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  1. elind21

    Sound Tearing Bug Open Beta

    Motherboard. I have updated the BIOS and every single driver on my computer. I have now done everything I can short of upgrading to Windows 7, back from 8. Still the same issues. I wonder if the developers have and ideas...
  2. elind21

    Sound Tearing Bug Open Beta

    Hi All, Having the same issue as some people elsewhere in the world and it appears to have been continued from Closed beta. When firing guns, or coming under fire, the audio starts to tear. I am running an Asus Laptop with AMD FX-7600P 3.6GHz with onboard Radeon R7 Graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Radeon R5 2GB Graphics, Windows 8 64bit, 1TB HDD, AMD HD audio + Realtek HD audio. And YES my drivers are updated. Running the latest patch of WoWS. Low graphics settings (1080p), Low sound quality. Sound recording attached, audio profile shows not overdubbing. Cheers, elind21