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  1. Spawnster, I had stopped arguing. You just had to remind me I suck. I needed to avoid frustration today. I didn't. It had consequences, which I regret (not here, in real world). Game deleted. Forum email removed. Shutting door as I leave. Bingo
  2. Ok, OK. You are ALL superior - so what? Don't you want someone to shoot at. I just watch so many games on PC have forums like this. The elite, experienced players getting little victories out of game, not enjoying playing it. Dragging the whole community down. It has killed an immense number of games off, right from the get-go (Battefield Hardline was a case in point - the forums were just personal attack, no info on how to play or real discussion - and it was REALLY needed) Because console players are isolated from forums generally, games last much longer. AAA Devs know that and have moved on long ago. I can argue the davud case - but why emphasise it anyway. I just wanted him to fight me IN GAME - not here (Bring it ....) OK I'm out of this thread - rage quit - YOU WIN. So What! You wasted your time, reading it.
  3. Sadly there is no discussion. I don't actually see it as personal attack. It's just the usual quick un-caring one liners, searching for weakness in the OP. I was hoping to see if anyone else found that more domination, particularly with 2 Dom points, was making the slow dreadnoughts harder to play. Or if the perceived changes to visibility at range were affecting other players. That should affect all BBs, including IJN. Or whether others felt the announced changes to BB accuracy were perceived by others to be meaningless in the slow dreads. Or whether my perceptions of changes to emergent game play were good or bad. I think it's bad for USN BBs. I will adapt to the patch, but I am finding it slow, I admit, in my USN BB line. And I feel many players will stop playing them and change to other faster ships or CV, maybe. I did initially learn quite a bit by reading this forum, and I should just accept that for what it is. But discussion is hard to create, if it doesn't hit a chord with the feelings of the forum lurkers. Not this time, it seems. Oh well, back to the game. GGHF
  4. zzzzYeti

    take RNG out of this game ....

    CS was the first gigantic Free-to-Play RNG game. I'm sorry but Counter Strike used RNG for bullet trajectory from nearly every gun. Real machine guns spray bullets on random trajectories. Better guns produce smaller 'groups'. but the gun/bullet combination is the random trajectory generator. Doom to a lesser degree but certainly the Wolfenstein games, very much. Battlefield uses RNG for guns, tank and artillery also. And is more like WoW in that sense CoD, Titanfall, Evolve - all lots of RNG. You see it in the tracers all the time, it's not mouse-shake. I can only think of UT2004 that didn't use a lot, combos needed to be precise, the shock ball in particular. Sorry, just had to comment. I worked on a lot of games, way back then.
  5. You are a vastly better player than me - but you don't play much. So obviously, I am enjoying more of this game than you. And I was talking about enjoyment versus frustration. Enjoy your one line cynicism. I'll enjoy the Tirpitz, thanks. Most games my scores are amongst the top 5 on the game. If we actually saw more players like yourself in game, it would be even better. That would be great! davud - I am better than you in both New Mexico and Colorada. So you will be easy meat for my Tirpitz. Bring it ..... And that mind like a Steeltrap is avoiding life's complexity and settling for simple answers leading to mediocracy and frustration. If you embrace the complexity, you will find the pleasure in this wonderfully complex world. I really want a "oversized and uber-resilient "" cruiser". But really enjoying my New Mex and Rocky mountains high. PS no replies so far OT - so I guess no-one else plays USN BB here and either agrees or disagrees with my points. Oh well. GGHF
  6. I am grinding a new Colorado, trying to get the 1,400,000 credits for the B hull. If I get killed early I swap back to my fully modded New Mexico. My best captain is in the Colorado, and I paid to instant train him. Scene set. Speed Since the patch we have a lot of two point domination. My last four games have been domination - three two point. In a standard battle the slowest ship can be useful, because, you have gone the least distance from base and you have big guns. But NOT in two point domination. If the whole team goes West and rushes the other base (dom point) then defence is futile. You alone can do little, particularly if the enemy has gone East and rushed your base. That is what I call a 'swirl' battle. In such a battle the team wins that kills the most ships faster. If I turn back I am giving an easy kill to the enemy (I will face many guns and torpedoes). I can only follow the team, and I will never get into range to shoot anything. Visibility Since the patch, an example. On Fault Line, I spawn center, and move West behind the islands following in as straight a course as my slow ship can go. The enemy BB and CA are within range but only just. Each time I pass a gap between islands. I look for a target. I see a CA appear out of invisibility, but the lead distance puts him behind the next island, no shot. I scan back, I see a BB appear out of invisibility, again it is past halfway across the gap between the far islands. Again the lead on my artillery is too far, he will be behind the island before my shells arrive. And so on, an on, and on. I watch my mini-map carefully. Ships ALL become visible near the mid of gaps between islands, my lookouts take time to spot them it seems. Then they remain visible while they pass behind the island and disappear just before they are about to enter open sea. This does not seem random, it just seems to totally defeat my big guns. My ONLY shot is over the islands, and if they are close to the back of the island, that is a very rare shot. Accuracy Since the patch, Ok, maybe my guns ARE more useful at close range, but tell that to enemy DDs. At top speed, and particularly on speed boost, they still run rings around my BB, FASTER than I can turn the ship and my turrets, both combined turning together at full speed. At close range, I NEVER get a main battery shot away. My secondaries are firing and I inflict a few damage points, but they sink me with guns, and torpedoes. Or disappear behind a convenient island. And NO, I don't go looking for DDs in my superslow dread. They come chase the sitting iron duck. I cannot see them till it's too late and then they run rings around the big fat target. And because the CA left me long behind capturing the Dom point, I die alone and un-mourned. At medium and long range, I really don't see much difference. I average 1 hit per broadside at long range with little variation. At medium range I average 2 or 3 hits with highs of 7 hits. But that has not changed much. Team cohesion and emergent game-play Well obviously, my impression is that since the patch and lots of domination, I feel pretty useless. Sure the changes help any perceived passivity. Everyone races off to capture the other Dom point and the lumbering slow USN BB is left behind to die alone. My 21.4 knots just can't keep me anywhere useful in a faster flowing game. In the four point Dom game I played, a major battle developed on the Eastern edge of the map. But by the time I entered the battle, our CAs were damaged and ready to retreat. The enemy's Japanese BB got there early with their 25 knots and so the enemy had more guns, our DD is dead, our CAs damaged. As I get a target in range they are passing me going the other way. The enemy squadron is faster than me anyway. There is no point in turning to run. I just stay and fire two broadsides, before sinking. I got 1 hit in each broadside - each against BBs. The game is faster, everyone races off in one or two groups. Single echelon attrition standard battles seem only a memory. Since everyone believes the blue line is 'fixed', few idiots use it to wait for my slow BB to come kill them. Everyone races forward and then retreats if out-gunned just as fast. Teams with more USN BBs tend to lose. Even the passive scaredy survivalist players have to follow the crowd or they will be left behind to die with that stupid slow USN BB. Summary: Since the patch my New Mexico average scores have dropped a little but that average is over 179 matches. Since the patch my Colorado average score has dropped 300 exp points. It's actually hard to make a credits profit from matches. And the frustration levels are way up - I would prefer to make a wall of text than play tonight (very important day tomorrow - low frustration required). So, I will go play my Independence, or the Cleveland, and make some credits and use free XP to upgrade the Colorado. And wait for the Tirpitz. I know the Tirpitz is gonna be so good compared to the USN BB line. Really looking forward to it.
  7. zzzzYeti

