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  1. Boltergeist

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    Oh yes, I'm at fault. I'm so damned sensitive. Fine. Tell you what. I'll not say another god damned thing on this forum about the problems in this game. I'll become the silent raging hateful American that hates 99% of the people on this god forsaken apathetic server where everyone must follow the leader, drink the Kool-Aid and bow down and kiss all the Purple Elitist's arses to be accepted into their "special circle." I do this because I'm rocking the boat causing people like you and the rest of the WG White Hats' ruffled feathers because you don't want all the mediocrity exposed that will upset the special balance. Far be it for me to be the one who is the problem bringing up issues that are never addressed by people that do not care. The only thing they care about is sucking the money out of our wallets and feed us lip service. So choke on that special one.
  2. Boltergeist

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    Your definition and mine on trolling are starkly different. 'Why you heff to be mad,' is a trolling remark, period. Yes, it is a game. It is a game that has issues. Especially this topic. 6 battles today and in each one the exact same results by players that decided to run away and abandoned other players who came to help. Cowardice in any form speaks volumns of a person's character. And now, after making points about this, I'm some how at fault, wrong, and mad because I ask WG to be proactive to find a solution and resolve this issue? This is now in my lap because I have the testicle fortitude to speak out about this kind of play in a game that is about ship to ship combat as the agent provocateur? The amount of apathy from this generation of gamers is sad as it is perplexing. I guess mediocrity is all anyone wants as long as they have fun.
  3. Boltergeist


    Here's where I tell you to click on those links, and read what they said. PRIOR to World War 2, her maximum gun range with it's OPTICS with an elevation of 20 degrees was 21.7km. You think that I'm making this up? I provided links so those who want to discredit me as a liar and charlatan, and themselves go and read the factual material link I provided. They (WG) have but a ship in the game at tier 6 with 1.4km more range than the Warspite, that has the same type bore diameter as the Warspite. This is called power creep. Those who spent time in the gaming industry understand this term. This happened to the Löwe in WoTs and now it is happening to the Warspite. This happens when newer ships/vehicles are introduced that are better than the established in-game items. They neutered the Warspite from the outset giving it something that it never had. And people want to say, 'that's okay because balance.' I'm sorry, where's the balance when you have to close range to fire your guns at max with the probably of hitting less than 20% all the while you are being fired on by ships who considerably out range you. That is balanced because 15" guns? And everyone is okay with it because they are supplicants to all things WG? Is that it?
  4. Boltergeist

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    If you do not have anything to contribute that is helpful, insightful, and constructive, please do not interject trolling posts where they are not welcome. If you have an issue with that, take it up with the mods and tell them how the ugly American told you to stop being a troll. I'm sure they are waiting for a chance to ban me since that is their favorite past time as I am not, nor will I ever be, politically correct.
  5. Boltergeist


    Apparently, we have a failure to communicate. I did not say nor did I write stating you mentioning the Warspite did not have or deny it having issues and/or shortcomings. Where you got that from...I do not know. I addressed your replay with 2 parts. As I stated I watch him all the time. What more can I say to make that more apparent? Make a video of me watching his videos as proof? Again, I refer to my answer in #1. The second part was in response to your point of them 'fixing' the hull. I am still scratching my head here trying to figure out how you took out of context my post. That is just perplexing.
  6. Boltergeist

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    I made my living as a problem solver in my long career. I fully understand the full scope of handling issues and resolving them. The fact that WG has not, in any way, shape, form, or manner addressed this issue after being brought up multiple times speaks volumns. The fact you want us to not worry about it or no need to discuss it anymore is part of the problem. If this is no longer discuss or out of the spotlight, nothing and I mean nothing changes. Are you going to continue playing with people who refuse to play this game as it is meant? I'm not. When I've reached my BS level and quit, I will delete everything in my port including my captains and walk away never to look back just like I did with SWTOR. I've spent a lot of money playing this game because I wanted too. However, I'm at the point now why should I continue to support the company when they infact refuse to do something to support the players and fix issue. All they want, from my point of view, is my $ dollars. They are in danger of losing that. Not that I believe they care.
  7. Boltergeist


    1. I watch Flamu all the time. Even he has a number of non-complimentary things to say about the Warspite. I'll leave it at that. 2. They 'say' they fixed it; however, I have proof they didn't do anything other than pay us lip service. Before Patch to fix issue: After Patch to fix issue: A closer look at the actual hull of the Warspite: A look at her while she is at Normandy: Notice something? Something very important? She is sitting where her torpedo protection is at the waterline in the 2 above pictures. In those preceding pictures of this ship her torpedo protection is sitting 3 to 5 feet out of the water. Her draft markings are clearly visible. She should be sitting at 35' mark as she is in this two pictures above this post. Did they fix her? According to the pictures, no they did not.
  8. Boltergeist


