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  1. Yeah sure feel free to jump onto our teamspeak 3 server anytime. When you connect poke a coordinator or admin (if in the rare case nether are there a member in the world of warships channel can also drag you down) and tell them your here for the warships they will point you in the right direction.the address is ag7.aegis7.com my apology's for the late reply, but come have a few games and see how you go
  2. awsomea3

    A wierd trend in community(ies?)

    Im pretty sure the minekazi had 10km torps before they nerfed it to 7km post open beta.
  3. awsomea3

    Bb snipers

    The main issue isnt with the ships its with the players. Because im sure even if they bring the range of the fuso and everything back to 18km with the colorado and t8 bb to 20km you will still have people sniping. They will make very little xp for sniping and the thing is that battleship players myself included will push into the effective range of the ship and actually do damage and be a contributer to the game. All the while the BaBBies will be doing basically 1/4 of the overall damage a pushing battle ship would. Now that i had my rant on the whole situation to honnest your better off pushing and using cover to try and close the gap. You can use the range extender to help with that, but really as you play more you will learn when you can push and when not to. Getting 60k of damage in a battleship seems to be my average outside of the yamato and a decent game. Really all you can do is push with the cruisers and being an american BB you will need to just pick where you think they will be and go for it the armor will save you a fair bit with proper angling but having surrounding people will help with HE focusing. Its a frustraighying old game when it happens but the most you can do is ping and ask friendlys to push with you. They ether will or you will have to carry hard. Hopefully you have a bit more success in your games and if you can find people to division up with it helps greatly (check out the community section on the forums to see if you can find people in your region). Even watching youtubers like aeroon, flamu, the list goes on. Even watching your own game play and watch it to see where a mistake was made or thing could have been done better.
  4. Alright i have question that hasn't been addressed yet. Although i haven't seen any mention or missed it what is happening to the premium minekazi variants? Are they getting changed along with the minekazi or are they remaining in the un-changed forms?
  5. awsomea3

    Is Yamato really a trash?

    Personally have the yamato and while im not the best unicum player on the server like some 12 year olds its pretty good. You have to work with your team and not get to far ahead of the team or you risk being focused and killed in 1 minutes of trying to turn or reverse to attempt to get out of the situation. Like all tier 10 ships has high if not higher than most potential damage or team topping capabilities. Just got to play well and pick targets with out over extending. It takes the other tier 10 bb with no issues other than needing to place your shots as the monty does have a few weak spots and the german t10 has bismark issues of convertable soft top deck armor. As goes with all the ships in the game "if you know the enemy and know your self, you need not fear the results of 1000 battles" (unless your a tomato or have a potato team, then enjoy the up hill struggle)
  6. awsomea3

    why CV Tier 9~10 matching time?

    Yeah the time is due to a combination of the low amount of people playing 9-10 cv but also the fact it needs to match you with another cv of the same tier. Cv isnt in the best spot due to people having issues with the economy and how they play in relation to aa and several other things. Best to try playing at prime time when others are playing for the best chance.
  7. Its great to see a few of you dropping by into the teamspeak. If you don't see people in the server during low times on the server during the week, try dropping in a few times as people are on at different times. Saturdays and Sundays however we tend to have people on for most the day depend on what we are all doing
  8. To be honnest on normal nights im not up past 10 normally im sure someone will be around at that time if you wanted to drop in or you can esquire further at our website here https://gaming.aegis7.com/
  9. After spending some time around the Reddit and playing World of Warships, I have seen a few posts from people looking for divisions or people to division with. Currently we have a small community of friends online we play world of warships with and discuses the game tactic's, play casually and sometimes run serious divisions. If your liking the sounds of this than please contact ether in game: awsomea3 Firmbie Or log into our team speak server (we are normally playing week nights 5:00pm aest to 10pm aest) If you have TS3 downloaded feel free to jump into our Sydney based server. The first time you connect you will be prompted to increase your security ID. Just let your PC do it's thing Address: ag7.aegis7.com Pass: BOATS If your interested feel free to connect but we are a mature group comprised of Australian, New Zealand and other countries in the region and are looking for more division mates that are keen for some games. If you want to know anything else just ask.
  10. Hello everyone After spending some time around the Reddit and playing World of Warships, I have seen a few posts from people looking for a clan to play with. Because we don't have the clans system in game, I wanted to put a post up here for people in a similar boat (pun intended) that are English speaking playing on the Asia server. Currently Aegis7 is an Australia based mature gaming community that is expanding into different games, and we have a few members that have played world of warships for a while now. We are wanting to have more people to play with that simply enjoy playing WOW's that are friendly and want others to play with. While our play-style can range from casual chatting in the team speak while blowing other ships up across the map, to tight serious ops, we give it our best and have a great time in the process. If things so far have piqued your interest and you want to check it out ether get in contact with the following people in game or me on the forums. awsomea3 Firmbie Or check out our website here at https://gaming.aegis7.com/ Make an account and we can get you on our teamspeak 3 server, get gaming and introduce you to the team.