    Omg the server lag

    Severs have been fine for the last week from my pathetic Aussie bush ADSLOne link (300KB/sec). Ping always less than 125ms - no de-synch
  8. I had a bad night, played really bad, including 1 game where I survived on a winning team and never fired a shot. And otherwise I just died a lot. So I only noticed the bug once. This is an in game screenshot, with 4 shells from the broadside arriving on target but all 8 barrels re-loading. This morning I ran the replay and It is far from helpful. The replay shows my guns pointed the complete wrong way - so that is confusing - just a bug in the replay I guess. Anyway here is a shot from the replay of game time a few seconds before the one above. I also realize there is an island there but really I didn't hit that - I waited till I was well clear. My four are the center group (three dots here) - to either side are incoming. And a second earlier - my shots are the four brightest dots. But yes it's confusing with the incoming shells. I will get some more tonight. Oh BTW: the in game shot is 40fps and ping 109ms (just in case you can't read it)
  9. My settings are purposely a bit conservative for my rig, maybe. I have an i7-960, 12Gb PC2000MHz RAM and a 4GB GTX970 There are no objects in the way, and it's about 3 or 4 times a game. I will take and post screenshots tonight.
  10. zzzzYeti

    Colorado is worst ship.

    I have played 434 USN BB games (out of 851 total games) and: Colorado is my BEST SHIP EVER! Of course, as others love to tell me, I am a useless ignorant newb. But my new stock Colorado (7 games) is easily out-scoring my fully upgraded New Mexico (174 games). Higher score and on almost all games Lost. So it can't be that bad.
  11. No. I am still quite the noob and I swap rarely (obviously should swap more often but i don't). I might swap maybe 3 times a game and then I usually swap long before I fire, pressing once. At every game start I press '2' so I will reload AP after first salvo. I only change back if I am being swamped with HE from many cruisers, to give them a fire as payback as I die. Or if I am fighting a DD at close range or want to stop a CV from launching. I always seem to hit more often with HE, but with only tiny damage, so I mainly use AP. I don't use 'Track the selected target'. btw.
  12. I fire a full broadside (all turrets green indicated - loaded) from my New Mexico and I see only 6 shells heading towards target. Nearly all miss. All turrets are re-loading. I fire a full broadside (all turrets green indicated - loaded) from my Colorado and I see only 4 or 6 shells heading toward target. All miss. All turrets are re-loading. I have turrets half loaded (front turrets loaded - rear 15 secs to go) on my Colorado. I fire front turrets, four shells heading towards target. But ALL turrets are reloading from start, as if rear turrets had fired also. All this did happen before patch but rarely. It's happening quite a lot now. Even for two broadsides in a row is now common. I don't think it is an animation fault (just failing to show all shells fired) because the hit rate is always extremely low, if not zero. BTW: my game is playing well ATM, good ping, no de-synch. It's all good otherwise and I am happy. Just thought you should know
  13. The more communication, the better the game. I hope you get it worked out. The English only players (like me) are a dying section of the player base. It sounds like there is a simple fix. Maybe a Mod can post it sticky. I want a better game, and communication WILL help.
  14. zzzzYeti

    No Beta Tester title?

    Oh dang - I wanted the thread's titular "No Beta Tester" title. Just a thought.
  15. zzzzYeti

    Unification 17th of September?

    Could someone with experience please tell me what might happen with service record points, as I have 547,000 of 50,000 for level 8. Thanks. Answer: level 25. Soz I was loading the patch which answered. I spent the last 2 days loading 50GB of patches (my link only does 1GB/hour) and WoW was the last one I did. My bad.