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  1. Jaynus

    Error Connecting to Server

    UPDATE: WG has just issued a clear DNS fix. It is still not working
  2. Jaynus

    Error Connecting to Server

    Sent in a support ticket. They also have a notice on their main page
  3. Jaynus

    Error Connecting to Server

    WG is aware of this issue happening with several players. They are currently investigating.
  4. Jaynus

    WoWS Update 0.7.8

    1) Missing permanent camo for Worcester 2) Ship filters not working
  5. Jaynus

    Trouble Updating

    Anybody having troubles updating the client? I've not updated the client in maybe a week or so
  6. 0.6.0 had 2 public tests , resulting in players completing the rewards two times. However, the rewards only show rewards for one public test. Even the game client showed the progress being reset after the first public test. Therefore, the rewards should be doubled. I sent that to support , seeking compensation. The reply The issue you are facing may, at first glance, initially give the impression that you are experiencing an error with your game. We assure you that this is not an error at all. If you participated in the test and met the requirements for redemption. Players will only get 1 reward. Anyone have the same thoughts as me? Feeling cheated here.
  7. Honest question. Does KM BB secondaries see much action at high tier ? Thinking of not specking into secondaries
  8. As the title implies , what does this do in the most recent update ?
  9. Jaynus

    Love Secret Santa

    RNGesus really hates me. 15 x $3 box I got one emden, 4k doubloons ,alot of ocean soul soul and other camos