    Explain the Bayern then with her longer range runs (17.7km), guns that are the same size. How does that fit your narrative now? This narrative of 'because balance' is a false argument and a crutch. Like all premium vehicles and ships, they soon become outdated and under powered as new ships and vehicles are introduced. May I remind you just how bad the Löwe became in WoTs. It is now a novelty tank at best that is easily killed. The Warspite is fast becoming like the Löwe. If she is up against the Scharnhorst or the Gneisenau she will be shot to pieces trying to get into her range by faster and better armored ships. And this makes your narrative a correct approach? I think not.
  9. Boltergeist


    I just did some research on the Warspite's actual range of her main guns. Imagine my surprise when I read this: [The link: http://www.militaryfactory.com/ships/detail.asp?ship_id=HMS-Warspite-03] And to make sure of this information I looked at the Warspite's own dedicated page and found this: [The link: http://www.warspite.dk/arms.html] You will notice that in both they state the maximum range of this guns is 23,734 yards. Converting that to meters is 21,704 meters or 21.7 km. This is maximum firing range with a 20 degree angle. Furthermore, from March 1934 to March 1937 she went under extensive modernization that upgraded her guns to reach 9,000 more yards by allowing the guns to elevate an additional 10 degrees. With a 30 degree elevation she could reach 32,500 yards (29,720 meters or 29.72km). This information was taken from its wiki page, link: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Warspite_(03)] Under Interbellum Period 1919-1939 Armament: The last pair of torpedo tubes were removed and the 6 inch guns had their protection reduced; four guns were removed from the fore and aft ends of the batteries.[35] Eight 4 inch high-angle guns in four twin mountings and two octuple 2 pdr pom-poms were added to her anti-aircraft defences, as well as additional .50 calibre machine guns on two of the main turrets.[35] The original 15-inch turrets were upgraded to increase the elevation of the guns by ten degrees, providing a further 9,000 yards of range to a maximum of 32,300 yd (29.5 km) with a 6crh shell.[38] The fire control was also modernised to include the HACS MkIII* AA fire control system and the Admiralty Fire Control Table Mk VII for surface fire control of the main armament.[35] Everything thing I've read collaborates this information about the capabilities of the guns for the Warspite. These ranges are without a spotter plane. So why is this ship so limited with its range that it cannot even hit anything at its World War 1 configuration of 21.07km? Currently, her maximum range without a spotter plane is 16.3 km and with a plane it is 19.56km. This is a huge discrepancy to say the least. Should she have a buff to her gun range? Absolutely. She should have the capability of reaching out to at least 21.7km to compete with the Fuso, New Mexico, Arizona, Kongo, New York, Texas, Myogi, and the tier 7/8 BBs that outclass her with their ranges. In my opinion, not that it really matters, WG did a disservice to this ship by limiting it by nearly 25% of its actual range of its main guns from WW1 and most certainly from its actual range it had during WW2.
  10. Boltergeist

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    It is an amalgamation of both. The players themselves who act in such a manner knowing there is no repercussions for such actions will continue to play in such a manner that further exacerbates the problem. The fault of the owners is not recognizing this as an issue thus doing nothing to curtail these actions by players in a manner that would promote better team play. It is not as complex as you want to make it out to be. Problem solving is rather easy when you identify the problem, the causes, the results, and then resolve to find ways to fix the causes and applying them. What it takes is a proactive approach from someone that cares enough to make things better and improve a situation for all. Hiding behind, 'this is the internetz,' 'this is how things are,' 'roll with it,' and my favorite, 'who cares,' are stark reminders of the apathetic attitudes people have that enable this to continue and get worse. This game has a problem within the game play itself perpetrated by the players. Alarms, complaints, rantings, and other messages have so far gone unanswered to the dismay of a great number of players. Mediocrity runs rampant in this game by those who turn a blind eye to issues because they either don't care or don't want to upset the apple cart because of apathy.
  11. Boltergeist

    Tactics to counter German battleships

    Sure here it is: And to show that this wasn't a fluke of a match:
  12. Boltergeist

    question about skin mods

    You're most welcome.
  13. Boltergeist

    Tactics to counter German battleships

    You might want to watch Aerroon's latest video on how he retracts his opinion on the German t10 BB.
  14. Boltergeist


    A simple solution to that problem is give each CV at their respective tiers the exact same load out like 2/2/2 +/-1 per player choice that can be changed for missions and with CO skills (number of planes and what not) and let the player's skill dictate the outcome. When you have parity, then skill becomes prominent and more influential to the outcome.
  15. Boltergeist


    Then you couldn't appreciate the progressive nature of how good these ships become if you do that!