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  1. We have cookies, or was it?
  2. _AkaNo

    Nerf for HE fire chance?

    Serious note wise, Higher tiers are even worse than low tiers. Only way is for you not to get burnt down in 5-10 minutes is constantly pay attention to the minimap (where you placed urself, but of course don't stray too far away as you won't hit anything)
  3. _AkaNo

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    Literally my advice
  4. _AkaNo

    how do you counter the CV crap

    Oh god, I'm so late to the party
  5. _AkaNo

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    Playing DD's in high tiers now is more "roll of a dice". You can have one monster game (dealing dmg, capping etc) to doing absolutely nothing (can't cap because radars, cv deny), torps missing because reasons. Solution: Is there even one? Probably not. If CV is determined to kill/deny you, he can and he will kill/deny you unless he is a donkey. Let's not forget about divisions who will deny your attempt to actually try. Only thing I can advice is look heavily at the mini map: Ship placements (how many radar ships are coming towards your side, etc) Your team placements(are they lemming one side or coming towards ur side) Planes movement (was it rocket, db, torpedo planes) Enemy dd movement(what type of dd are u facing, does he have better stealth than you, etc) Division movements. (Are they going towards your cap?) (List actually goes on) Playing DD as of now is purely on your experience in decision making (That's why you see at least 7 out of 10 DD players are horribly bad) I am only hoping that the announced air detect changes on the DD goes through as it will help slightly. (Unfortunately it's a slight nerf to Halland)
  6. _AkaNo

    Z35 reviews

    You are better off making Akizuki your "premium" ship (getting a perma camo on it) rather than sinking money on the Z35 I don't think she is bad, but there are better T8 dd premiums out there (Kidd, Cossack, Lo Yang)
  7. _AkaNo

    What is that ?

  8. I had too much fires in my BB, need to nerf all cruisers
  9. _AkaNo


    If u think they are hacking, u clearly have no idea how other unicums perform (the chinese circles, the jp circles, etc).
  10. _AkaNo


    I dun mind sharing
  11. _AkaNo

    How to counter high tiers Italian cruisers?

    First and foremost, We have to understand the strengths of it Extremely tight turning circle - For a cruiser, she is very, very nimble. Some players will run income fire alert which makes hitting the ship even harder "Get-me-out-of-jail-smoke" - Smoke on the go if you want to turn broadside, mitigate damage Trollish deck armor - At times u are capable of bouncing off AP shells as long as u r well angled. Good firing angles - For a 15 gun cruiser, she has absurd angles for her guns Unfortunately, not much of a counter is possible due to the ship's nature of hit-hard-and-stealth (she hits even harder than Zao due to 15 guns). In skilled hands, she is virtually unsinkable. You can only pray that the driver is either a donkey(stays at far range, farming only damage and doesn't help the team, overextends, etc) or not paying attention while you are taking the shot. Try not to take on Venezia in a 1v1 situation, she will melt you down, just hope that the team wins the other side quickly so you can overwhelm it with sheer numbers.