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    JINGLYJOY 影片給的代碼 3個聖誕小貨櫃+1個2020貨櫃
  2. Tangerine_Leaf

    [影片]如何運作:經濟 - 經驗與銀幣

    雖然應該是不會有回應啦... 滿想知道目前官方影片字幕的部分為何都不再提供中文字幕了... 除了練英文跟日文外,現在也只能等BILIBILI的好心人翻譯的簡體字幕版了
  3. Tangerine_Leaf

    [Mod Request] Kancolle Sound Mod?

    NICE sound MOD. This is the 3rd Sound Mod I found.
  4. Tangerine_Leaf


    Hi, skc28orkan. I'm so happy that someone made Audio MOD. I try your MOD .電's sound can be more loudly. I'm looking forward to the full version ^_^ (日本語はすこしできます。 It means I can translate 日本語 to 中国語 or 英語, but I can't translate back to 日本語.) So Please don't use translation software.as much as possible.It will increase the difficulty of translation)
  5. Tangerine_Leaf


    roderichlind's "Japanese MOD" means "日本語漢字化MOD". P.S.KanColle GUI MOD (by Xandier59) is release for v0.5.0.1 Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.5. (our forum recommend this MOD). This MOD is better than Team 20.3cm version.