In skilled hands, she is virtually unsinkable. You can only pray that the driver is either a donkey(stays at far range, farming only damage and doesn't help the team, overextends, etc) or not paying attention while you are taking the shot. Try not to take on Venezia in a 1v1 situation, she will melt you down, just hope that the team wins the other side quickly so you can overwhelm it with sheer numbers.
  6. _AkaNo


    @CV_NMSL Blimey
  7. _AkaNo


    On serious note, I'm surprised that this thread is still running
  8. _AkaNo

    What a waste

  9. _AkaNo

    Economics of Destroyers

    So a guy is telling me to be civil when his horrible stats proves otherwise. I am already civil when I'm questioning if you can even play DD.
  10. _AkaNo

    Economics of Destroyers

    I think you should first question yourself whether you are suited to play dd's at all. Before you question about CV's and so forth, you are severely lacking the match experience to be honest.
  11. _AkaNo

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    U'll find out if you are picked
  12. _AkaNo

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    You obviously can't read what I'm trying to suggest, don't you? or are you that ignorant about the fact that I don't recommend him to try IJN DD's due to factors that I've mentioned. Probably one of the reasons why I'm not bothered with this forums at all, will be my last post and I won't be replying anymore.
  13. _AkaNo

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    You can play 5000-6000 games and still not knowing how to even DD properly or any other ships in general. The reason I'm suggesting a hybrid-gunboats is to save his sheer frustration of not be able to do anything in a game. I won't stop the OP if he insisted on playing IJN DD's as it was his choice, but I would tell the same to new/beginner players to play hybrids first before attempting to play IJN DD's. At least hybrid-gunboat DD's give u an option to defend yourself against other DD's who tried to hunt you down. The argument of play more games to improve is somewhat nonsense to me if the player themselves are not guided properly or even recommended properly
  14. _AkaNo

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    Oh no worries, I've seen way more stuffs that you've ever imagined
  15. _AkaNo

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    I would recommend to drop IJN DD line as they are constantly being power creeped as well as a higher skill ceiling compared to other nations. The player needs to have a good awareness on his positioning, where is the positioning of radar ships, enemy DD's, can I push into a cap and so forth. Most of the IJN DD players I've met in game are probably some of the worst drivers you'll ever see as they will just sail around for good 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing while the enemy did their objectives. Learn the basics of how to DD first in other nations (USN DD's are the most beginner friendly DD's to learn), before attempting to play IJN DD's.